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Harry Mason
Occupation Bookmaker
Spouse(s) Clarissa Mason (1997)
Children Dan Mason
First appearance 3rd December 2007
Last appearance 26th September 2008
Duration 2007-2008
Played by Jack Ellis

Harry Mason made his first onscreen appearance on 3rd December 2007 when he and his son Dan Mason took over the betting shop on Rosamund Street.[1]





Harry is described by the the programmes official website as: "a man on a mission to hide his financial assets. With three ex-wives and members of the criminal fraternity on the look-out for him, he needs to be sure that he hides those funds in a secure place. Harry is a wide-boy, someone who enjoys ducking and diving. He has a bit of a rough edge to him and operates on just the right side of the law."[1]


Harry first arrived in the street on 3rd December 2007, along with his son Dan, in order to take over the betting shop. Harry criticized Dan over his choice of car and later tried to entice Eileen Grimshaw away from Street Cars while meeting with Eileen's boss Steve McDonald.

Attraction to Liz Tomlin

On 31st March 2008, Harry saved Amy Barlow, Steve's daughter from being run over by a large van. It also became clear on the same day that he had an eye for Liz Tomlin. After some flirtatious chat, Harry asked Liz to the opening of a new bookies when her husband Vernon left for a few weeks for a gig on a cruise ship.

In May that year, Harry invited Liz around to dinner at his place, an invitation which she gladly accepted. Towards the end of the evening, Harry leaned in for a kiss, however, Liz reluctantly rejected his advances, thinking of husband Vernon. The following day Harry invited her to lunch at the flat. Just as they were about to kiss for a second time they were interrupted by an angry Steve who expressed disgust at Harry and Liz's actions in the absence of Vernon.

In July, when Liz had recently separated from Vernon, they struck a close friendship, this made Clarissa, his ex-wife react badly. On 28th July, Harry took Liz back to his house where Clarissa caught them kissing, with Harry and Liz with no knowledge that Clarissa was hiding there, Clarissa and Harry then decided to give their marriage another try, and reconcilated, and told Liz he wished to end the relationship. Liz and Clarissa brawled on 30th July, that same day Clarissa asked Harry to move back in with her.


Harry and Clarissa reappeared on the street in September 2008 just as Harry and Liz resumed their fling, soon developing into an affair. When Clarissa discovered the truth from Liz, they both teamed up to exact their revenge on the philandering bookie. Liz invited Harry into the back room of the Rovers Return Inn with the promise of sex, as she stripped Harry to his underwear Clarissa entered the room with her camera phone and took the incriminating photos of Harry. She later agreed to take Harry back as long as he promises never to set foot in Weatherfield again, and left Dan in charge of the bookies. Harry left the street on 26th September to start a new life.[2]

Miscellaneous Information

Harry's casting was widely reported in the media, due to the fact Harry was to be portrayed by Jack Ellis, well-known for his role as prison officer Jim Fenner in Bad Girls.[3][4] Harry and his son Dan were described by a spokesperson as "a colourful addition [who] will ruffle a few feathers".[3][5]

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