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Hapan Royal House
General information

First Queen Mother


Queen Mother (currently Tenel Ka Djo)

Notable members

Allana, Isolder, Ta'a Chume, Kalen


Ta'a Chume'Dan, Hapes


c. 4,050 BBY

Other information

Hapes Consortium

The family tree of The Royal House of the Hapes Consortium.


The Hapans were ruled by the Queen Mother, who held court at either the Fountain Palace when on Hapes, or aboard the royal transport ship Star Home when traveling abroad. The title of Queen Mother was hereditary, passed down from mother to daughter. If the Queen Mother failed to have daughters, the wife of the firstborn son became Queen Mother. However, to be in the line of succession meant both the Queen Mother and her heirs had to avoid constant attempts on their lives by jealous relatives who vied for the throne themselves.

In addition to the Queen Mother, there were also representatives from each Consortium member planet at the Royal Court. Their main purpose was to vote on matters of importance and to give updates on any political and social conditions of their home planets that may require the Queen Mother's attention. The Queen Mother had the final say on everything, and her word was considered law.

Family tree

     First Queen Mother
             + (many generations)
 Isolationist Queen Mother
             + (many generations)
         Ni'Korish--+--Unknown male            
        |        Unknown        |       Unknown     
(Other children)  male--+--Ta'a Chume--+--male  
        |               |              |                                                
    +-------+           |          +-------+      (see Djo family)   
    |       |        Unknown       |       |             |   
 Chelik  Alyssia      child      Kalen  Isolder--+--Teneniel Djo
                        |                        |
                   +----------+                  |     (see House of Solo)
                   |          |                  |             |
               Trista Zel Taryn Zel           Tenel Ka Djo--+--Jacen Solo



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