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Planet of origin


Height of average adult

Approx. 2 meters



Gutkurrs were fierce creatures native to Ryloth.



A gutkurr and droid handler
"These suckers won't give up!"
Waxer, seeing the gutkurrs' mindless determination

Gutkurrs had had both reptilian and insectoid characteristics. Their two-legged gait was very similar to that of a reptilian species, whereas their hard-shelled, spined carapace and sharp-mandible heads appeared very insect-like. They were approximately two meters high, and their tough hide and carapace were able to withstand several blaster shots. They were also carnivorous as evidenced by their attack and subsequent gnawing of fallen clone troopers. They were very aggressive and displayed no intelligence since one example, while attacking Waxer, Boil, and Numa, banged its head repeatedly against the door to Numa's house, seeming oblivious to the fact it was getting nowhere. They make a noise that sounds between a roar and a hiss.


"Gutkurr! Gutkurr!"
Numa, upon seeing a pair of gutkurrs
A gutkurr attacks a clone trooper.

Gutkurrs were used by the Separatist tactical droid TX-20 in the Battle of Ryloth during the Clone Wars. During the battle, gutkurrs were used to attack clone troopers as the entered the village of Nabat. They proved to be very lethal, killing at least half a dozen republic troops. This was because had not been fed in a while. TX-20 did not feed them to make them more lethal when fighting clones. They were defeated when Obi-Wan Kenobi lured them into an alley with the force, which the Clone troopers sealed off with Blaster fire. Two broke off from the main group and attacked Waxer, Boil and Numa. The threesome managed to escape through a tunnel. Eventually, all the creatures were killed or neutralized.

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Behind the scenes

In Curfew, Numa refers to a young gutkurr as a "gutkurr chick", indicating avian descent, although it is unknown if it was a text error or if it indicates something about the creature.


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