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Hall of Monuments
Basic Info
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Far Shiverpeaks
Eye of the North



The Hall of Monuments is an explorable area in the Eye of the North expansion and will be incorporated in Guild Wars 2 to help tie the games together and reward dedicated Guild Wars players in Guild Wars 2.

Certain in-game achievements and items will allow you to add trophies to one of the five monuments, and each trophy will unlock something, such as an exclusive item or title, for a character on a linked Guild Wars 2 account.

The Hall can be set to display individual character's achievements, or the achievements of the whole account. The view can be switched via Kimmes The Historian.

Note: Having something in your Hall of Monuments does not guarantee that you will get that item when Guild Wars 2 releases; ArenaNet has stated that you will get something, but it may not be the exact item.

Getting there

The Hall of Monuments is located North-West of Eye of the North.




  • Image:NA-icon-small.png5 Rainbow Phoenix - Only appears when certain requirements are satisfied, please see the animal's article for further details.


Monuments are activated by using a Monumental Tapestry. The tapestry will then hang on the wall and display an artistic backdrop of the monument's achievements. Once individual submissions have been made, statues will appear in the monument's area depicting the submitted item.

  • Monument of Fellowship - Heroes and Pets (Displays 5 at a time.)
    • Heroes must have armor upgrades to be added to the monument, excluding M.O.X..
    • You must have your pets present and evolved (level 20) to add that specific pet to the monument. All pets will get an Animal Companion statue. In addition to this statue, Imperial Phoenix, Black Widow, and Black Moa will be displayed individually.
  • Monument of Devotion - Minipets (Displays 20 at a time.)
    • Minipets become dedicated (forever) when you display them in the monument. This can only be done once per minipet.
  • Monument of Honor - Titles and Achievements (Displays 5 at a time.)
    • This is the only monument that does not require a monumental tapestry to activate.
    • It contains displays for completing a campaign, for high-rank PvP or max PvE titles, and for conquering Elite areas.
      • The minimal rank for PvP titles is currently rank 8 for Hero and rank 3 for all the other titles.
      • The minimal rank for Luxon/Kurzick titles is rank 4.
    • As your Kind Of A Big Deal rank increases, the floating figure in this monument becomes more prominent.
  • Monument of Resilience - Elite Armor Sets (Displays 5 at a time.)
    • Armor sets must be worn for you to add them to the monument. They must form a complete set (excluding headgear) from a single Elite armor type - no 'blends'.
    • Armor sets show yourself in the style and the color of the set you wore. It does not show the armor alone, contrary to the wording.
    • Armor is shown in the color of the chest piece you wore the last time the monument updated (i.e. you entered the Hall, rearranged the display, or displayed a new set). Armor using dye from before the dye update will be shown in the armor's default colour.

Monument Gallery

Monument of Honor

Kind Of A Big Deal 0 1 2 3 4 5+
Monument of Honor Monument of Honor after achieving Kind Of A Big Deal (1) Monument of Honor after achieving I'm Very Important (2) Monument of Honor after achieving People Know Me (3) Monument of Honor after achieving I Have Many Leather-Bound Books (4) Monument of Honor after achieving My Guild Hall Smells Of Rich Mahogany (5)

Other Monuments

Fellowship Devotion Valor Resilience
Monument of Fellowship Monument of Devotion Monument of Valor Monument of Resilience

Full Hall of Monuments

The Hall of Monuments is considered "full" when each monument is displaying the maximum number of viewable submissions.

The maximum number of viewable submissions at each monument are:

Completing the above, of course, does not stop you from adding as many entries to each Monument as you like, the older submissions will simply go out of view. You can "rearrange" the monument to see them again.

A Full Hall of Monuments will improve the appearance of the Monument of Honor by 1 rank, allowing you to obtain the Rainbow Phoenix at rank 1 of Kind Of A Big Deal instead of rank 2.

Kimmes The Historian can switch the view of your Hall between character-specific and account-wide. It is possible to have a full Hall in the account-wide view, even if none of your characters have a full Hall by themselves.

Related Effects


Hall of Monuments

Note: Any abandoned or completed primary quest can also be regained at the Scrying Pool.


  • The Hall of Monuments requires that you have the items you wish to display on your character and equipped at the time of submission.
  • Items that are added to the monuments and later discarded (e.g. minipets, armors, unique pets, or weapons) will remain displayed in the monuments.
  • Submissions made by characters that are later deleted will remain viewable account-wide.
  • The Hall of Monuments can be viewed per character or account-wide. However, in order to add a submission by any given character, that character must have a Tapestry displayed on the corresponding monument before they can add any submissions of their own.
  • Some types of elite armor are unavailable to some professions. In the account view of the Hall, these will display as a generic bronze statue if viewed by a character that does not have access to this armor style. Please see Monument of Resilience for more details.
  • You can reactivate any previously done primary quests by seeking Guidance at the Scrying Pool.
    • This can also be used to repair a quest if you left prematurely and became unable to continue.
  • To show someone your Hall of Monuments you must be party leader.
  • If the party leader leaves, Hall of Monuments will become that of the new party leader.
  • Once you have 20 Miniatures displayed on the Monument of Devotion, you will not be able to activate a mini in the Hall. You will get the message: "There are currently too many miniatures in this district. Please try later." This can be bypassed by displaying only a specific minipet group, which is usually less than 20.
  • After the Wintersday 2008 event, Lieutenant Thackeray will continue to come into the hall and chat with Gwen. See Thackeray's page for info.
  • If your party is wiped in the Hall of Monuments, you will be returned to the Eye of the North. This means you cannot death-level the Rainbow Phoenix.

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Monuments in the Hall of Monuments Image:Tapestry icon.JPG
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