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A player wearing a blue h'ween mask.

A Halloween mask, also called a Hallowe'en mask or h'ween mask, is a holiday item that was introduced on 31 October 2002 as part of the 2002 Hallowe'en event. The Halloween mask comes in three colours: green, blue, and red. A Halloween mask covers the entire head of the wearer, similar to a full helmet. For this reason, many new players may refer to the item as a 'Dragon helmet'. Although this is false, the red mask does resemble a Dragon full helmet.

Historically, the Green halloween mask has been the least expensive of the set. The Red halloween mask is the most expensive in recent history, although at times the Blue halloween mask is more expensive. In addition, the prices of these masks tend to rise during the month of October because of Halloween. During the spring and summer, the masks can drop to prices between 10 and 20 million coins before a quick rise in price during the months of September and October. Interestingly, the ascending price order of the masks (green, blue, red) corresponds to the order of increasing combat level of dragons. The colours in the order are also the colours of the three major RuneScape gods (blue - Saradomin, red - Zamorak, and green - Guthix). Another possible connection could be made with the ascending levels of metal armour (green - adamant, blue - rune, red - dragon). The three melee skills also have these three colours, with green representing Strength, blue representing Defence, and red representing Attack. Although these are not official connections, they are notable.

Icon Item Price Direction Low Alch High Alch Store Details Days Last updated
Green h'ween mask Green h'ween mask 39,200,000
6 9 Not sold view edit graph 3 3:45, 4 February 2010 (UTC)
Blue h'ween mask Blue h'ween mask 50,600,000
6 9 Not sold view edit graph 2 08:22, February 5, 2010 (UTC)
Red h'ween mask Red h'ween mask 68,500,000
6 9 Not sold view edit graph 3 3:45, 4 February 2010 (UTC)


  • At one time the price of the Red Halloween mask surpassed that of the Red party hat. This happened approximately 1 month after the Halloween masks were released.
  • Before the release of the Dragon full helm, the Red halloween mask would often replace the Dragon medium helm as the helmet in a full Dragon armour set, because the Dragon medium helm was too common.
  • At one point the Blue Halloween mask was more expensive than the Red Halloween mask.
  • Originally, Halloween masks could be sold to General Stores, but this is no longer possible due to Real world trading.
  • On 24 April, as a secret update, Jagex updated the way Halloween masks appear in players' chatboxes when they are having a conversation. The masks now look more evil and demonic than before.
  • The colours of the Hallowe'en masks might be a reference to the three main Gods, Saradomin for blue, Zamorak for red, and Guthix for green.

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