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Gustaberg Incursion
Conflict Bastok-San d'Orian War
Date 124 AP
Place Gustaberg
Result Stalemate
Kingdom of San d'Oria Republic of Bastok
General Crowan General Bavor
50,000 Royal Knights
125,000 Pikemen
10,000 Temple Knights
3,000 catapults
10,000 musketeers
30,000 soldiers
70,000 militiamen
10,000 berserkers
500 cannons
122,000 77,000
Battle before Battle after
Battle of the First Konschtat Battle of the Second Konschtat

The Gustaberg Incursion is a fictional conflict in Final Fantasy XI.



The Gustaberg Incursion marked the turning point in the Bastok-San d'Orian War. The San d'Orian Army, boldend by their overwhelming victories over the Bastokan Military, had decided to penetrate into the heart of Bastok, Gustaberg. Seeing how Gustaberg was full of mining stations and was rich in minerals, the San d'Orian Army figured that if they could take Gustaberg, the Bastokans would be forced to surrender. King Trion the Second, then the ruler of San d'Oria, ordered that nearly 200,000 soldiers be sent to conquer the area. The Bastokan President Vlak, once he discovered of this plan, ordered that the Army be sent to stop the invading army at the Konschtat Bridge(which is inside of Gustaberg), which was a bridge that the San d'Orians would need to cross if they wanted to penetrate deeper into Bastokan Territory. A call to arms was sounded, and 70,000 men aged 18-45 were conscripted and sent to aid the army at the bridge.

The Battle at the Bridge

There was one thing that was in the favor of the Bastokan Defenders, it would take over 1 and a half months for the San d'Orian army to get there. The Bastokans then got to work building a large wall from which they could defend the bridge. Cannons were put up and the Bastokan army had time to drill its conscripts. By the time the 200,000 strong San d'Orian army had arrived, they were met by a heavily fortified wall defending the bridge. The San d'Orians first tried to cross the bridge, but they were met by a hail of bullets and cannonballs. Having never seen this technology before, the San d'Orians lost over 20,000 soldiers and they were forced to retreat back across the bridge.

The Standoff

The San d'Orians soon built their own wall. It wasn't as sturdy as the Bastokans, but that was because they didn't expect to stay there long. Flaming rocks were launched from catapults at the Bastokans and cannonballs flew at the San d'Orians on a 24 hour basis. Occasionally, one side would send out a group of soldiers to cross the bridge, but they were usually cut down by either arrows or bullets. For 69 days this continued, and both sides had suffered heavy casualties. The Bastokans had lost around 50,000 and the San d'Orians 70,000.

The Breakthrough

In a desperate bid to drive the San d'Orians away, General Bavor of the Mithril Musketeers took all of the mithril musketeers and 20,000 of the regular Bastokan soldiers on a surprise attack. They went around the San d'Orian lines using a secret tunnel that had been discovered by a miner in the Zeruhn Mines below. At 23:00, the Bastokan Soldiers defending the wall opened fire on the San d'Orians with more firepower than any night before. This led the San d'Orian general to believe that the Bastokans were nearly dead, so she ordered the Wall to be emptied of all people and that her soldiers storm the wall. The soldiers then emptied the wall and crossed the bridge. Back on the San d'Orian side of the bridge, the 30,000 Bastokans stormed out of their secret tunnel and captured the wall. The San d'Orians, sensing that they were surrounded, then fell back to re-take their wall, they did so, but not without losing 40,000 more men. The 6,000 surviving Musketeers and regular soldier and their commander retreated back through the tunnel, destroying it once they had escaped.

The End

After the attack on their wall, the San d'Orian forces were exhausted. For 20 more days, the battle continued, and both sides lost more soldiers. It appeared to both sides that the battle would go on forever, so the San d'Orians, having lost more than 60% of their forces, slowly abandoned their posistions. The Bastokans awoke on the 89th day to something they had never heard before during the battle: Silence. When it was discovered that the San d'Orians had retreated, the city erupted into celebration. General Bavor was named a hero of the republic, and he has given full command of the entire army.


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