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"I once knew a girl whose only wish was to be carried in her uncle’s arms. Her Majesty is a woman grown now."
—Marquis Halim Ondore IV

Marquis Halim Ondore IV (ハルム・オンドール4世 Harumu Ondōru Yonsei) is one of the characters of Final Fantasy XII. Ruler of Bhujerba, he tries his best to keep his city neutral. Ondore follows the orders of the Archadian Empire, while secretly allying himself with resistance forces. He commands an airship, the Garland.

Ondore is voiced by Tom Kane and speaks with a British-Indian accent. He narrates during the storybook sections of the game, which is written in his book Memoirs of Mqs. Halim Ondore 4.



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Ondore's concept art.

Relation to Ashe

Given his high position, it is not surprising that Ondore has known Ashe since she was a child. Ashe even used to refer to him as uncle, although it is never revealed if he is actually Ashe's uncle. It is unlikely however, since he refers to King Raminas as just a friend, and not a brother, although he can be an uncle on Ashe's mother's side. Also, the ruling families of real-life Middle-Age nations were often strongly related, in order to forge alliances and prevent war, so it is indeed possible that they might be related, either closely or distantly. ("Ojisan", in Japanese, means uncle, but is also commonly used as an honorific towards middle-aged men). Despite this, Ondore does not treat Ashe like a child, giving her no special treatment and respecting her views. Because of this, they tend to clash on some of their ideals.

The Resistance

Ondore is the leader of the Archadian resistance. He even commands their flagship, the Garland. While he holds talks with the Archadian Judges, and even acts as mediator for Archadia and other nations, he secretly wants a war with Archadia, in hopes of bringing down the oppressive Empire and he even considered using Nethicite to force Archadia to sign a peace treaty. Vayne Solidor manipulates this desire to lure out the resistance and the Rozarrian fleets into a battle with the Bahamut.


His first name, Halim, is Arabic for "gentle".

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