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Hall could refer to:

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Biographical information
Date of death

September 19, 2552

Physical description





Nearly 6 feet

Hair color


Chronological and political information



Lieutenant Hall was member of the UNSC Navy. Her first name is unknown.


Lieutenant Hall authored seven physics papers on Slipspace communications and was known for maintaining a tidy and prim appearance. Jacob Keyes would later disapprove of her constant smiling and displays of ambition, which usually amounted to attempting to impress him and occasionally showing up colleagues to do so.[1] Hall had blond hair, and she was nearly 6 feet tall.[2]

By 2552, Lieutenant Hall was assigned to the UNSC Iroquois under then-Commander Jacob Keyes. She proved to be a competent operations officer and saw action at the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV. Her performance and morale improved after the victory and she transferred to the recently promoted Captain Keyes' new ship, the UNSC Pillar of Autumn, where she participated in the Battle of Reach and the Battle of Installation 04. Over time, her relationship with Keyes improved; he came to respect her as a valuable part of his bridge crew.

It is unknown what happened to Lieutenant Hall during the Battle of Installation 04. She was never mentioned in Halo: The Flood, so it is assumed she was killed when the Covenant boarded the Pillar of Autumn, or when Ensign Ellen Dowski betrayed Captain Keyes to the Covenant, leading to the execution of the command crew.


  1. Halo: The Fall of Reach, page 140
  2. Halo: The Fall of Reach, page 187, "Engines hot at fifty percent," she reported. She straightened to her full height, nearly six feet, and looked Captain Keyes in the eyes with something edging near defensiveness.

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A Hall is an architectural term used to refer to a variety of rooms or buildings. In RuneScape, hall may refer to:

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"Just who in the Hall are you, anyway?"
Vuffi Raa to Hall

The entity known colloquially as Hall was an intelligence inhabiting the central chamber of a pyramid made of Rafan life-crystals on Rafa V.


Ancient construction

Hall was constructed in the distant past, long before the formation of the Galactic Republic, roughly 1,000,000 BBY, when the Sharu sought to escape the attention of the powerful Celestials by draining their advanced intelligence into life-crystal formations and diminishing their race to the unassuming primitives known as the Toka. Hall called upon the energies of the building it inhabited and was gifted with many unusual abilities by its ancient Sharu builders, including the ability to increase or decrease the size of organic life-forms at will. Hall waited patiently for millennia, maintaining itself through the use of mechanical droid-like assistants, performing its most important task, guarding the Mindharp and waiting for an intelligent being to arrive and activate the device, thus reawakening the Sharu. As the millennia passed, Hall grew a bit eccentric and easily distracted.

Fulfillment of its purpose

Lando: "What happens if we do?"
— Lando Calrissian conversing with Hall

In 5 BBY the gambler Lando Calrissian was recruited by Governor Duttes Mer and sorcerer Rokur Gepta to retrieve the Mindharp, which Gepta incorrectly believed to be an artifact of great power that could be used as a weapon. Lando entered the mystical pyramids of the Sharu using a mysterious transdimensional key he obtained from Mohs, a Toka priest. In the course of exploring the pyramid, Lando found himself and his droid Vuffi Raa inexplicably changing in physical dimension. Lando had expanded greatly in physical size, or perhaps Vuffi Raa had shrunk, and their relative perception of time had also changed drastically.

After a series of misadventures, Lando finally entered the Hall of the Mindharp. Hall called out in a sonorous voice and commanded him to halt. Lando and Vuffi Raa looked around, startled, and asked who had spoken. "WHY, I AM THE HALL, OF COURSE," Hall replied. It then requested that Lando walk around the perimeter of the wall rather than directly through the chamber, because it was not permitted to cross the Hall. Lando asked why, and Hall found that it could no longer remember, but nevertheless made the request again. Lando refused, approaching the raised platform in the center of the chamber, twelve meters high and completely smooth. Lando possessed no climbing equipment or repulsors to scale the platform and so was unable to retrieve the artifact. Pondering his options, Lando asked if Hall could increase his size again. Hall replied that indeed it could and that he had passed the test of intelligence required to retrieve the Mindharp.

Hall transmogrified Lando's dimensions, Lando retrieved the artifact from on top of the platform, and then Lando requested to be decreased back. Hall, distracted, failed to answer for a few seconds, but then broke its reverie and complied. As Lando left, Hall wished him good luck.

Later, when Governor Mer and Rokur Gepta activated the Mindharp, all the life-crystal structures on Rafa V were destroyed, releasing the ancient collective intelligence of the Sharu back to their descendants, the Toka. Hall was likely destroyed along with all life-crystal structures.

Behind the scenes

It is unclear if "Hall," as Lando calls him, is an artificial intelligence designed by the Sharu, or an entity somehow formed out of the collective intelligence of the Sharu stored in the life-crystals throughout the millennia. Hall itself may have forgotten its origins.

In the novel, Hall speaks in SMALL CAPITALS to indicate the deep, booming tones of its voice.

Hall may be a reference to the Computer-mind "HAL" from Arthur C. Clarke's novel and Stanley Kubrick's movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.



This article uses material from the "Hall" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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