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The Hapan Royal Guard (Chume'doro in Hapan) was a military unit tasked to defend the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium and her family. Members of the Royal Guard included Major Moreem Espara. As was typical of Hapan men, they were generally attractive, but they were also generally very large and strong, sometimes carrying enormous shoulder-mounted weapons.



The Chume'doro were formed in 3000 BBY after the destruction of the Lorell Raiders and the rise of matriarchy on Hapes. Upon the appointment of the Queen Mother as the absolute ruler of the Hapan people, the Royal Guard was created to protect the ruler of the Hapes Consortium from rivals attempting to bring their own members onto the throne. Once established, they were a simple bodyguard unit made up of one hundred women who were selected from members of the Hapan Royal Navy.[1]

The duties of the Chume'doro involved the protection of the Queen Mother whenever she left the Fountain Palace as well as screened visitors when reaching the throne room and testing food in case poison was inserted into it. In time, the Royal Guard's ranks increased in number which led to an expansion in their duties that included the protection of the Hapan Royal House. Eventually, the schemes of heirs to the Queen Mother began to involve the Royal Guard who were enlisted in attempted coups which brought a major addition to the organization; the creation of the Investigative Branch to watch out for plots against the Chume as well as placed surveillance over the members of the Chume'doro in order to watch for any signs of disloyalty.[1]

They continued their service even until 8 ABY when the Hapes Cluster reopened its borders.[1] At the time, they accompanied Queen Mother Ta'a Chume to Dathomir in order to recover Prince Isolder. When Teneniel Djo declared that she would marry the Hapan Prince, Ta'a Chume commanded her Royal Guard to kill the Dathomiri witch but Djo simply used The Force to incapacitate the guards.[2] As Ta'a Chume fell in favor, the Chume'doro shifted their allegiance from her to her daughter-in-law; Tenenial Djo.[1] During the Second Galactic Civil War, they were called on once more to protect the Queen Mother during an assassination attempt on Tenel Ka's life by the bounty hunter Aurra Sing.[3]

Behind the scenes

"Erenada! You have no equal, and I have no life beyond you. My eyes, my hands, my heart, and my blade will kill and die in your service."
―From the induction oath of the Hapan Chume'doro

The endnotes posted at the writer of Galaxy at War mentions that the ranks of the Royal Guard are 95% female and the ranks of the elite favored are 100% female. In addition, a unique aspect of the Hapan Royal Guard is that they were more like a secret police than a military unit. They are noted for a high degree of power allowing them to arrest any citizen without cause, commandeer public resources for any reasons as well as tap private communications. These powers are attributed in the interest of protecting the Queen and most of the Hapans are stated to be only too happy to let them do it.[4]



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