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A Starfleet officer named Handler was one of the top two pilots on Starbase 499 in 2294. B'huto assigned him to help James T. Kirk move cargo. (TOS novel: The Fearful Summons)

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Starbase 499 personnel
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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

A handler, in e-wrestling, is a term to refer to someone who controls and writes for one or more managers, valets, owners or e-wrestlers involved with an e-federation.

A characters progress is heavily weighed on the participation of the handler, their abilities determine the success of their e-wrestler.

In order for handlers to have their characters entered into a federation, an application form is required to complete with a submitted profile pertaining to the handler's personal information (optional), A character profile conating: wrestling moves, character alignment and a biography, typically which is fable and may also consist of past e-wrestling history and achievements.

Some federations also include a training process as part of a new handler joing a federation.


The Process

Ever since the creation of e-wrestling, influenced by parent, professional wrestling, people dubbed as "handlers", have used non-fictional and fictional wrestling characters within and in accordance to the e-federation they applied. Handlers are required to committ to their creations and spend the time required to write roleplays, promo's and matches. Inactivity of a handler will generally lead to their dismisal from a federation unless they let their federation owner know in advance or as quickly as possible.

Handlers have their hands full with managing their e-wrestlers and ensuring to involve them in storylines, feuds and roleplays. Federations also tend to have healthy communities where handlers can discuss the fed or other topics out of character. Communities with active handlers are essential to the overall experience of an e-federation.


Unacceptable Behaviours


Many a handlers are admonished to contribute their own original written work without reusing or duplicating their own or any others. However, plagiarism has been a trend which has been heard of where handlers commit such tendencies in e-federations. This is highly frowned upon, and typically, the penalty of such conducts of behaviour result in immediate termination of a character's involvement with a federation.


Sandbagging defines a handler who decides at a late period to submit their roleplays especially to obtain the advantage against a roleplay opponent who has less or more roleplays in. The popular notion among other opposing handlers is that the "sandbagger" has the "freshest, latest post", and they are likely to become victorious in a roleplay federation. As this has transpired in several e-federations, regulations have formed to allow a controlled count of roleplays within a set period of time and any outside of it will gain deduction points away from a potential win.

Destruction of Others

More an issue in Angle and Match writing feds when a handler writes a promo or match where their wrestler totally decimates an opponent or opponents. Getting your own character to over at the expense of others is regarded as poor writing ability rather than an outright rule break but repeated violations or a deliberate humiliation of another character without consent can lead to expulsion.


Seen as a problematic trend in e-federations, Camping is where a handler awaits on his opponent to post first and begins to feed off bits and parts of the opponents role play and uses it to his or her own role play. While this is considered similar to Plagiarism, it has a very different meaning to it. For example Handler A has just posted his/her role play on a match thread, while Handler B has yet to post or have any ideas on what to write about. Handler B decides to check and see if Handler A has posted. Handler B noticed Handler A said a promo about Handler B's Wrestler so Handler B begins to use what Handler A's Wrestler has said and twisted up into his words, while retaining some bits and parts from the promo. This is to enhance Handler B's role play and it is a fail or succeed strategy making anyone who uses it victorious (though its not the case most of the time). This is seen as an annoyance to some, however most of the e-fedding community only sees this as a small problem as it is widely ignored for those who sees it as just uncreative.

Camping can also refer to a Handler who waits until the last minute deadline to post

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

The handler was a subsystem of the assembler known as Kud'ar Mub'at. He could lift and handle objects.

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SWG Wiki

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From SWG Wiki

There are six total lessons over 24 total levels for the Handler:

  • Smuggler Expertise I -- Levels 46-49
    Learning to target vital locations is a useful skill to learn.
  • Smuggler Expertise II -- Levels 50-53
    Honing your reflexes in battle will allow you to get off several shots before an opponent can react.
  • Smuggler Expertise IV -- Levels 58-61
    You will learn to further advance your Survival Instinct allowing you to avoid potentially deadly situations.
  • Smuggler Expertise V -- Levels 62-65
    Learning to properly use Caltrops will help getting out of those "sticky" situations.
  • Smuggler Expertise VI -- Levels 66-69
    You have achieved a level of blaster mastery to call yourself a gunslinger.

After passing the sixth lesson and 69th level, the Handler may then work toward the Smuggler rank.

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