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inside: Mothership Zeta
connects to: Engineering Core
quests: Among the Stars

Location of generator (A) highlighted.

The Hangar is a location on board Mothership Zeta.



The Hangar is the part of the ship where smaller spacecraft enter and exit Mothership Zeta. When you arrive, you can see Recon Craft Theta enter through the hangar door in the floor. Within the Hanger is one of the generators that must be destroyed as part of the Among the Stars quest. If you requested his help, Paulson will follow you into this area. Once you get to the control center and activate a button, an alarm will go off alerting the aliens to your presence. Thus begins a rather fun battle using the gravity beams that hold up Recon Craft Theta. The upper level of the Hangar includes a console with five buttons; each button causes a pair of the beams to emit bursts of energy that send the Aliens and their Drones flying. This is both a fun and effective way to repel the waves of attackers; just be sure to place a few mines at the doors in case some Aliens find their way to you. (Bottlecap Mines are the most effective, especially with the alien shields.)

Notable loot

Unlike other portions of the ship, there is very little loot inside the hanger. Alien Crystals and Alien Epoxy are quite prevelant, and several Drone Cannons can be obtained from the Guardian Drones within. The two teleporter rooms in the eastern chamber contain many Alien Power Modules and crystals; same goes for the generator room.


  • This is one of many areas of the ship that will not be accessible after the player has completed the main (This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...) quest.
  • If you fall/jump down the hole that Recon Craft Theta comes through, you fall about halfway down, then sort of bounce up a bit whenever you fall farther. The fall does kill you. If any of the aliens fall into the pit, they will be killed automatically as well.
  • Due to the sheer number of enemies in one area, and the platform the game is built off of (Havok Physics), most of the bodies will have disappeared after the main battle. This makes it almost impossible to loot all of the bodies before they disappear.
  • One of the Gaurdian Drones in the room overlooking Recon Craft Theta may have their Drone Cannon equipped backwards, going through it and pointing out the back. It is still targetable, but at a reduced chance of a succesful shot. Also, it is (somehow) able to attack targets in front of it, the Drone Cannon will flick down, but it will never face forward.


  • In the Generator Room at the 'end' of the area there is an inactive teleporter, if you look through this teleporter, you may actually get a 'Search Alien' prompt and be able to loot this seemingly nonexistent body.
  • When you go through the door that takes you to the control room, sometimes you can't walk through the door, as if the shield was still there.


This Hangar only appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta.

Mothership Zeta (add-on)

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Emperor Palpatine's arrival in one of the second Death Star's hangar bays.

Hangars (also called hangar bays, hang-bays, or docking bays) were areas for launching, landing, repairing, and refueling vehicles. They were found on the surfaces of many worlds, and some spacecraft and space stations incorporated their own hangar bays for the use of smaller craft such as snubfighters and shuttles. Hangars which opened onto the vacuum of space were sealed by a magnetic shield and had emergency airlocks in case the shield failed. Engineers and mechanics were often found working on vehicles littering these hangars, as were astromech droids, waiting beside or within their designated ships for loading or unloading.




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  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV series)
  • Star Wars Battlefront II
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  • Star Wars: Empire at War
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  • Star Wars: X-wing Alliance
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  • Soulcalibur IV (Non-canonical appearance)


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