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Guthix raptor
File:Guthix_chick.gifFile:Guthix bird inv.pngFile:Guthix_raptor.gif
Release date Unknown edit
Race Bird
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? No
Location Bird nests
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? 70 Summoning
Quest requirement? Wolf Whistle
Gender Male or Female.
Examine A fluffy chick (Chick)/Lovely Green plumage (Bird)/An impressive guthix raptor (Raptor).
Notable features Comes from a green egg.
A Bird's nest with a green Bird's egg in it.

The Guthix raptor is a pet a player may obtain by incubating a green bird's egg in a pet shop incubator, which requires level 70 Summoning.

As with the Saradomin owl and Zamorak hawk, the Guthix raptor has three stages of growth: Chick to Bird to Adult. All three of the 'god birds' eat fishing bait. As a chick, they all eat ground fishing bait. The guthix raptor is potentially less useful than the other two God birds, as it cannot be used as protection in the God Wars Dungeon, unlike the Saradomin owl and Zamorak hawk, which offer protection from the minions of their respective Gods.

Warning: Although the Guthix chick may only be hatched if any other fully grown God birds are placed in a Menagerie in a Player-owned house, it is possible to place an egg in an incubator if there is another egg incubating at the same time in the other incubator (Taverley and Yanille). However, if you remove one of the chicks, then the other one will disappear when you try to take it out of the second incubator. Until this problem has been fixed, it is strongly advised that you make sure to allow any god birds to develop fully and store them in your menagerie before incubating another.



  • For a short time after Summoning's release, unlike other pets, players were able to communicate with the Guthix raptor as soon as they were able to raise one rather than waiting until they gained 10 more Summoning levels. This is a confirmed bug that has since been fixed.
  • If a player talks to any of the 3 god birds and then light a fire, they will wander around freely and not follow the player, but the player can feed them and pick them up.
  • With the release of the menagerie on 18 August 2009, it is possible to have all three god birds at the same time. It used to be impossible to raise more than one god bird at a time; before this update, using another coloured egg with the incubator whilst having a Guthix raptor results in a message: "You already have that kind of that pet, you cannot have another."
  • The examine info may be an allusion to the Monty Python "Dead Parrot" sketch, where the shopkeeper says that the bird has "lovely plumage."
  • The chick's dialogue "Are you my mummy/daddy?" is a reference to the theory that egg baby animals bind themselves to the first thing they see when they hatch, regardless of wether this is an actual parent of theirs, or even the same species.
  • The bird's dialogue: "Today it's going to be a wonderful day!" could be a reference to the title song of American Dad.
  • At level 80 Summoning you can understand the Guthix Raptor.


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