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Unpainted Halo miniatures from the Halo ActionClix set.

Halo ActionClix was announced on the 2nd of February, 2007 and released on September 18th, 2007, exactly one week from the release of Halo 3. It brings new game mechanics to the WizKids Clix game franchise, such as weapon swapping, figure respawning and vehicle-based combat. The set includes around 84 figures, which includes preview content for Halo 3.



A number of vehicle packs are being made, one of which was a battle-damaged Scarab released exclusively throughout the San Diego Comic Con on July 26-29. Although it is now available through's online store. Figures are to be sold in randomized booster packs, where the vehicles and starter set are to be sold in a diorama display format.

Special Pre-release figures were available at Gen Con Indy August 16th - 19th.

The basic rules for the game were released on August 14th on the Wizkids website.[1]

List of ActionClix packs

The contents of the Hunter Combat Action Pack

This is a full list of the Halo ActionClix packs.[2]

  • Hunter Combat Action Pack; includes two Hunter figures (#085 and #086), three marines (#087, #088 and #089), Master Chief (MA5C Assault Rifle #090), a PPC object, double-sided map, tokens and rules. RRP $24.99 (£13.99)
  • Scarab Vehicle Pack; RRP $249.99
  • Battle Damaged Warthog Pack; RRP $24.99
  • Semi-Blind Booster Packs; contain 4 random figures (the first of which is visible), map, rules, tokens and two micro-dice. RRP $9.99
  • Blind Booster Packs; contain 5 random figures, one of which is either Rare or Super Rare, map, rules, and tokens. RRP $10.99 (£6.99)
  • Banshee Vehicle Pack;Contains a highly detailed Covenant Banshee ground support aircraft vehicle along with new map and rules. RRP $24.99
  • Battle Damaged Scarab; similar to the Scarab, but limited to 500 copies sold at San Diego Comicon. RRP $249.99
  • Battle Damaged Warthog $24.99

In the UK, the Hunter and Booster packs are being sold in Game stores.

List of ActionClix figures

This is a full list of the Halo ActionClix figures, arranged by series, faction and rarity.[3]


Series 1


  • 049 Master Chief, BR55 Battle Rifle
  • 050 Master Chief, dual M7/Caseless SMG
  • 051 Master Chief, Needler rifle
  • 052 Master Chief, Plasma pistol & M7/Caseless SMG
  • 053 Master Chief, dual Plasma rifles
  • 054 Master Chief, Brute Shot
  • 055 Master Chief, Spiker Rifle
  • 056 Master Chief, Fuel Rod Gun
  • 057 Master Chief, Covenant Carbine
  • 058 Master Chief, S2 AM Sniper Rifle
  • 059 Master Chief, M90 Shotgun
  • 060 Master Chief, Spartan Laser
  • 067 Spartan, Energy Sword (Red)
  • 068 Spartan, Energy Sword (Blue)
  • 069 Spartan, M41 SSR MAV/AW (SPNKr) (Red)
  • 070 Spartan, M41 SSR MAV/AW (SPNKr) (Blue)
  • 071 Master Chief, Particle Beam Rifle
  • 090 Master Chief, MA5C Assault Rifle
  • V01 M12 Warthog LRV
  • V01 M12 Warthog LRV (Battle Damaged)
Super Rare
  • 075 Sgt. Johnson, M90 Shotgun
  • 076 Cortana
  • 082 Master Chief, Fist of Rukt
  • 083 Master Chief, Energy Sword
  • 084 Master Chief, M41 SSR MAV/AW (SPNKr)
Special Edition
  • 500 Master Chief (MA5C Assault Rifle) (This figure was available at Target stores for a limited time)
  • 501 Arbiter (Energy Sword) (This figure was available at Target stores for a limited time)
  • 200 Spartan w/active camo DUAL M6C Magnum Pistols
  • 201 Spartan w/active camo BR55 Battle Rifle
  • 202 Spartan w/active camo Dual M7/Caseless SMG
  • 203 Spartan w/active camo Dual Needlers
  • 204 Spartan w/active camo Plasma Pistol and M7/Caseless SMG
  • 205 Spartan w/active camo (Plasma Rifle)
  • 300 Master Chief (Flamethrower, you mail away for it when you buy a ten pack of blind booster free)


Super Rare





  • All the models on the flying base are from the uncommon Covenant faction.
  • The Sentinel was put into the Covenant faction, for unknown reasons.
  • Most of the Halo Actionclix are from Halo 2.
  • The V01 M12 Warthog LRV has a red Spartan gunner, while the battle damaged one has a blue Spartan gunner.
  • The Fuel Rod Gun held by 033 Black Ops Grunt is purple like the one in Halo 1, while the one held by 056 Master Chief is gold like in Halo 2 and Halo 3 .
  • The Banshee is more similar the Halo 2 model than the one from Halo 3.

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References and footnotes

  3. Taken from the official figure checklist packaged with the Hunter Action Pack

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