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Guild Wars

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Route to Grimm Sharpfang



  1. Ambush the Charr in the tar pits south of Piken Square. Strike down Grimm Sharpfang.
  2. Return to Duke Barradin for your reward.

Obtained from:

Duke Barradin in Piken Square.


The Siege of Piken Square


Armor: 6 (req. 4 Tactics)
Armor +5 (while attacking)
Armor -10 (while casting)


"My troops are moving to sweep in behind the Charr warband led by Grimm Sharpfang. If all goes according to the battle plan the Charr will be driven up toward the tar pits. I need a group of stalwart fighters to sweep down from the north and help my troops pin them against the tar pits. When you have them trapped, I want you to crush them as between a hammer and an anvil."

Reward Dialogue

"My troops couldn't have destroyed Grimm Sharpfang and his warband without you. Once again you've made the Vanguard proud."


Garfazz Bloodfang (quest)


Leave Piken Square and head south towards the tar pits. Once you reach them and attack Grimm Sharpfang members of the Ascalon Militia will join in the attack. Once Sharpfang is dead, return to Duke Barradin to finish the quest. This quest can be completed with henchmen and a character of the same level. The Charr mobs are easily pulled.

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Marvel Database

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Team Template Team Template
Official Name
Hammer and Anvil

Team Identity



Former Members

First appearance




Escaped convicts, Johnny Anvil and "Hammer" Jackson, were given a symbiotic "energy synthicon" device (a chain of some sort) by a benign alien. The Synthicon bond gave the two men sufficient superhuman power to battle the Hulk.

Anvil died due to feedback through the Synthicon after Hammer was executed by Scourge.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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