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Chronological and political information

Covenant Empire


Haka was a Sangheili of the Covenant Empire that served as a military assistant to the High Prophets during the early years of the alliance.[1]



Duel with Fal 'Chavamee

After the then-current Arbiter, Fal 'Chavamee, was declared a Heretic by the Prophets, Haka sought to supplant Fal and become the head of his clan. Haka was led by one of Fal's servants, Roh, to Fal's wife, Han. He forced the servant to kill her, promising that his actions would save the clan from the wrath of the Covenant. After Han's death, Haka killed the servant as well, leaving their bodies as a challenge to Fal to direct combat. Engaging his opponent after the latter had slaughtered an entire Covenant Army unit, Haka mortally wounded Fal, but was in turn stabbed by an Energy Sword. Both warriors died at each other's hands.


  • Haka's clan name is unknown. Given that he was seeking to take Fal's role as clan leader, it is likely that Haka was a member of the same clan, and thus would be referred to as Haka 'Chavamee.
  • Haka's style is decidedly Japanese, with his armor resembling that of ancient samurai warriors. Additionally, rather than an an Energy Sword, Haka carries a more conventional metal blade.


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Haka Hai
Biographical information

19 BBY, Circarpous V

Physical description

Ishi Tib



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Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

Haka Hai was an Ishi Tib who had a base on Mimban. The Gotal Lumbra worked for Hai.


Hai had a prior association with the captain of the Uhumele Schurk-Heren and agreed to buy a piece of mysterious and valuable cargo that the Uhumele carried.

Hai double-crossed Schurk-Heren however, and decided to take the cargo by force instead. It was at that moment, though, that Lumbra betrayed his employer and a firefight broke out. After Lumbra and his men managed to escape with the cargo, unaware that they were truly carrying a decoy crate, Hai took the crew of the Uhumele prisoner. Deducing that Lumbra had made off with the fake cargo, Hai tortured Schurk-Heren and later Bomo Greenbark in hopes of discovering the cargo's real location.

Hai underestimated Bomo, however, and the Nosaurian managed to escape after being left unattended. With the help of Crys Taanzer, Bomo set a trap for Hai's people at his compound. Bomo killed all of Hai's people in the fighting that followed, including Hai himself.

Behind the scenes

Haka Hai means "Ash of the Grave" in Japanese. It also, rather unfortunately, means Chin Shark in Swedish.


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