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Harold Wollstein was a passenger killed in the crash of Flight 815. He is mentioned in "Walkabout" along with other deceased passengers in Claire’s eulogy at the memorial service near the end of the episode.

Claire appears to indicate in her eulogy that Wollstein was seated in 23C. However in all of the scenes in that part of the plane—the seat is between Rose (23D) and Jack (23A or 23B)—no one (apart from Jack when he moves over to talk to Rose) is seen sitting in 23C.

Seating confusion

There has been much confusion as to whether Rose’s husband Bernard, who was absent during the Rose and Jack scenes and has had no on board scenes at all, was meant to be seated in 23C. This has led to speculation that Bernard is Wollstein. However it may simply be that Bernard’s seat number was actually 23E -- on the other side of Rose.

Non-canon appearances

  • An article on Wollstein appears on the fan-created site (excerpt below)

Do you remember Flight 815, the plane that mysteriously disappeared 
on its way from Sydney to LA? In seat 23-C sat Harold Wollstein, 
who was poised to lead the next wave of digital technology. The man 
that would make a watch-sized blackberry a thing of the present 
joined the fate of the other 400+ passengers.

We don't know what happened to Harold any more than we know what 
happened to his research. Word in Silicone Valley is that all of 
Harold's research was in his laptop on board the plane, headed to 
an important meeting with the CEOs of the companies leading the  
nano-technology revolution. But the truth may never be discovered, 
about the crash or about Harold's top secret work.


  • Dewey Harold Wollstein was a high-ranking freemason.

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