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This article is about the tool used in the Fishing skill. For the tool used in the Stealing Creation minigame, see Harpoon (Stealing Creation).
A harpoon in detail
Players use a harpoon as part of the Fishing skill.

A Harpoon is a tool used in the Fishing skill to fish in fishing spots with the "Harpoon Fishing Spot" option. Harpoons can be used at Cage/Harpoon fishing spots and Net/Harpoon fishing spots. At Cage/Harpoon fishing spots, players with level 35 or higher Fishing may catch tuna for 80 exp while harpooning. When players reach level 50 Fishing, they can also catch swordfish when harpooning at Cage/Harpoon fishing spots. Members who have reached level 76 Fishing can harpoon sharks at Net/Harpoon fishing spots.

When a player is able to catch two types of fish with a harpoon (for example able to catch both tuna and swordfish), players will be catching more of the fish which requires smaller fishing level (in this case tuna) than the fish that requires a higher fishing level to catch (the swordfish).

Harpoons can be obtained at most fishing shops for 45 coins, at a spawn in the Fishing Guild, or as a drop from Dagannoths on Waterbirth Island.

Cage/Harpoon fishing spots can be found next to the docks of Karamja, eastern Wilderness, on the shores of Catherby, Rellekka, Jatizso, and by the Fishing Guild docks. Net/Harpoon fishing spots can also be found in Catherby, the Fishing Guild, Burgh de Rott, west of the Elf camp, Jatizso, Ape Atoll, and at Rellekka.

Players cannot wield a harpoon, and therefore it takes up one inventory slot. At level 33 Hunter, players are able to obtain the barb-tail harpoon as a reward for catching a barbtailed kebbit. This can be wielded and used as a harpoon to free up an extra inventory slot while fishing.

The harpoon is also the tertiary ingredient in infusing Ibis pouches. Most fishing shops carry a stock of 30 harpoons. However, Harry's Fishing Store in Catherby, located conveniently close to a bank, carries a stock of 1000 for the Summoning trade.

Many people prefer to use the Barb-tail harpoon over the regular Harpoon due to the fact that it can be wielded, allowing for one more inventory space.


  • The fishing shop in Lumbridge does not stock harpoons.
  • The fishing shop in Catherby stocks 1,000 harpoons. These cannot be purchased noted, so multiple trips to the bank are required to buy them all. Fortunately, Catherby has a bank moderately close to the fishing shop. For fast banking, when running to the bank from the shop, click a harpoon to 'use' it. Then click the bank deposit box upon arriving in the bank and choose to deposit all the harpoons.

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A harpoon & tow cable in action.

The harpoon and tow cable, or power harpoon, was an improvised weapon system developed by Beryl Chiffonage and employed by the Rebel Alliance during the Battle of Hoth using tactics invented by Chiffonage and Luke Skywalker.

Operated by the gunner onboard a snowspeeder, the harpoon, tipped with a fusion disk, would be fired at the leg of an Imperial AT-AT walker. The pilot of the snowspeeder would then make several rotations around the walker to wrap the flexisteel cable around its legs. The walker would then become ensnared and fall over, effectively neutralized. Harpoons and tow cables were able to bring down a few AT-ATs at Hoth and were the Alliance's only effective method of dealing with the lethal Imperial walkers.


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  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Non-canonical appearance)
  • Star Wars: Battlefront
A power harpoon.
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II
  • Star Wars: Empire at War
  • LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (Non-canonical appearance)
  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike
  • Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (Appears only in non-storyline event)
  • Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back junior novel
  • Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (First appearance)
  •  "A Credit for Your Thoughts" - Star Wars Gamer 2 (as Tow cable)
  • Heir to the Empire


This article uses material from the "Harpoon and tow cable" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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