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This article is about the god. For other uses, see Guthix (disambiguation).
The Guthix Symbol
The last known form of Guthix.
Guthix as he appears in the past.

Guthix (pronounced "Guh-thicks"[1]) is the god of tranquillity, nature and balance. Guthix desires only one thing: total equality and the eternal preservation of the natural order of all existence. Guthix is referred to as a "he" by Bandos (who also describes Guthix as evil), Saradomin, and numerous others, whether they be his friends or enemies. This is simply for convenience, however; Guthix is genderless. He is neither good nor evil, and uses both (or perhaps neither) to reach equilibrium with all the gods.

After shaping what is now Gielinor to his liking, as other races had already inhabited this land, such as the Dragonkin, Guthix went into a deep sleep after hiding the mythical Stone of Jas, at some time also creating the plane of the eternally wintry Land of Snow, which can be accessed through portals from other worlds, one of which is Gielinor. Guthix has power over even the Grim Reaper, who can control the very forces of life and death itself through Gielinor and adjacent dimensions, such as Zanaris, is capable of opening permanent inter-dimensional gateways between two separate planes of existence for entire races to travel through, and his tears were able to resurrect a slain cave goblin once. When he awoke, Saradomin and Zamorak were causing utter destruction of the lands Guthix formed in their God Wars, with at least twenty other deities having entered the Gielinorian plane while he slumbered. To stop the wars, Guthix forbade the other gods from interfering in the world of RuneScape (as "Gielinor" was replaced by RuneScape as a name) except through their followers, through the powerfully binding Edicts of Guthix, and that all wars must only be fought in the God Realm. According to Saradomin in his God Letters, none of the Gielinorian deities knew of Guthix's existence prior to his banishing them. Guthix, feeling great sorrow for the world he had shaped and loved so, descended to again slumber, but paused to survey Gielinor's ravaged state, and wept. Upon realising his tears had imbued the stone nearby with magical properties, he assigned Juna to guard them and to judge who would be worthy to pass.

Guthix appears mostly as a floating, hairy skull, as portrayed in the Postbag. However, Guthix is a shapeshifter, and is able to take the form of anything. He was as a butterfly when he came to Gielinor. When the first humans arrived on Gielinor Guthix appeared to them in human form. Guthix has no real god symbol as it stated in the Postbag. However the god symbol humans use to show their devoutness to him is an upright snake.

Evidence from the God letters suggest that Guthix is the strongest of the non-elder gods, and Jagex is reported to have claimed he is the strongest god, with Zaros being the second strongest. Guthix has claimed in the God Letters to be capable of affecting future events themselves should he wish it, but also adds he does not do so because such an act would disrupt the natural balance. However, we may never know that as Guthix was in his deep sleep the entire time Zaros was on Gielinor, as stated by Guthix in the god letters.

Guthix is the only indigenous god of Gielinor, with others being from another dimension. He sleeps in the middle of the planets, and his motto is: "Balance is Power". A good example of how this motto plays into the game is in Castle Wars and Soul Wars, when a player picks the Guthix Portal. When this happens, the player sides with the side with the least players, hence the saying, "Balance is Power".

During Meeting History, it is possible to examine Guthix. The resulting text is as follows:

Thy assumption is mostly correct noble philosopher; most gods mayst not stay long on a plane where their existence it' not demanded by followers. Just speaking the name of a god canst give them power enough to enter this plane, and with followers then they mayst remain.

I am not most gods however; mine power is drawn from the land, from the seas, from the plants and trees, from the very essences of life that dwell here. This is why I neither seek nor demand loyalty from mine followers, for my power is not that of belief, but of life.

The only thing that couldn't disrupt mine energies wouldst be the extinction of all life upon this realm, in which case I wouldst be forced from this realm to find another.

I would never allow such an abomination against balance to occur here.

— Guthix



A statue of Guthix
  • Side: Nature/"Balance"
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Symbol:
  • Colour(s): Green, White and Cyan
  • Animal(s): Sheep, Cats, Spiders, Snakes, Wolves
  • Motto: Balance is Power
  • Bird: Guthix raptor
  • Race: God


Guthix is the god of balance and nature, meaning that it does not favour one god's opinions more than another, although many player followers of Guthix tend to favour the path of chaos and destruction or order and wisdom (Saradomin). Guthix prefers the land to be shared and the other Gods to roam free. Saradomin strongly disagrees though, as he does not wish Zamorak to roam free. Note: Many players think Guthix is half evil and half good, but that isn't the case. Guthix is NEITHER evil nor good. But to break the Guthixian population down even more, there are two general groups: Modernists and Traditionalist (A.K.A. Premodernists). There is also a third group known as Reformists whose ideas are split and shared by both Traditionalists and Modernists.


Modernists are probably the largest group of Guthixians, because most player characters are modernists. They believe in balance more loosely, and will tend to side with one of the other two major gods. They acknowledge Saradomin and Zamorak as the new gods of order and chaos. (Most player character Guthixians are modernists, and thus often worship either Zamorak or Saradomin as much as they worship Guthix). One of the best examples of a non-player modernist is Kara-Meir, as she chooses to follow neither Saradomin nor Zamorak, but refuses to ever intentionally side with "evil".


Traditionalists are in much fewer numbers than the Modernists. They are a bit more strict to the beliefs and teachings of Guthix's ideals on balance and nature. Many N.P.C.'s (such as Gypsy Aris, Druids and Void Knights) may be Traditionalists. The Edicts of Guthix are scripts written by Guthix probably followed by many traditionalists. Traditionalists commonly recognise the need for the other gods, such as how Saradomin and Zamorak are both needed in order to fulfil that balance and the lack of one or the other would upset it.


Reformists numbers are unknown (though probably close to that of modernists) and are somewhat in between modernists and traditionalists in beliefs. They acknowledge Saradomin as the successor to Armadyl and Zamorak to Zaros. They say that Armadyl gave Saradomin the power of a god and Zamorak took it from Zaros. Armadyl hid away in his realm. Zaros was banished into his realm forever.

This idea of peaceful transferral of power between Armadyl and Saradomin is fairly unfounded, as both Armadyl and Saradomin were around at the same time, and their followers can be seen battling each other in the God Wars Dungeon. If Saradomin and Armadyl fought each other - albeit through followers - any idea of peaceful power transferral is unlikely to be true, despite Saradomin's assertions in one of the God letters that he and Armadyl were allies.

They acknowledge that Armadyl and Zaros are still gods but their successors have taken their place in justice and chaos. They want balance in all of Gielinor.

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  • The lava lake next to the Mage Arena looks like Guthix's symbol.
Lava shaped like Guthix's symbol next to the Mage Arena.
  • The pillars inside the Fist of Guthix cave are engraved with the Saradomin symbol. This was done by Saradominist Knights who where trying to claim the fist as a temple.
  • While Guthix is the only god to be a shape shifter, he is the only of the three gods who has not been changed in the god letter photos.
  • If you attempt to enter a team with more players in Castle Wars, a message will appear saying "The Saradomin/Zamorak team is powerful enough already! Guthix demands balance in the forces - join the Zamorak/Saradomin team instead!"
  • Based on the knowledge from Meeting History, Guthix was possibly the first God to come to Gielinor.
  • Entering the word "murder" in the notes section results in the message "All rest and no play makes Guthix a dull boy." Additionally, entering the word "redrum" (essentially "murder" backwards) in the notes section, yields the same result.

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