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The Hand of Judgment.
"Mostly, we're known as the Hand of Judgment. "
Daric LaRone

The Hand of Judgment was a group of rogue stormtroopers that operated in the Shelsha sector in 0.5 ABY. The stormtroopers chose to escape from the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Reprisal, rather than face Imperial justice after killing Major Drelfin, an Imperial Security Bureau officer. Under the leadership of Daric LaRone, they became an independently operating vigilante band, enforcing what they believed were the higher ideals of the New Order. Other members included Saberan Marcross, Taxtro Grave, Joak Quiller, and Korlo Brightwater. They flew a Suwantek TL-1800 freighter, originally named Gillia, which went through a quick succession of aliases.

The exploits of the 'Hand' included destroying a swoop gang on Drunost that were hired by the BloodScar pirates, liberating the subjects of the corrupt Patroller Chief on Janusar named Cav'Saran, and serving under Mara Jade in an attempt to stop the pirate Caaldra from escaping with his AT-STs. The Hand of Judgement got their name on the planet Janusar after being asked for identification.

Behind the scenes

The original idea that would become the Hand of Judgment came from Albin Johnson, during a conversation he had with Timothy Zahn at the 2004 Stellarcon.

On one of the TheForce.Net's podcasts, Zahn stated that he would like to write a story about the Hand of Judgment being kidnapped by Thrawn and joining the Empire of the Hand.



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