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Han Solo's Revenge

Brian Daley

Publication information

Del Rey

Release date

October 12, 1979

Media type

Hardcover, Paperback




Rise of the Empire era




The Han Solo Adventures

Preceded by

Han Solo at Stars' End

Followed by

Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

Han Solo's Revenge is the second novel of The Han Solo Adventures trilogy, written by Brian Daley. It was released on October 12, 1979. It is a sequel to Han Solo at Stars' End and is followed by Han Solo and the Lost Legacy. The whole trilogy was later reprinted on April 22, 1992.



  • ISBN 0-345-28475-5; [February] [1979], Baliantine Publishing, Hardcover 198 Pages
  • ISBN 3670; [1979], [Book Club Ed.] Baliantine Publishing, Hardcover 180 Pages


For a cool ten thousand credits, Han and Chewbacca will do just about anything—except transport slaves. For one thing, it means an instant death sentence. So when a high-paying cargo shipment turns out to be a consignment of Lurrian slaves, Han and Chewie have to think fast. But Han forms a plan to turn the tables on the slavers and free the captives. Then, good deed accomplished, he scours the skies for the nasty joker who set him up—because revenge can be so sweet.

After a string of unsuccessful smuggling ventures in the Corporate Sector Authority, Han Solo and his Wookiee co-pilot Chewbacca leave the Corporate Sector and smuggling. They soon realize they weren't cut out for legitimate work. So they find themselves nearly broke and with no prospects. In these dire straits Han is forced to fly blind for a cool ten thousand credits. Unfortunately, the cargo turns out to be slaves, and the whole thing stinks of the involvement of the Authority itself.

Some fast thinking by Bollux and Blue Max provide Han and Chewbacca the opportunity to turn the tables on the slavers and escape with their lives and their ship. As far as Han Solo is concerned, somebody still owes them for their trouble. So they set out to track down the recipients of their intended cargo to get their money one way or another. ...

Plot summary

Down on their luck after a botched smuggling run, Han Solo and Chewbacca resort to accepting a job offer from an anonymous employer. However, after flying the Millennium Falcon to the planet Lur for the pickup, they discover that the cargo they're meant to be shipping is a load of slaves - something neither Han nor Chewbacca has any tolerance for.

After dealing with the slavers' attempt to commandeer the Falcon, and still in dire need of funds, Han and Chewbacca head for the planet Bonadan, where the slavers' leader was meant to meet his contact for payment.

Instead of the contact, though, they cross paths with Fiolla, an assistant auditor-general with the Corporate Sector Authority. She convinces Han that his only chance of getting paid now is to help her in tracking down the slaving ring.

The slavers are watching Fiolla and are now keeping their eyes on Han and Chewbacca as well, forcing the two smugglers to split up. Chewbacca takes the Falcon, while Han and Fiolla board a cruise liner. They make plans to meet on the planet Ammuud, to investigate the slavers' connection to one of the governing clans there.

Han and Fiolla arrive on Ammuud and uncover the evidence Fiolla needs to implicate high-ranking Authority officials in the slaving ring. Outwitting the Authority forces who have been sent by Fiolla's superior to detain them, Han and Chewbacca are able to collect their payment at last and depart the planet safely.


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