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The Halloween 2007 event ran from Thursday, October 25 until Wednesday, October 31, 2007. It included the return of Halloween collectors, the redecoration of Lion's Arch and Kamadan, and the return of Mad King Thorn who once again terrorized the populace with 'hilarious' jokes while at the same time rewarding them with special holiday treats. This event was similar to the past events of Halloween 2005 and Halloween 2006. This year a new item, the Trick-or-Treat Bag, and a new mini-game, the Costume Brawl, were added to the celebration.

Halloween in Kamadan

This is from the Official Event Page:

When sunlight wanes to shadow
And mists fill nights once clear
'Tis time to think of monarchs
Who visit once a year.
Hail, Thorn, the king demented,
Whose laughter fills the air
Where cunning gifts are given
With wit and deadly flair!
And as the season passes
Remember what you've seen
In Lion's Arch and Kamadan
On this good Halloween.


NPCs added for this event:

NPCs in Lion's Arch who were transformed for this event:

The traders in Lion's Arch, horridly covered with cobweb.

Mad King's Guard (Henchmen)

The Mad King's Guards are actually Henchmen. You can add them to your party and take them to explorable areas.

Mad King's Guard Henchmen
Mad King's Guard Henchmen


Halloween Masks 2007 in action


Horseman Collector

Although they collect different items, all of the Horseman Collectors offer the same items:

Redecorated Towns

The redecorated Tomb of the Primeval Kings
Droknar's Forge, redecorated

External links

  • Halloween 2007 announcement on the Official Guild Wars website
  • Guild Wars Guru Event Guide
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The 2007 Hallowe'en event was a holiday event that took place from 22 October 2007 to 5 November 2007. The Grim Reaper's servant just recently passed away, and now he is looking for a temporary replacement to make sure that his terrifying Mansion of Death is in good order to receive his new servant. During the event, players were given three tasks by the Grim Reaper to help clean up around the Mansion of Death.

A player could start this event at the black Player-Owned-House portal south of Falador, near the elemental wizards and Malignius Mortifer. See the holiday event icon File:Holidayevent.gif on the world map and minimap. When players went near the portal, the screen became darker. There was no need for items or food throughout the event and although it was possible to die instantly, there was no loss of items.

Location at Holiday event icon File:Holidayevent.gif



The Grim Reaper's house portal.
The Grim Reaper, killing a player.

If a player left during any task, they would be forced to restart that task. When restarting the player would appear just outside the Dark portal.

Players entered the Dark portal to start. They then talked to the Grim Reaper sitting on the east side of the entry room. If players tried to go through the doorway into the house without first talking, they were instantly electrocuted, losing all of their hitpoints. Many players tried to use the prayer "protection from mage", but it was useless and the only way they could enter was by first talking to the grim reaper. However, they did not lose any items and would reappear outside of the portal entrance (Grim Reaper: You may be able to wander around other people's houses, but I shall not allow it).

After talking to the Grim Reaper and accepting to help him, players were allowed to pass through the doorway (Message: You safely pass through the gargoyles' judgement. and Gargoyle: We're watching you...).

Players could interact with the Grim Reaper's pet Muncher in the main room. Only one emote will lead to success to the second task, one is nothing, the remaining one causes 'sudden death' and restarting. Players can try out all three emotes at this stage.

Item Examine text
Dark portal Do I really want to go through there?
Skeletal portrait Maybe that's his mum?
Zombie portrait One of death's buddies, perhaps? Or maybe his Mrs Reaper? Oh dear.
Torch They seem to extinguish when people walk near.
Doorway A doorway flanked by stone gargoyles.
Gargoyle (Left) Looks like a cheeky chappy.
Gargoyle (Right) Did he just move?
Grim Reaper I wish I could tell where he was looking
Staircase Going up?
Muncher Only the Grim Reaper would have a pet like this.

Garden of Deathly Shadows

If players tried going into the west room, they would activate the electric trap, killing them instantly and taking them back to the portal (Message: You fail to pass through the gargoyles' judgement). Going up the stairs was also not allowed (Grim Reaper: Don't go gallivanting around my house. Come and see me if you're not sure what to do).

A player successfully climbs through a spider web.

In the garden, players were asked to retrieve the skull of the Grim Reaper's old servant to prevent the new one of ever knowing what happened to him. Players had to navigate back and forth through the maze by going through spider webs. Players were only allowed through certain webs, which was different for everybody. The way back out of the garden was also different from the way in. When leaving the garden, the gargoyles took the skull from the player and the Grim Reaper directed them to the west room lounge. Note that the skull has a different examine text in player's inventory than when on the ground.

Image Item Examine text
File:Spider web.PNG Spider web Now, it's no common house spider that spun that.
File:Bleak tree.PNG Bleak tree Seems choked by all those webs.
File:Foul tree.PNG Foul tree An undead tree? Surely not.
File:Sullen tree.PNG Sullen tree In dire need of a tree surgeon.
File:Wretched tree.PNG Wretched tree I wouldn't expect anything less from Grim's garden.
File:Skull in garden.PNG Skull on ground This must be the Grim Reaper's previous servant's skull.
File:Servants skull.PNG Servant's Skull What possesses me to carry these things around?

Lounge of the Reaper of Souls

map of 1st floor

In the lounge, players are asked to find certain personal possessions for Grim and put them in their proper spots. First search the table to get The grim reaper's diary in the inventory, then read the diary to find out where everything goes. You find a diary on the table. This should give some clues as to where items within the room should go. Trying to get another copy of diary: You already have a copy of the diary, you don't need to take another. When task is done: There's no need to search the table any more.

You found a...
Once players gather these items, they must put them back in their proper locations. In the diary, the items and where they should be are coloured in red.

Below are the list of items players have to find:

Image Item Found Destination Found text Examine text Return text Examine text
File:Last Will and Testament.png Last will and testament Chest Sofa You found someone's Last Will and Testament. Someone's Last Will and Testament. You recall the entry in the diary, '...Shall have to sit on that for a while...' and place the will under the cushions. The Last Will and Testament is still under the cushions.
File:Grim Reaper's Robe.png Grim's robes Cabinet Fireplace You found the Grim Reaper's robes. Some of the Grim Reaper's garb. '...decided to throw them in the fireplace...' The Grim Reaper's robes are burning well in the fireplace.
Hourglass Hourglass Shelf Fishtank You found an hourglass. No matter how I turn it, the sand doesn't seem to move. '...hourglass today so have added that to the fishtank...' The hourglass is still in the fishtank.
File:Human Eye.png Eyeball Sofa Shelf You found someone's eye. That's gross. Why am I carrying it around? '...I put the eye back on the shelf...' The eye is still on the shelf
File:Scynicshaping.png Scythe sharpener Bookcase Cabinet You found a scythe sharpener. Used to sharpen the blade of a scythe. '...put the sharpener back in the cabinet...'
File:Voiceofdoompot.png Voice of doom potion Fireplace Bookcase You found a 'Voice of Doom' potion. A 'Voice of Doom' potion, used to deepen your voice. '...I found my old 'Voice of Doom' potion amongst some books...'
File:Humanbones.png Human bones Fishtank Chest You found some bones. They look decidedly human. A tasty treat for Muncher. '...decided to lock them up in the chest...'
Fish in eyes 1.
Fish in eyes 2.

Searching the fishtank has 2 options:

  • Towards the right - obtain human bones
  • Towards the left - animation of fish jumping out of tank into player's eyes - Arrghhh! My eyes!

Searching the sofa has 2 options:

  • Under the cushions - obtain eyeball
  • Under the sofa - ghostly hand reaches out under the sofa - That wasn't such a good idea.

Trying to leave the house before finishing this task will give the message: Any items you were carrying from the house have been removed.

Image Item Examine text
File:Table.png Table I wonder if Grim ever uses this to dine on?
Chair The civilised way to rest your legs.
File:Cabinet.png Cabinets The perfect place to store...stuff.
File:Sofa.png Sofa Looks surprisingly comfy.
File:Fireplace.png Fireplace What's the deal with all the blue fire in this house?
File:Bookcases.png Bookcase Strange contraptions that houses paper things.
File:Fishtank.png Fishtank Here, fishy, fishy, fishy!
File:Grimchest.png Grim chest I wonder what the Reaper would hide away.
File:Shelves.png Shelves Keeps things off the floor. Surprise, surprise.

Playground of Solitude and Lost Toys

A map of the Playground of Solitude and Lost Toys.

After finishing the lounge task, the Grim Reaper will tell you to proceed up the stairs. The go through the doorway to the south-east. In the playground players are asked to check if his traps are in order. Players must:

  • slide-down on a slide,
  • step-on 4 springboards to get thrown across dark holes,
  • swim through acid and exit on ramp and
  • navigate an area with hidden pitfall traps.

They will have to do this area twice. Although it is unknown, when done in the German server this course has been finished with only one journey around.

Players should be extremely careful when navigating around the hidden traps near the end of the maze, as if they step on a trapdoor (You accidentally trigger a trap.) they will have to start the entire course over again. If players look closely on the ground in the trapdoor room, they can see some perforated lines. (Grim Reaper: Look closely and you should see the joins of the doors on the ground.) These lines are traps so players should avoid them at all costs!

Another way to pass the trapdoors is to run, making the shortest and fastest route from the entrance of that section to the doorway.

If a player tries to go backwards on the springboard, the Grim Reaper will say: There is no going back, mortal.

Image Item Examine text
The Grim Reaper's slide.
Slide Oh so much fun. Wheeeeeee!
A player jumps on a springboard.
Springboard Looks like the only way across that strange abyss.
A player wades through acidic "goo" in the Grim Reaper's house.
Ramp (exit) A ramp leading into some strange goo.
Ramp (enter) The way into the…gooey…stuff.
A player falls into a pitfall trap.
Pitfall I’m guessing stepping on that would be a bad idea.


A player doing the Zombie Hand emote.
A player doing the Scared emote.

After completing this event players will receive:

  • a Grim reaper hood,
  • the zombie hand (Green hand comes out of the ground) emote, and
  • the scared emote (if they didn't already have it from previous years).
  • It was possible to keep Grim's items though banking and dropping. However the only way to keep grims diary was to be killed by a random event during the period of the event where the diary was in their inventory!



  • This was the first event that could kill players (safely), aside from the 2009 Hallowe'en event. A player could be killed either by blowing a raspberry at Muncher, the skeleton dog, or refusing the task given by the Grim Reaper.
  • Players cannot re-enter the area after completing it. You've no need to return to the Grim Reaper's house.
  • Walking near any of the torches will cause it to go out for a few seconds.
  • The grim reaper's diary cannot be taken out of Grim Reaper's house while doing the event. When player completes the event, player cannot reenter the house. Currently, it is not found in the bookcase of a player-owned house.
  • There was a glitch that allowed you to walk on the goo swimming pool.
  • This event is usually the most-liked by players. Probably due to the course at the end.
  • The Garden of Deathly Shadows could be a reference to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows By J. K. Rowling.
  • If you had the light set to low, you couldn't see the trapdoors at the end of the obstacle course.



  • RuneScape Game Guide - Hallowe'en 2007 Event Guide

This article uses material from the "2007 Hallowe'en event" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki


The event ran from October 22nd through November 4th[1].


During this event, players were able to 'Trick or Treat' by clicking on mission doors in the various zones. Players can only click once per 60 seconds, and after a particular door had been clicked on, neither the player nor anybody else can use it for 30 seconds. If a door is successfully knocked, then either a treat is awarded usually in the form of a random inspiration or costume salvage, or else a trick, which will spawn various enemies in the immediate area.

Players have to Trick or Treat in a zone that matches their current effective level (See list below), or the doors would not give tricks or treats. Sidekick/Lackey and Exemplar/Malefactor can be used to allow Trick or Treating to work, and the auto-exemplar of PvP zones mean that they will work for anyone high enough to enter them (except for Recluse's Victory, which has no functioning mission doors.)

During the event, the entire game is locked in nighttime mode. This is not just a visual effect. All aspects of the game that depend on a day/night cycle are locked to the night side during the event. Enemies that only spawn at night spawn continuously during the event. Banisher, The Slayer, and Haunted badges (Hero side) and Pirate and Spectral badges (Villain side) are examples of badges for which hunting will be much easier during the event.

The event ran in all zones in the game except Recluse's Victory, The Hive, Cascade Archipelago, The Chantry, and The Storm Palace. The few zones where the event were not running were all zones for at least level 40 characters, so for any characters below level 40, literally every single accessible zone was running the event. For 2007, the new Faultline, The Abyss, and Rikti War Zone are also zones in which the event is not functional.

Temporary Powers

One of the treats is the Rock temporary power. It is a one use, ranged attack that does minor smashing damage. Matt Miller was the developer behind this homage to It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. [2]

Image:Temp Melee Moderate.png Rock Ranged Smashing Damage
You got a rock.

Knocking on doors can give a "Classic Costume" Temporary Power. These powers last for 13 days real time, are incompatible with any stealth powers, and cannot be used in PvP zones. For costume models that have a single gender (such as Carnie Harlequin or Strongman), activating the costume will force the apparent sex of the character to match. For costumes that have both genders (such as Crey Agent), the character will use the appropriate model. Finally, some of the costumes will have special animation built into it (such as Goldbricker and Sky Raider having animated flightpacks, PPD Hardsuit with rocket boots when in flight, Pirate having ghost-style flight, etc).

  1. Banished Pantheon Shaman (m)
  2. Consortium Guard (m)
  3. Carnival Harlequin (f)
  4. Carnival Strongman (m)
  5. Coralax Minion (f)
  6. Council Galaxy (m)
  7. Council Penumbra (m)
  8. Crey Agent (both)
  9. Crey Power Suit (m)
  10. Crey Security (m)
  11. Freakshow Boss (m)
  12. Freakshow Stunner (m)
  13. Goldbricker (m)
  14. Hellion Thug (m)
  15. Knives of Artemis (f)
  16. Legacy Chain (m)
  17. Lost (m)
  18. Malta Gunslinger (m)
  19. Malta Operative (m)
  20. Nemesis Soldier (m)
  21. Outcast Thug (m)
  22. Paragon Protector (both)
  23. Pirate (m)
  24. PPD Cop (m)
  25. PPD Hardsuit (m)
  26. PPD Swat Officer (m)
  27. Scrapyarder (m)
  28. Skulls Thug (m)
  29. Sky Raiders (m)
  30. Troll Ogre (m)
  31. Tsoo Inkman (m)
  32. Vahzilok Eidolon (both) (misspelled in-game as 'Vahzilok Eidolan Costume')
  33. Warrior Thug (m)



Three new badges were available for this event, in addition to the badges from the Halloween Event 2004 and 2006. They are awarded for receiving faction costume Temporary Powers while trick or treating.

Image:Badge_tourist_01.png Clothes Horse

You've collected 10 classic costumes.

Image:Badge_tourist_01.png Fashionable

You've collected 25 classic costumes.

Image:Badge_tourist_01.png Ostentatious

You've collected 50 classic costumes.

Note: receiving a duplicate costume will give no indication of the duplicate, but it will count towards the badges. Because of this, it will appear that less costume drops have occurred than are required for the badge.

All of the previous Halloween event badges are once again available as well.

Image:badge_event_hallowspirit.png Hallow Spirit

You have helped defeat a manifestation of Eochai, king of the Fir Bolg.

Image:badge_event_hunter.png Hunter

You have defeated 20 of the nefarious Vampires who rose from their graves on Halloween.

Image:badge_event_buster.png Buster

You have defeated 20 ghosts, spirits who have not rested since their original death.

Image:badge_event_shifter.png Shifter

You have defeated 15 werewolves, supernatural creatures created through the disease of lycanthropy.

Image:badge_event_deadhead.png Dead Head

You have defeated 50 zombies, the walking flesh of the recently dead.

Image:badge_event_malleus.png Malleus

You have defeated 75 witches, sorcerous crones who use dark magicks.

Image:Badges Iron Warrior.png Iron Warrior

You have defeated the Halloween Jack in Irons.

Image:Badges ghost touched.png Ghost Touched

You have defeated 20 of the Unseelie Court.


  • All Inspiration treats are "tier 3" (large).
    • There are reports of rare, obsolete Inspirations (such as Iron Will) being dropped as treats. However, this may have been on the testing server.
  • Note: Costumes are dropped independent of event salvage, meaning you can get both at once.
    • While similar to Freakshow and Arachnos costumes, these DO NOT grant stealth or invisibility. Mobs will attack players who are wearing these costumes, even if it's a costume of their group.
  • When Event Salvage is awarded as a treat, two Inspirations are also awarded.
  • When Costume Powers are awarded, two Inspirations are awarded. In the case of receiving a duplicate costume, in which event you receive no notification of an award (Event Salvage, for example) in Global log, the two Inspiriations can be used as an indication of a Costume being awarded.
  • Testing for this event began on Tuesday September 18th and ran from 3pm to 7pm Eastern. Second testing set was on Monday September 24th and ran from 3pm to an unknown time.

Free Costume Slot

The event gives the ability to unlock a free costume slot on any character. Which slot it opens depends on how many costume slots you have already unlocked. Costume slots are awarded incrementally... a level 1 will be awarded their second slot, while a level 50 with all four previous costume slots unlocked will unlock a fifth. This reward does not include a free costume change token; unless you have free costume change tokens left over from previous awards, you will have to pay normal influence or infamy costs to change the costume in this new slot.

To unlock this slot a player needs to gather one each of the four types of Event Salvage that can be found through "Trick or Treating". You need one each of Statesman Mask, Lord Recluse Helmet, Back Alley Brawler Gloves, and Hamidon costume. All four then need to be brought to the appropriate Halloween contact for the character's game. Granny Beldam for villains and Annah for heroes. The contact will then unlock the free slot. There was a 35% chance of any Treat being a piece of event salvage, with even chances for which of the four types of event salvage is received.

Event Salvage

Back Alley Brawler Halloween Gloves

Event Salvage

These are rubber Back Alley Brawler gloves, perfect for a Halloween costume. Their manufacture makes it difficult to perform simple tasks like opening doors. Heroes can take this to Annah in Croatoa, while villains can take this to Granny Beldam in Nerva, for a reward.

Statesman Halloween Mask

Event Salvage

This is a Halloween mask of the famous hero Statesman. It's made of cheap plastic, and the flimsy string probably won't last through the night. Heroes can take this to Annah in Croatoa, while villains can take this to Granny Beldam in Nerva, for a reward.

Lord Recluse Halloween Helmet

Event Salvage

This is a Halloween mask of the infamous Lord Recluse. It's made of smelly rubber, and wearing it makes you all sweaty and hard to find your breath. Heroes can take this to Annah in Croatoa, while villains can take this to Granny Beldam in Nerva, for a reward.

Hamidon Halloween Costume

Event Salvage

The most popular Halloween costume among the kids in Paragon City is that of Hamidon. This simple costume is made from coloured plastic wrap. Many kids like to put action figures of their favourite heroes inside the wrap, pretending they are 'raiding' for 'Hami-O's' Heroes can take this to Annah in Croatoa, while villains can take this to Granny Beldam in Nerva, for a reward.


Trick or Treating only worked if the player was in a zone with a level appropriate for their current combat level. The following are the appropriate levels for various zones:


01 - 11 Atlas Park
01 - 11 Galaxy City
05 - 15 Kings Row
05 - 15 The Hollows
07 - 15 Perez Park
10 - 20 Steel Canyon
10 - 20 Skyway City
11 - 20 Boomtown
20 - 30 Independence Port
20 - 30 Talos Island
20 - 30 Striga Isle
20 - 30 Terra Volta
21 - 30 Dark Astoria
20 - 30 Croatoa
30 - 40 Brickstown
30 - 40 Founders' Falls
30 - 40 Crey's Folly
33 - 40 Eden
40 - 50 Peregrine Island
40 - 50 Firebase Zulu


01 - 10 Mercy Island
05 - 15 Port Oakes
10 - 20 Cap Au Diable
20 - 30 Sharkhead Isle
25 - 40 Nerva Archipelago
30 - 40 St. Martial
40 - 50 Grandville

PvP (Both)

Since all PvP zones automatically Exemplar anyone entering to a specific level, anyone entering the zone is brought to a combat level appropriate to the zone, so all zones are appropriate for Trick or Treating for anyone of a high enough level to enter the zone.

20 - 50 Siren's Call
30 - 50 Warburg
Bug! Bloody Bay is currently bugged. It appears to be set to allow trick or treating for levels 10-20, but since all characters entering the zone are Sidekicked/Exemplared to level 25, they are no longer in the level range for trick or treating.


Note: none of these groups counted toward the non-Halloween badges available in the game normally. For example, these Fir Bolg do not count towards the Pumpkin Master/Mistress badge.


The Coven is made up of witches also seen as the Cabal enemy group found in Croatoa. Note that this group is the most visually different from their normal in-game spawns of any of the Halloween mobs. The Cabal is primarily colored in shades of grey and black, while the Halloween Coven is much more colorful.

Fir Bolg

Fir Bolg can also be found in Croatoa at the present. Note that there is no badge for defeating them.


Spectral Demons from the Circle of Thorns were used to create the Spirits faction.


Council vampyri were the models used to make up the Vampires enemy group for the event.


Council nightwolves and warwolves were the models used to make up the Werewolves faction for the event.


The zombies are Banished Pantheon soldiers.

Unseelie Court

The Unseelie Court was a new enemy group for the 2006 event. They accompanied the random zone spawns of Eochai and Jack in Irons.


Eochai and Jack in Irons

There was a zone spawn of either Eochai or Jack in Irons in every zone in which the event is active. Once one is defeated, another of the two would spawn in the same zone within a minute or two. For each spawn, there was a 90% chance that it would be Eochai, and a 10% chance that it would be Jack in Irons. Additionally, Jack in Irons only spawned in level 20 and up zones. [3]

Hero zone maps

PvP zone maps

This article uses material from the "Halloween Event 2007" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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