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Chocobo Green varieties

Gysahl Greens (ギサールの野菜 Gisaru no Yasai), also known as Carrots, are a recurring item in the Final Fantasy series. They usually have some connection with Chocobos.




Final Fantasy III

Gysahl Greens make their first appearance. Bought in the town of Gysahl, where they get their name, they can be used to summon the Fat Chocobo who will store the player's items.

Final Fantasy IV

Gysahl Greens as seen in Final Fantasy IV.

Gysahl Greens, originally called Carrots in the SNES version and Gysahl in the PlayStation, allow the player to summon Fat Chocobo on spots smelling like Chocobo.

The Gysahl Whistle, also known as Whistle, is a item in Final Fantasy IV. Acting much like the Gysahl Greens, it is an item that calls Fat Chocobo, and can be used at any location. When called, Fat Chocobo can store items for Cecil's party. For 20,000 gil, the item can be purchased on the moon from the Hummingway Home, and in the Lunar Ruins dungeon.

Final Fantasy VII

Gysahl Greens in Final Fantasy VII.

Gysahl Greens are a buyable green. The famous Gizzard Green is really a Gysahl Green.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Gysahl Greens are used in Materia Fusion. They are used for Luck +1 up to a maximum of +100. They are dropped by Kactaars and Kactuares and can be stolen from Kactaars.

Final Fantasy VIII

Gysahl Greens can be used to summon the Guardian Force, Boko, during battle. They can be bought from Chocoboy at any Chocobo Forest for 600 gil apiece. Once all Chocobo Forest are complete, the Gysahl Greens can be bought from the Chicobo at the Chocobo Sanctuary, for the same price, by simply talking to it.

Final Fantasy IX

Gysahl Greens allows the player to call Choco when used near Chocobo tracks. It can also be used to cure Berserk during battle.

Final Fantasy X-2

Gysahl Greens are used to capture Chocobos for Clasko.

Final Fantasy XI

Gysahl Greens are primarily used to have your chocobo dig up items while riding. For this reason, it is sold by vendors at Chocobo Stables. Like other greens, it can also be used as feed while raising chocobos.

Final Fantasy XII

Gysahl Greens are loot that can be found in certain places, and even dropped by Chocobos. Using these on yellow Chocobos in certain locations will let you ride them for 3 minutes

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Gysahl Greens are one of the Mission items, described as "vegetable well-known as a chocobo's favorite food."

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