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A character's characteristics and professions screen. Parenthetical values are bonuses.

Characteristics, often referred to as statistics or stats, are what defines your character's potential. These are normally boosted by level, equipment or characteristic scrolls. Some characteristics can be altered via the change your constitution quest.


Basic Characteristics

The six basic characteristics are Vitality, Wisdom, Strength, Intelligence, Chance and Agility. These can be increased permanently by distributing the characteristic points you gain at each new level (see soft caps), by using characteristic scrolls, and by eating certain special food. They can also be increased (and decreased) temporarily with equipment and, during battle, buffs.

Strength, Intelligence, Chance and Agility also have an elemental nature to them. For each point that these characteristics are increased, the character can do 1% more damage in the corresponding element.

How to calculate basics characteristics of a mob

Strength, Intelligence, Chance and Agility can easily be calculated by hitting an enemy protected by spell like truce or immunity :

  • intelligence = fire_reduction/3 - spell_reduction/3
  • X = X_reduction - spell_reduction - 2 x intelligence

4 elemental damage weapons like Gobball Royal Sword would give all the information in one strike.

Vitality (Vit)

  • Increases life by 1 (2 in the case of sacriers) per point.
For the Iop spell with the same name, see Vitality (spell).

Vitality is mostly appreciated because of its use in making fights last longer.

Equipment boosts in Vitality are different from boosts in Life. With Vitality, your maximum health will increase and remain at 100%. However, a boost in Life increases maximum health, but does not conserve the total amount.

Wisdom (Wis)

How to calculate wisdom of a monster

Spells which reflect damage are boosted by wisdom. You just have to cast them on a foe and hit them to have an estimation of their wisdom. The best spell to use is blinding protection, as the reflection isn't random.

  • min_wisdom = round_down (reflection_mesured /reflection_unmodified x 100 )- 100
  • max_wisdom = round_up ((reflection_mesured + 1) /reflection_unmodified x 100 )- 101

It is possible to have a more precise result using the % AP and MP loss resistance but one have to remember many foes have % AP or MP loss resistance bonus. So these values can only be used if they give lower results than the max value.

  • max_wisdom <= min (% AP loss resistance x 4 ; % MP loss resistance x 4 )

For example

Blinding protection level 5 (6 reflection) on a foe reflect 12 damages means wisdom is between 100 and 116.

  • min_wisdom = round_down (12 /6 x 100 )- 100 = 100. (99 wisdom means(100+99)/100 x 6 = 11,94 = 11 reflection )
  • max_wisdom = round_up(13 /6 x 100 )- 101 = 116. (117 wisdom means (100+117)/100 x 6 = 13,02 = 13 reflection)

If the monster has 55% AP loss resistance and 27% Mp loss resistance, then wisdom is lower or equal to min (55 x 4; 27 x 4) which mean lower or equal to 108.

In conclusion, it has between 100 and 108 wisdom.

Strength (Str)

Intelligence (Int)

Chance (Cha)

Agility (Agi)

Other characteristics

The other characteristics are listed below. These are not considered basic only because the points that a player gains at each level cannot be used to increase these characteristics.


Energy can be thought of as your character's life force. You lose energy when you are defeated by a monster or by another player in a non-challenge fight. If your energy reaches zero, you become a ghost.

The base value for everyone is 10,000. When defeated by a monster, you lose 10 energy per character level. When defeated by another player, you lose 10 energy per alignment level and 100 per alignment rank. (Neutral characters who are defeated by an aggressive player, will lose 100 energy.) When defeated in a fight against a Perceptor, you lose 3000 additional energy.

The quickest way to restore energy is by eating certain food items. Another way is by either logging off or switching to merchant mode while your character is in a tavern/inn or in a house. Characters regain 1 energy point per minute of disconnection anywhere, and 2 energy points per minute if they disconnected in taverns, class temples, or houses. Your character will recover energy even if you log back in and play an alternate character. When you log back in as the resting character, a notice in the chat window will tell you how much energy was gained.

Health points (HP/Life)

Health points keep your character alive in combat. If you reach 0 life (HP), your character is removed from the battle. If everyone on your side is defeated, your character may die; see death for details. If not, you will be restored to 1 HP when the battle ends (unless you received a level as a result of the battle).

Each player character starts with 50 HP and gets 5 extra HP per level. HP is affected by Vitality.

Life can be restored by using certain items, the Emote /sit, Emote /rest, and certain spells. Leveling up (either your character or profession) will restore your life to maximum.

Note: Life earned from equipment will let you increase your overall HP but you have to remember to heal when you use +life equipment, as your beginning HP (before the equip) is of course lower than the post-equip total.

Action points (AP)

Action Points are used to perform actions during combat. Each spell or attack requires a certain number of AP to attempt. If you don't have the AP, you can't attempt the action. The base value for every class is 6 AP. Equipping certain items can raise or lower this base value prior to combat. A player will seek to raise their base value in order to perform more actions during their turn, and will accept a decrease in their base value because they are getting a desired gain in another stat or stats. At the start of each turn the base value the character had when combat began is restored, then AP is added or subtracted due to the effects of any spells that have been cast on the character. Reaching level 100 permanently increases the base value to 7.


Movement points (MP)

Movement Points are used to move your character during combat. Moving your character one space on the grid requires one MP. The base value for every class is 3 MP. Equipping certain items can raise or lower this base value prior to combat. At the start of each turn the base value the character had when combat began is restored, then MP is added or subtracted due to the effects of any spells that have been cast on the character. Reaching level 100 has no effect on the base value of MP.

Initiative (Init)

Initiative determines who moves first in combat. The combatant with highest initiative goes first, then the highest initiative on the other team, then second highest on the first team, second highest on second team, etc. The base value is equal to your characteristic points in the elemental stats (Strength, Intelligence, Agility, Chance) and initiative/elemental stat bonuses from equipment.

How to calculate initiative

Initiative = (Strength + Intelligence + Agility + Chance + Initiative Bonus) * (HP remaining/Total HP)

Prospecting (PP)

Prospecting affects the character's chance of getting drops from monsters. For details, see the drops page. The base value is 120 for followers of Enutrof, 100 for other classes. Every 10 Chance points yields 1 prospecting point. Prospecting equipment is another way to boost your PP.

Pods (Carrying Capacity)

Note : In French, "poids" means weight.

This statistic determines the number of items you can carry. The base value is 1000. Each profession level of the character gives +5 pods, and each level 100 profession gives an additional +1000 pods. Strength also affects carrying capacity, at the rate of 5 pods per strength point.

A character with items weighing more than carrying capacity is typically called "overloaded". While overloaded, the character cannot move or perform normal actions. It is impossible to take items from a vault or chest that would make you overloaded. While gathering, any resources that would make the character overweight are lost, and no experience is gained from gathering, resulting in 0 items. You cannot become overweight by withdrawing items from the bank, or by making an exchange with another player. Exchanging is not permitted by the game if the items you receive will make you overweight, however you may give enough items in return so that you would not be overloaded. If you are overloaded already, the other player in the exchange cannot offer items in the exchange bar at all. When overloaded, f2p players cannot initiate an exchange, but p2p players can. All overloaded players can accept an exchange. All other ways of gaining inventory items have the possibility of making you overloaded, such as defeating a monster or purchasing a subscription pet that includes resources (such as Croum).


These are attributes that could be considered characteristics, but are usually treated separately.

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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

The following glossary lists the terms, acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms common throughout the EQ2i Wiki, EverQuest II, and MMORPG games in general, grouped by topic. Some of these terms also have more detailed information available and are linked.

See also Category:Terms.




Many frequently referred to Quest Rewards have standard abbreviations that everyone uses. This is especially true of Heritage Items. A few are listed here but this list is in no way exhaustive.


  • Mob - Mobile Object. This term comes from the pre-MMORPG world of MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons). It means any in-game object that can move and interact. In MMORPGs this usually translates as any NPC or Monster.
  • NPC - Non-Player Character. These are usually non-attackable characters in the game. Many offer quests.
  • Named - A special monster with a specific name as opposed to a general monster of which there are many. Named monsters usually have capitalized names as opposed to names in lowercase letters. Example: The Windstalker Rumbler as opposed to a tamed rumbler
  • PH - Place Holder. a PH is a common monster that, when killed, has a chance to respawn as an uncommon, rare or Named monster. Most PHs will be named slightly different than the non-PH mobs around it, making it easier to tell which is the PH.


  • DPS - Damage Per Second.
  • OOP - Out Of Power, sometimes also OOM (Out Of Mana). Emote is /oop
  • OTM - On the Move, as in, "I'm moving to the next room/area/mob."
  • Pop - short for re-populate, Pop is what a Mob does when it respawns.
  • PvP - Player vs. Player, refers to dueling, Arena and certain special PvP servers.
  • PvE - Player vs. Environment. This is the rule-set on almost all the EQ2 servers.


  • AE - Area Effect, means a spell that affects ALL monsters within the AoE, usually centered on the caster. AEs can be dangerous in certain situations, as the AoE can reach through walls, pulling mobs you cannot see and were not aware were there.
  • AoE - Area of Effect, unlike Radius of Effect, means the diameter of the area. How large an area is covered by the AE spell in question. A spell with a 15m Radius of Effect would have a 30m Area of Effect.
  • PBAoE - Point Blank Area of Effect. An AoE centered on the caster.
  • Buff - Strengthening one's abilities, or an ability that does so.
  • Call - using Call of Qeynos, Call of the Overlord or Call of Kelethin. "I'm gonna call out. cya"
  • COQ, COO or COK - Call of Qeynos, Call of the Overlord or Call of Kelethin. A spell that teleports the player to their home city.
    • Other similar spells or charm effects exists, such as Call of Ro and a glowing azure shard, which allow transport to other locations. All Call spells have a 1 hour reuse timer.
  • COTH - Call of the Hero. A level 52 Conjuror spell that will teleport any group member to the Conjuror. Use consumes a softly glowing pearl, which costs 1g 20s.
  • Daze - Preventing auto (normal) attacks, or an ability that does so.
  • DD - Direct Damage, as opposed to a DOT.
  • Debuff - Reducing one's abilities, or an ability that does so.
  • DOT - Damage Over Time
  • HO - Heroic Opportunities
  • HOT - Healing Over Time
  • Interrupt - Stopping a spell or combat art while it is being cast, or an ability that does so.
  • Mezz, Mess or Mez - Mesmerizing the target. Stops target from attacking, moving or using any abilities for a period of time. Mesmerize will break when the monster takes any damage.
  • LOS - Line of Sight
  • OOP - Out of Power. There is also an emote for this: /oop
  • Portal or Port - A line of Druid spells that allows the Warden or Fury to summon a portal that any friend can click on to travel to one of a list of available Druid Rings. To use, you must have traveled to that ring previously and harvested a Blessing of Tunare. Port can also refer to the level 14 Cleric ability Odyssey, which teleports any friend to their home city (3minute reuse).
  • Root - Preventing moving (traveling), or an ability that does so.
  • Snare - Slowing movement (traveling) speed, or an ability that does so.
  • Stifle - Preventing casting spells or using combat arts, or an ability that does so.
  • Stun - Preventing all action, or an ability that does so.
  • Translocate or TL - A line of Sorcerer spells that allows the Wizard or Warlock to send a single target or transport their entire group to a list of available Wizard Spires. Use consumes a planar symbol, which costs 30 silver. Reuse timer is only 60 seconds.
  • TP - Teleport. To use a stepping disk or similar device to travel to an attuned, matching disk at another place within the same zone. These are usually shortcuts and require that you travel normally to one or both of the disks first. Some allow travel both ways, some only one-way.


We will keep this section brief and hit only the MOST used acronyms...

  • AFAIK - As Far As I Know
  • AFK - Away From Keyboard
  • Bio - I need to go AFK to go to the bathroom
  • BRB - Be Right Back
  • FTW - For The Win
  • IANAL - I Am Not A Lawyer
  • IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
  • IMO - In My Opinion
    • IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
    • IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion
  • LOL - Laughing Out Loud
  • OOC - Out Of Character
  • ROFL - Rolling On Floor Laughing
    • ROTFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
    • FOOMCROTFLMAO - Falling Out Of My Chair Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
  • TS - TeamSpeak. A program that supports multi-user voice chat.
  • Vent - Ventrilo. Another voice chat program


  • Avatar - You, as you appear in the game world. (also can mean the post EoF deity mobs)
  • Bump - Any reply to a conversation on a message forum that places a thread at the top of the active threads list (often rescuing it from obscurity). Often, this reply mistakenly consists merely of the word "bump" with no other comment text.
  • Camping, Farming - Killing a specific area of its monster spawns, or a specific monster/encounter or type of monster/encounter, over and over for its particular rewards, or in hopes of getting one particular reward that is rare.
  • Devs - abbreviation for Developers, and refers to the folks that design the game content.
  • Emote - A command that causes your avatar to perform an animation, sometimes with sound, and display a special message in the chat window. In-game, press O to see a window listing all the available emotes.
  • HP - Health Pool or Hit Points.
  • LD - Link Dead. It means, for whatever reason, the server lost communication with the player's computer and has removed them from the game world.
  • MMORPG - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
  • MUD - Multi-User Dungeon. What we used to do before EverQuest.
  • NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • RP - Role Playing. An RPer would be a Role Player. Someone who likes to stay "in character"
  • RPG - Role Playing Game
  • RSR - Rent Status Reduction. Some house items have the effect of reducing the amount of Status Points you must pay every 7 days to rent special housing.
  • TOS - Terms of Service
  • UI - abbreviation for User Interface, the "look and feel" of the screen layout


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From The Vault

Stub (Fallout)
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Hit points
Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics
modifies: HP healed per day, effect of healing on player
modified by: Strength, Endurance
initial level: 15 + Strength + Endurance x 2
related perks: Lifegiver
related traits: Fear the Reaper (Fallout Tactics)
Fallout 3
modifies: Health
modified by: Endurance, Level
initial level: 100 + Endurance x 20
related perks: Lifegiver
J.E. Sawyer's Fallout RPG
modifies: HP healed per day, effect of healing on player
modified by: Endurance, Strength
initial level: 30 + EN + ST (first level)
EN + 6 (subsequent levels)
related perks:  ?
Van Buren
modifies: HP healed per day, effect of healing on player
modified by: Endurance, Strength
related perks:  ?
related traits:  ?

Hit Points (or HP) are a game mechanic used to measure the health of a character. During combat, wounded characters lose HP. When a character gains a new level, additional HP is awarded. Should a character be reduced to 0 HP, the character dies. Needless to say, HP is an important character statistic to be monitored during play. HP can be restored using various medical items/food items such as Stimpaks and Wasteland Omelets. HP can also be restored by sleeping or paying a doctor (both these methods heal crippled limbs).


Fallout, Fallout 2

Initial level: Starting maximum HP is 15 + ST + (2 * EN).

The Maximum HP increase per level is (EN / 2) + 2.

Fallout 3

In Fallout 3, a character's HP is 90 + (Endurance x 20) + (level x 10). With this formula, HP gain from endurance is entirely retroactive, and so endurance can be boosted early or later on with the same effect. This means that the highest HP possible is 535 with 10 Endurance and both the Lifegiver perk and the version of Survival Guru perk that increases HP (635 with the Broken Steel DLC).

  • The Life Giver perk can add an additional 30 HP.
  • One of the Survival Guru perks can add up to an additional 15 HP.
  • The sound of a heart beat can be heard when the player is on low health, the sound gets louder (and faster) the lower health the player is on.
    • However, there have been some occasions in which the player's health is so low that their heartbeat actually stops!

Fallout Tactics

Initial level: Starting maximum HP is 15 + ST + (2 * EN).

Maximum HP increase per level is (EN / 2) + 3.

  • The Lifegiver perk gives you an additional 4 maximum HP per rank every time you gain a level.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

To be written
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  • The Die Hard skill gives you an additional +20 maximum HP (up to a maximum +200) per rank.
  • The Rad Child skill gives you the possibility to regenerate you when each radioactive damage.
  • The Sadist skill gives you the possibility to regenerate +2 HP for Cain and +5 HP for female character (up to regenerate a maximum +25 HP for female character and +10 HP for Cain) per rank when every kill enemy.
Derived statistics

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

HP, which can stand for Health Points or Hit Points, is an important stat in every game of the Final Fantasy series. Every playable character, monster, and Summons in some games have a set HP. Once all HP is depleted, the character or monster is KOed and must be revived somehow, like a Phoenix Down. Revived characters always are given some HP back. Only characters in the Zombie status can have 0 HP. They are immune to most attacks, and must be healed with Holy Water. Most offensive attacks target HP.

There are many abilities that restore HP, but it is mostly typically healed by the spell Cure or the item Potion, or a stronger version of either one. The spell Regen slowly restores HP. The spell Poison slowly depletes HP. Drain sucks away HP from the target and gives it to the caster. Death, if successful, instantly removes all HP. Undead monsters have reverse effects upon their HP, and are immune to or are healed by Death.

In Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics, Armor increases HP. The HP Boost ability of Final Fantasy Tactics increases HP. The HP Plus Independent Materia from Final Fantasy VII performs a similar function.

This article uses material from the "HP" article on the Final Fantasy wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link referred you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

The abbreviation HP can refer to the following skills:

It can also refer to:

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape



Hitpoints (also known as HP or health) is a skill representing the amount of damage a player or monster can withstand until he/she dies. This is known as death, which happens when their hitpoints reaches zero.

The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at rank 2,000,000) on the hiscores for Hitpoints is level 62.

Players begin with a hitpoints level of 10, with 1,154 experience.

The number of hitpoints a monster has varies between 1 and 2,000. The Corporeal beast, the highest level monster in RuneScape, tops this list, followed by Nomad, Turkey (2009 Thanksgiving event), Decaying Avatar, Living rock patriarch, Tormented Demon, Living rock striker, Kree'arra, Commander Zilyana, General Graardor, K'ril Tsutsaroth, and the Kalphite Queen (although the Kalphite Queen has two forms, each of which has 255 hitpoints, effectively giving her 510 total hitpoints).

The highest amount of hitpoints of a monster in a minigame is 1,000, the avatars of Soul Wars. TzTok-Jad is second at 250 hitpoints.

The highest amount of hitpoints for a familiar is the Steel Titan with 750 hitpoints.

The title of monster with the least amount of hitpoints is a tie among the Carnivorous chinchompa, the Chinchompa, evil creatures, and Miscellanian citizens and guards, all with 1 health each. This effectively means that any successful attack will kill them in one hit.


File:Bar.png The current Hitpoints bar.
File:Hit.png The Hitpoints splat for a hit.
File:Hit 0.png The Hitpoints splat for a miss/block.
File:Poison_Hit(new1).png The Hitpoints splat for poison.
Hitpoints bars appear above players' and attackable NPCs' heads when in combat.
99 Hit
Some players coming to RuneScape 2 from RuneScape Classic had only 9 hitpoints instead of 10.

While fighting, both the opponent and the player will have a bar on top of them. This bar represents their HP.

There are two colours on the bar: green and red. The green part of the bar is on the left, and represents how much HP the player has remaining. The red part of the bar appears on the right, and represents how much damage has been taken away from their maximum HP. This allows easy estimation of how much health the player has left compared with how much they have lost.

Current HP can be seen in the circle just beneath the compass, and is labeled by a heart.

If a player has only 5 HP left, assuming that they have 30+ maximum HP, then the bar on top of them would be mostly red, meaning they are near death. However, due to an update (most likely a hidden update of an unknown date), the health bar above your head will no longer change shades. This may be due to complaints on the forums.

Now, players can just look over to the top-right of their RuneScape screen and check how many hitpoints they currently have remaining and can be alerted when their hitpoints drop to 25% or lower; during then, the Heart Icon will start to pulse. And due to a recent hidden update, players are now further warned that their hitpoints are getting low (25% of total HP) through the addition of a beating heart sound effect which accompanies the pulsing animation until health is restored above 25%. (Note that this is a very common device in video games, almost always used to show that the player is near death or that another similarly dramatic event is occurring.)

Poison (Members only)

Main article: Poison

A player may become poisoned during a fight. This effect will continue to reduce hitpoints periodically, even after the fight is over, though the body's natural defences will gradually neutralize the poison.

For instance, if a player is hit by another player wielding a poisoned dagger, they would be hit for 4 damage every minute (four times), then 3 damage every minute (four times), then 2 damage every minute (four times), then 1 damage every minute (four times), then the poison would be gone.

Players can cure the poison early with an anti-poison potion that members can make with the Herblore skill.

Please note that if you are poisoned in a Member's server, but then switch to a Free server you will remain poisoned with no way to cure it until you switch back to a Member's server.

Also note that damage caused by poison gives no experience to any skill.


A player dying and their Gravestone appearing
Main article: Death

If a player is in Pest Control, in a player-owned house, duelling another player at the Duel Arena, or playing any other safe minigame, they will not lose any items on death, and will respawn in a designated location with all items retained.

A ring of life can also teleport the player safely back to the chosen respawn point automatically upon reaching 10% or below their maximum HP. There are three exceptions, either the player was hit for more than 10%, they are beyond level 30 in the deep wilderness or they are in a safe mini-game with no danger of losing one's items. A ring of life can only be used one time before disintegrating.

In addition, if a player has used the Abyss for runecrafting, they are given a skull that appears over their head. If a player dies of any circumstances while being "skulled" they lose ALL of their items carried at the time, rather than the usual keeping three. However, if a skulled player dies while the "Protect Item" Prayer is on, they keep ONE item (one more than the usual, which is zero if the player is skulled). If a player does not enter the Abyss within twenty minutes of receiving the skull, the skull vanishes.


When a player dies, they will respawn, meaning they will live again. The player will keep 3 of his/her items (if not skulled).

Earning experience

To earn experience in hitpoints, a player has to fight or do a quest that rewards hitpoints experience. Alternatively, one could use an item that gives a specific amount of experience. (ex: genie lamp)

When fighting, whether it be by melee, ranging, or magic, as long as they deal damage, a player will always earn hitpoints experience. There is a formula which is used to determine how much hitpoints xp a player will receive. The sole exception is by using a Dwarf Multicannon, which gives half the range experience and no hitpoints experience.

When a player deals damage to an opponent, they receive some hitpoints experience. If a player hits the opponent, whatever damage they deal is multiplied by 1.33 and given to the player's hitpoints. This is one of the slowest skills to gain levels on, with experience being earned at one third the rate of Attack, Ranged, Strength or Defence.

The quickest way to earn hitpoints experience is the Soul Wars Minigame. Amazingly, a player named
The messege a player receives after obtaining 99 Hitpoints
 Heart Emote has achieved 99 hitpoints at a low combat of 25, thus being the lowest level possible with a Hitpoints cape.

Recovering HP

A player casting the Heal Group spell.

A player can heal to restore their HP back to its maximum. There are a number of ways to do this:

  • Let it recharge on its own. A player will naturally heal one hitpoint about every minute. However, this is very slow, although the prayer 'Rapid Heal' doubles hitpoint recovery rate to one every 30 seconds. This is not recommended unless you have no food, are next to an altar, or don't want to get killed by whatever monster, PKer or NPC happens to be there. Also, a lunar spell, Dream, will make hitpoints recover five times as fast as normal. Additionally, a Regen bracelet will double recovery.
  • Eat lots of food. Players can eat food to heal their hitpoints, the best foods are more expensive but providing more healing per item. This is the most common way players heal themselves. Members have a much wider variety of foods to eat which can heal many more hitpoints at one time.
Food Heals HP GE price Consumption bites
Monkfish 16 455 One
Curry 19 1,239 One
Shark 20 1,539 One
Wild pie 22 2,874 Two
Summer pie 22 1,452 Two
Pineapple pizza 22 1,858 Two
Tuna potato 22 2,094 One
Manta Ray 22 3,101 One
Rocktail 23 2,485 One
Basket of strawberries up to 30 259 Five
  • Players can sit down, giving 2x the normal rate of recharging, or players can listen to a Musician, which gives 3x the rate. (The game mechanics treat this as a separate heal clock: i.e. the player heals one point every 60 seconds normally plus one additional point for every 60 seconds seated - or two per minute while seated if listening to a musician. Note that when sitting down and using 'Rapid Heal,' the prayer will affect only the normal-heal clock, not the seated-heal clock: thus the player will recover 1 point every 30 seconds while under 'Rapid Heal' plus one additional point for every 60 seconds seated, resulting in a 3 points per minute recovery rate.)
  • The monks at the Monastery and Entrana will heal players if they ask them. They heal 20% of the player's hitpoints level.
  • The nurses Sabreen and A'abla and Surgeon Tafani at the infirmary north of Al-Kharid Duel Arena will heal players if asked.
  • Two lunar spells can be cast to heal a player or a group of players: Heal Other, level 92 magic needed, and Heal Group, level 95 magic needed.
  • Die. When a player dies, they respawn at full health and full energy. This is not recommended unless the player has banked all items and wants to go to an area near their respawn point.
  • A player can use a bracelet of regeneration which doubles hit point recovery rate. When used in conjunction with the prayer rapid heal, it quadruples to two hitpoints every thirty seconds.
  • The two Summoning familiars, the Void spinner and the Bunyip, will heal a player over time, for 1 hitpoint per 15 seconds and 2 hitpoints per 15 seconds, respectively. The Unicorn stallion will heal 15% of the player's hitpoints by using its special move, Healing Aura.
Familiar Summoning level required Heal rate
Void Spinner 34 1 hitpoint every 15 seconds
Bunyip 68 2 hitpoints every 15 seconds
Unicorn Stallion 88 15% of Summoner's hitpoints (special attack)

Temporary boosts

A player wearing a Hitpoints cape (t) and performing the Skillcape emote.
  • Saradomin brew - Made using the herblore skill. Drinking this brew raises defence by 20% and hitpoints by 15%+2 even above maximum, though all other combat skills decrease by 10% excluding defence.
  • Titan's Constitution - The respective scroll of the Fire titan, Moss titan and Ice titan which will raise a player's max HP by 8 and defence by 13% temporarily.
  • Elidinis Statuette - this altar in Nardah will heal you and raise your total HP by 8, and will also refill your prayer. Players need to have completed Spirits of the Elid.
  • Skill Cape of Hitpoints - Owners of a Hitpoint Cape can boost their hitpoints by 1 every minute, by operating the cape or re-equipping it. The cape is one of the Capes of Achievement, and can be bought and equipped by players with 99 hitpoints only.
  • Guthix rest - Guthix rest, if drunk when at full hitpoints, will boost your maximum hitpoints by 5.
  • Oo'glog - by resting in the Thermal bath your HP will be raised dramatically, by 20% over your maximum Hitpoints level.
  • Temple Trekking / Burgh de Rott - One particular event in the treks Abidor Crank, temporarily increases your max HP according to its max level / current stance, as well as increasing defence in the same way, and turning all rotten food in your inventory into Curry or Stew.
  • Rocktail - Can heal up to 10 over the player's maximum hp when eaten.


  • After a hidden update from Jagex on December 2008, falling to 1/4 of maximum HP or lower will result in a heart-beat-like sound.
  • When RuneScape 2 (as it was then known) was released, the experience required for level 10 in any skill was slightly raised. This meant that characters with no extra Hitpoints experience had a Hitpoints level of 9. However, the combat level of those players is still 3.
The old HP bar.
  • A player concentrating on just 1 melee skill (attack, strength or defence), you have to inflict 3,258,608 hitpoint of damage to get from level 1 to 99. This would also result in level 87 hitpoints. For level 99 in all melee skills, a player needs to inflict 9,775,823 hitpoints of damage.
  • On the 27th of May 2009, the Hitpoints bar and damage splats were graphically updated.Before this update, the hitpoints bar was simply a bar that had only green and red colour.After this update, an outline was added and the colours had more detail, plus NPCs with many hitpoints, such as Nomad with 1,000 hitpoints, will have a much longer bar to show how many hitpoints have been lost to much more accuracy.
  • If you get poisoned on a members' world, you will stay poisoned if you log onto a free-to-play world. The same applies if you are diseased.
  • As of the 20th of October 2009, the hitpoints bar will no longer become completely red unless the monster or player has zero hitpoints.

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Each character has a limited amount of Hit Points and when their Hit Points drop to zero, due to damage through weapon attacks, poison or other harmful effects, will die and return to the temple in their hometown. HP is the common abbreviation for Hit Points. Each character begins with 150 hitpoints when they first arrive on Tutorial Island.

The amount of hitpoints you lose is affected by the amount of armor you are wearing. If the stats on the armor are high and you are wearing a full set, you will not lose as much damage as if you were just wearing a weak helmet. Different monsters do different amounts of damage to your HP. Rats can do around 10 damage while demons can do over 750 at a time. If your hitpoints are low you shouldn't go fighting, heal yourself or eat something to restore your health instead.


Types of healing items

  • Eating food: This will regenerate your HP slowly. The more your hp goes up depends on the type of the food you eat. E.g. Dragon ham will regenerate hitpoints for a longer time than a carrot will. If you have promoted your character (to royal paladin, elite knight, elder druid or master sorcerer), your hitpoints will regenerate slightly faster. Different vocations regenerate their HP in different times. A knight gets it fastest while a mage or non vocation character (characters on Rookgaard) will regenerate slowest.
  • Sleeping: If you are premium you can eat food and use a bed in a house or guild hall to gain hp when you are logged out.
  • Small Health Potion: Before Update 8.2 widely used only on Rookgaard. These can be useful for very low levels, healing around 60 hp. They can be bought in a mountain east of Rookgaard village, or in most magic shops around the mainland. The good thing with these are that no specific magic level is needed.
  • Intense Healing Rune (IH): These are useful until you are around level 15. These runes can only be made by druids who have learnt the intense healing rune spell, Adura gran. This rune is also useful to heal summoned/convinced monsters at low cost if you are sorcerer or paladin.
  • Ultimate Healing Rune (UH): Before Update 8.1, this was the most common and the best type of healing. It was the most widely used and sold rune in Tibia, mostly used by knights. Nowadays, it heals barely as much as a health potion. These runes can only be made by druids who have learnt the ultimate healing rune spell, Adura vita.
  • Health Potion: Introduced in Update 8.1. Costs 45 gp, heals around 150-200 hp.
  • Strong Health Potion (SHP): Introduced in Update 8.1. Can only be used by knights and paladins above level 50. Costs 100 gp, heals around 300 hp. (It used to heal 400 - 500 HP at a cost of 110 gp in the beginning.)
  • Great Health Potion (GHP): Introduced in Update 8.1. Can only be used by knights above level 80. Costs 250 gp, heals around 500 - 600 hp.
  • Ultimate Health Potion (UHP):New potion introduced in the Update 8.11. Can only be used by knights above level 130. Cost 310 gp. Heals about 750 hp.
  • Life Ring/Ring of Healing: These will continuously recover your health (and mana) over time, during 20 minutes to Life Rings, and 8 minutes to Rings of Healing. Though, Ring of Healing will heal you at a faster rate.
  • Soft Boots: These will continuously recover your health (and mana) over time for 240 minutes until they have to be repaired.
  • Priest NPCs: Some NPCs (usually found in Temples) can heal players up to a small amount of hitpoints if they are severely injured.

Instant Healing Spells

  • Light Healing (exura) 20 mana lv 9: Very weak healing spell, used by knights to train magic level. Useful for slow healing at a very low cost of mana but not useful if you need to heal fast.
  • Intense Healing spell (exura gran) 70 mana lv 11: Modereate healing spell, used by paladins around lvl 11-15 and sorcerers/druids to heal themselves, useful in tight spots but not an amazing spell.
  • Ultimate Healing spell (exura vita) 160 mana lv 20: This spell is available to all vocations except Knights. Useful spells that heal around 2 times more than exura gran. This is a must buy spell.
  • Divine Healing (Exura San) 210 mana: This spell is available to premiun paladins only. It heals more than exura vita but it cost more mana to use. Very useful for fast healing.
  • Wound Cleansing (Exana Mort) 65 mana lv 30: This spell is available to premiun knights only. It heals faster than exura but has a higer cost of mana.
  • Heal Friend (exura sio "name") mana 140 lv 18: This spell is available to premiun druids only. Heals between Intense Healing and Ultimate Healing. Apart from healing other people, you can also heal yourself (by simple saying 'exura sio "your own name') It will heal you entirely, provided that your magic level isn't too low.
  • Mass Healing (exura gran mas res) mana 150 lv 36: This spell is available to premiun druids only. Heals the spell caster and a big area around him. Good for parties on non-pvp servers.

Hitpoint gain per level


To calculate the maximum number of hitpoints a player has at a certain level, see the Formula page.

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In Dungeon Dice Monsters, HP, or Hit Points, are used to keep track of how much damage a monster has taken. A monster may only remain on the field if it has HP, and once its HP is reduced to 0 it is destroyed and removed from the field. Unlike Duel Monsters, a monster need not have more ATK than the defending monster's HP. HP damage is tracked with damage counters, which represent 10 HP each. As a monster accumulates Damage Counters, it loses HP. HP can only be restored by monster effects and special items.

HP can be reduced by monster attack, effects from monsters, or certain items. A monster may defend its HP by using Defense Crests, which reduce the damage taken by the monster's DEF. A monster may defend as many times as it is attacked, but can only use one defense crest at a time to reduce damage. In other words, a monster with 30 HP and 10 DEF can only defend against 10 ATK. If a monster attacks it with 30 ATK, it will only be reduced to 20, and the defending player cannot simply use 3 defense crests to reduce the damage to 0 (excepting any special effects).

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City of Heroes

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Each Archetype has a base number of Hit Points that can be increased through Accolade Powers, Invention Set Bonuses, and powers such as Dull Pain and Frostwork. However, the number of Hit Points cannot be increased past a cap, which is again set by Archetype.

The following table lists the Base and Maximum Hit Points for every archetype at level 50:

Archetype Base HP Max HP
Blaster 1204.8 1606.4
Controller 1017.4 1606.4
Defender 1017.4 1606.4
Scrapper 1338.6 2409.5
Tanker 1874.1 3212.7
Peacebringer 1070.9 2409.5
Warshade 1070.9 2409.5
Archetype Base HP Max HP
Corruptor 1070.9 1606.4
Dominator 1017.4 1606.4
Mastermind 803.2 1606.4
Brute 1499.3 3212.7
Stalker 1204.8 1606.4
Arachnos Soldier 1070.9 2409.5
Arachnos Widow 1070.9 2409.5

How to Calculate

In order to calculate how many Hit Points an Archetype will have at a specific level, first locate the Level Modifier and Base HP numbers in the following table:

Level Level Modifier Level HP
1 0.2 100.0000
2 0.21 110.5000
3 0.23 121.7997
4 0.25 133.9275
5 0.27 146.9091
6 0.3 160.7676
7 0.35 175.5225
8 0.4 191.1898
9 0.45 207.7812
10 0.5 225.3041
11 0.55 243.7607
12 0.6 263.1478
13 0.65 283.4566
14 0.7 304.6722
15 0.75 326.7734
16 0.8 349.7323
17 0.85 373.5140
18 0.9 398.0770
19 0.95 423.3724
20 1 449.3441
21 1 475.9290
22 1 503.0570
23 1 530.6509
24 1 558.6270
25 1 586.8953
Level Level Modifier Level HP
26 1 615.3598
27 1 643.9188
28 1 672.4658
29 1 700.8901
30 1 729.0768
31 1 756.9086
32 1 784.2654
33 1 811.0261
34 1 837.0691
35 1 862.2729
36 1 886.5175
37 1 909.6852
38 1 931.6613
39 1 952.3353
40 1 971.6017
41 1 989.3612
42 1 1005.5210
43 1 1019.9950
44 1 1032.7080
45 1 1043.5910
46 1 1052.5850
47 1 1059.6440
48 1 1064.7290
49 1 1067.8130
50 1 1070.8970

Next, locate the Archetype Modifier in the following table:

Archetype Base HP Max HP
Blaster 1.125 1
Controller 0.95 1
Defender 0.95 1
Scrapper 1.25 1.5
Tanker 1.75 2
Peacebringer 1 1.5
Warshade 1 1.5
Archetype Base HP Max HP
Corruptor 1 1
Dominator 0.95 1
Mastermind 0.75 1
Brute 1.4 2
Stalker 1.125 1
Arachnos Soldier 1 1.5
Arachnos Widow 1 1.5

Base HP

( ( (Base HP Archetype Modifier - 1) * Level Modifier) + 1) * Level HP

Example: The Base HP for a Level 16 Mastermind is: (((0.75-1)*0.8)+1)*349.7323.

Solving from left to right:
  • First you would solve 0.75-1, leaving you with ((-0.25*0.8)+1)*349.7323.
  • Second you would solve -0.25*0.8, leaving you with (-0.2+1)*349.7323.
  • Third, you would solve -0.2+1, leaving you with 0.8*349.7323.
  • Finally, you would solve 0.95*349.7323.
The answer is 279.78584, capped to one decimal.
Note that at level 20 and beyond, Base HP simplifies further to:
  • Base HP Archetype Modifier * Level HP

Maximum HP

( ( (Max HP Archetype Modifier - 1) * Level Modifier) + 1) * 1.5 * Level HP

Example: The Maximum HP for a Level 10 Tanker is: (((2-1)*0.5)+1)*1.5*225.3041.

Solving from left to right:
  • First you would solve 2-1, leaving you with ((1*0.5)+1)*1.5*225.3041.
  • Second you would solve 1*1, leaving you with (0.5+1)*1.5*225.3041.
  • Third, you would solve 1+1, leaving you with 1.5*1.5*225.3041.
  • Fourth, you would solve 2*1.5, leaving you with 2.25*225.3041.
  • Finally, you would solve 2.25*225.3041.
The answer is 506.934225, capped to one decimal.
Note that at level 20 and beyond, the equation simplifies further to:
  • Max HP Archetype Modifier * 1.5 * Level HP

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Power Data Standardization v2.0 (Issue 7) by iakona.

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