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Halls of Healing
General information

Jedi Temple; rebuilt in the New Jedi Temple


Jedi Order; later the New Jedi Order

The Halls of Healing, located within the First Knowledge quarter of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, was the center of healing and renewal of life for wounded Jedi. The Medical Corps maintained an infirmary within the halls, composed of over a hundred of the best bacta tanks in the galaxy.



Staffed by Jedi Healers under the supervision of the Circle, and Chief Healer Vokara Che, the Halls' blue-green floors and walls, lined by pink pillars, created a soothing atmosphere for the injured.

After the Battle of Geonosis, the Halls were near overcrowding, with many Jedi filling its beds. Most of the wounded recovered quickly, however, and were released within days.

During the invasion of the Temple, the 501st Legion laid waste to the hall and destroyed the bacta tanks, killing all those who were healing there.

When Luke Skywalker had the Temple rebuilt, the Halls and the infirmary were restored to their pristine form once again. Healer Cilghal and her Padawan Tekli would administer their art to all Jedi who returned from missions injured. Valin Horn was taken into the care of the neurologists here when he suffered a mental break. However, before full treatment could occur, he escaped. Later, after being captured by the secret Jedi group Darkmeld, Seff Hellin was brought to the hall for treatment and study.

After the Sith takeover, decades after the building was built, Darth Maladi would transform one of the operation rooms into a lab where she tortured prisoners of the Sith. The bacta tanks in the hall would glow red, and the lights were removed from overhead, casting the room into a miserable, and dreary gloom.


Jedi Medical Corps Infirmary

The healers of the Medical Corps maintained the main operating theater where injured Jedi under went invasive surgery after missions. Also within were the wards for minor injuries sustained in and around the Temple, and offices for the healers. The Chief Healer had an office in the wing, with an examination table in a room adjacent.

Along the Hall, small private recovery rooms could be accessed and assigned to Jedi undergoing treatment. Therapy rooms were used to help a Jedi meditate while they were under stress or heavy medication. In one of the chambers, the Healing Crystals of Fire were housed, and were used on the most extremely wounded.

The neurology ward along with sealed atmosphere rooms that simulated other planetary environs, were also at the disposal of the Corps.

Lower Level Hall

A quiet, bare-walled area beneath the main Hall, the lower medical level was lined with windowless doors. The hall contained a large and a small radiation storage chamber, that were only accessible to the Chief Healer, or their assistant. Located in the rear of a medical supply closet, the smaller chamber would come to hold rogue Jedi Seff Hallin in 43 ABY. Emptied of all radioactive material by Jedi Tekli, the Jedi of Darkmeld set up monitors within to watch over Hellin's strange affliction.


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