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Hajime Imori

Hajime Imori

Kanji (Manga)


Rōmaji (Manga)


Kanji (Anime)


Rōmaji (Anime)

Imori Hajime

English (Manga)


Alternate names
  • Hajime Imori
  • Damien Draco


Debut (Manga)

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Duel 046

Debut (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! First Series - Episode 018

Appears in



Seiyū (Japanese)

Imori, named Damien Draco in the English version of the DDM video game, is a student at Domino High School who decides to try to overthrow Yugi Mutou from his position of the guardian of darkness by challenging Yugi to a game of Dragon Cards. His grandfather found the Dragon Cards while in Manchuria in World War II. Imori wins the first game against regular Yugi, causing his soul to go into the soul-eating jar. Regular Yugi's last minute grab for the puzzle causes Dark Yugi to come out. The second Dragon Cards duel ends with Imori losing. In the manga, Imori's soul gets sucked into the soul-eating jar, to be eaten by twenty-five dragons. Yugi's soul comes out and is re-absorbed into his body unharmed. In the first series anime, Imori played Dragon Cards (remade as Dragon Block) at his house instead of at school, and only the dark part of Imori's soul was eaten.

His name is mentioned much later in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, as being one of Trueman's victims. This scene also reveals his first name to be Hajime.

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