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Character design
Sprite(s) Battle sprite Harley's portrait
Japanese Name Hal
Kana ハル
Romaji Haru
Job Secretary
Skill "Piercing Sight"
"Gil Toss"
Birthplace Damcyan
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Laterality Right-handed
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Character
"Harley is the secretary to the king of Damcyan. Though determined to become a scholar, she was enchanted by Edward's singing voice and became his secretary."
—Game Description

Harley (ハル Haru) is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. She lost both her parents during the events of Final Fantasy IV, but found hope for her life from Edward's music.


At the start of Edward's tale, she accompanies Edward to Baron after a messenger sent by Cecil acts strangely. On their journey, Harley is afflicted with desert fever. Edward goes by himself to retrieve the Sand Pearl, but is attacked by bandits when travelling back. He escapes safely, and Harley recovers from the fever. During the night, Edward is visited by Tellah and Anna's spirits. Tellah tells Edward that Anna wants him to find happiness for himself, insinuating that he should maybe move on from the past and find a new lover. In the morning, Edward thanks Harley, possibly hinting at romantic feelings for her. They both sail to Baron and have an audience with Cecil. Edward secretly leaves some Whisperweed in his throne room. On the voyage back to Damycan, Harley and Edward hear a conversation between Cecil and the Mysterious Girl. Upon returning home, Rosa hides at Damcyan's castle before Kain arrives to steal their crystal for Baron. Edward shortly leaves with Cid to rescue Rosa, who was abducted after the attack.

In the Gathering Tale, Harley is at Damcyan and worries for Edward's safety at Baron. She recognizes Rydia of Mist, and requests she goes with the party. Edge refuses at first, but reluctantly allows her to accompany them on the Falcon until she sees Edward again. The party believe her information as a scholar will assist them, regardless.

When the party chases the Maenads to the True Moon, Harley speaks with Edward in the Subterrane. She asks him to play a song to ease her fear, but he refuses, stating that his harp won't do much good and that he should abandon playing it altogether. However, Harley eventually reconvinces him not to give up.

During the ending, Edward speculates Damcyan's Crystal is different from any other Crystal the Creator made, because it has recovered its light faster than the others. Harley asks if he is suggesting that the Crystal is evolving. Edward then says that it is, in a response to the evolution that took place in their hearts. They then both leave with the Chancellor to begin preparations for rebuilding the world.


Harley in battle

As a Secretary, she has the abilities "Piercing Sight" and "Gil Toss". Piercing Sight can give an enemy a new weakness and remove buffs. Gil Toss does damage by throwing Gil at all enemies based on Harley's level.

Harley also knows the following Band abilities:

  • Feast of the Land: Harley (Gil Toss) + Edward (Bardsong)
  • Wild Whip: Rydia (Attack, Whip) + Harley (Attack, Whip) + Izayoi (Attack, Whip)
  • Call Me Queen: Rydia (Attack, Whip) + Leonora (Attack, Whip) + Harley (Attack, Whip) + Izayoi (Attack, Whip)


  • With the exception of guest characters like Fusoya, or Biggs and Wedge, Harley has the least number of Bands than any other character in the game.

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