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Angus Goodman
Race: Human
Home Planet: Parallel Earth
Home Era: 1963 (parallel)

Angus ("Gus") Goodman, traveled with the Doctor.


Gus was an American fighter pilot from a timeline in which World War II was still being fought in 1963. The Doctor had accidentally taken the TARDIS without realising that the idyllic island he had picked out as a holiday spot was not on an alien planet, but somewhere in the Pacific of that parallel Earth. Gus had crashed on the island after a dogfight with a Japanese plane. Discovering the Doctor, he put a pistol to his head, but and accepted the Doctor's offer to take him off the island. (DWM: 4-Dimensional Vistas)

As was usual for the Doctor, though he did not take Gus home by the direct route. Back in the Doctor's own universe, they first encountered the Doctor's old enemy, the renegade Time Lord, the Monk, who had allied himself with Ice Warriors to create a gigantic sonic cannon. (DWM: 4-Dimensional Vistas) After thwarting their plans, the two travelled to the planet Celeste, where they were captured by the malevolent frog-like businessman, Josiah W. Dogbolter. The Doctor offended Dogbolter when he refused to sell the TARDIS to him, so sent a hitman, the Moderator, after him. Just as the Doctor had dropped Gus off at someplace like home, the Moderator ambushed them and shot Gus, who, in the ensuing hail of gunfire, managed to shoot back and incapacitate the Moderator. Gus died from his wounds. The Doctor left Gus where he had fallen, but would eventually seek out and encounter Dogbolter again. (DWM: The Moderator)

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Final Fantasy

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Gus may refer to:

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[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of 'Gus']]
Real name Michael Gustafson
Ring Names {{{names}}}
Height 6’3”
Weight 240 Lbs.
Date of birth July 31, 1989
Place of birth Kealakekua, Hawaii
Date of death {{{death_date}}}
Place of death {{{death_place}}}
Resides Washoe Valley, Nevada
Billed from Washoe Valley, Nevada
Trainer Stu Hart, Bret Hart
WrestleZone Championship Wrestling (June 2007 - Present) , Global Wrestling Coalition (March 2008 - Present), Enigmar Wrestling (April 2008 - Present)
Handled by {{{handler}}}
Win/Loss Record {{{winloss_record}}}
Debut (June, 2007)
Retired {{{retired}}}

Gus is an American Born Wrestler, he is currently signed to APWC, where he is the current APWC World Heavyweight Champion.



Gus grew up around Reno, Nevada where he and his friends Kenny and Joe started a backyard fed called The WVWF, from there, Gus went to Calgary where he was trained by Stu and Bret Hart, and went to WZCW



Pre Civil Revolution

Gus started out in WZCW facing off against Sincade and High Society, after that, Gus and his Girlfriend Heidi were almost fired from WZCW when Gus was almost placed in the All or Nothing battle royale against Hatchiama Manzo, but AJ went in for Gus, Gus went on to defeat Steamboat Ricky in the first round of The Elite X tournament, and went to Civil Revolution 2007 in the Elite X Fatal Fourway match

The Civil Revolution Incident

Gus was in the Elite X Championship match, which the fans voted to be a ladder match, after an awesome match, and a 900 Splash off a ladder, it looked as if Gus was going to win The Elite X Title, but then his girlfriend, Heidi hit a dragon DDT off the ladder on him, allowing for Big Will to grab the WZCW Elite X Championship

Post Civil Revolution

Gus went mad and started fighting with Will backstage, even costing Nate Thorpe The Elite X Championship The Meltdown after Civil Revolution, on the tribute to the troops Meltdown, Gus defeated both Will and Thorpe to win The Elite X Championship.


All or Nothing

Gus' 2008 started off with him coming into All or Nothing as Elite X Champion, but he lost that title to Big Will after he hit a Willenium on Heidi, Gus, concerned for her, went over to check on her, and Will capitalized on it for the win.

Meltdown Roulette

Gus faced off against Will in a Last Man Standing Match for The Elite X Championship, it was back and forth until Will thought he had won, and he headed to the back, at the count of 9, Gus got back up and run and hit Will from behind, knocking him down on the stage, Gus then climbed up to the rafters near the stage and hit the 8:10 to Washoe on Will and they both fell throgh the stage, the referee counted to 10, the match was a draw, and Will retained The Elite X Title, both men were being put into ambulances, when Heidi came out with a neckbrace on and checked on both men, and she couldnt bring herself to go with Will or Gus to the hospital.

Lethal Lottery

Gus faced off against Will in a Toronto Trials match, which went to the 3rd fall, which was a ladder match, Will had the match well in hand until Heidi came into the ring and hit Will with a low blow, causing Gus to win and re-gain the Elite X Championship. Gus was eliminated form the Lethal Lottery match by DC.

Leaving WZCW

Gus showed a particular distaste for WZCW in the summer of 2008, in which he publicly degraded the company for it's politics, and proceeded to quit the company, taking the Elite X Championship with him, WZCW would later reinstate the title.



Gus is currently undefeated in The GWC, he first defested Danny Stealman, defeated him with Jonny Novathe second week, and while teaming with Nova, won his 3rd match. After Kingdom Come, Gus left GWC.

Enigmar Wrestling

Gold Rush

Gus defeated The Maxx in week 1, but was unsuccessful in moving on past the quarterfinals, so now Gus will compete for The Havoc Championship. Gus then went on to become a co-holder of the Havoc Championship, sharing the first reign of the championship with Alex Bowen, during this reign, he made an unstable team with Murfish and won both The EW Tag Team Titles and The MWE Tag Team Championships, becoming the first EW Triple Crown winnner. He has since lost all of his championships.


After APWC and EW Merged, Gus was a charter member of AEW, winning tag gold, before the promotion folded.

(The New) APWC

Gus un-retired in late December of 2008, signing with APWC, where he was entered into the Global Warfare match at the PPV Ground Zero on January 15, 2009, Gus won the match, becoming the first APWC Champion in the new incarnation of APWC, and 3rd Champion overall. Gus also punted Britney in the head and caused to her to be put in a coma, and retire from wrestling.

Championships and Accomplishments

Finishing Moves

  • In Enigmar Wrestling
    • The Reality Bender (Stalling Crokscrew Facebuster)
    • 8:10 to Washoe (810 Splash)
    • The Washoe Zephyr (Double Moonsault)

Other Info

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Portrayed by
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
Mentioned in
Episode count
Centric episode(s)

Also known as
Date of birth
Date of death
New York City, New York, USA
Pawn shop owner
In Australia...
On the plane...
On the island...
Family members
Sold a gun to Michael

S1 - S2 - S3 - MP - S4 - S5 - S6


Gus was the Manhattan pawn shop owner who accepted one of Jin's Rolex watches from Michael. After questioning Michael about the Korean writing on the back of the watch (which Gus mistook for Chinese), he took the watch in exchange for a gun and bullets, which Michael later used to attempt to kill himself. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")


  • During casting for "Meet Kevin Johnson" he was described as an "inner-city, unruly character type. He's a sketchy business owner who preys on human weaknesses. Happy to exploit any opportunity he sees." [1]

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Release date Unknown edit
Race Ghoul
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? Swept Away
Location Rimmington
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Swept Away
Gender Male
Examine An underpaid delivery ghoul.
Notable features A delivery ghoul.
Gus's chathead.

Gus is a ghoul that has been hired by Hetty, an old witch in Rimmington, to deliver some goods to her. According to Hetty, he has unusually high mental capacities for a ghoul, and he works for a company called Numinous Witchery Supplies Ltd. He is a non-player character for the quest Swept Away, which was released along with the 2008 Hallowe'en event as a free quest but carried on as a members' quest after the event finished.

He is found in Hetty the Witch's basement, puzzling over what to do. During the quest, Gus explains that he mixed up the labels for the crates in the basement, and he asks the player to help him sort out the labels: Toad label, Newt label, and Newts and toads label. When the players have put them in the correct order, they can move on to the next enchantment for the Broomstick, and Gus is not needed again.


  • Gus is currently the only ghoul in RuneScape who is named. He is one of two ghouls who speak to the player (the Ghoul Champion being the other).

See also

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The title of this article is a nickname, callsign, or alias.

This article is about a canonical subject that lacks an official name, and is known only by its nickname, callsign, or alias.

Biographical information


Physical description

Human (clone)[2]




1.83 meters[1]

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era[1]

"No, it's okay, Sarge. I got nothing to hide."
―Gus — (audio)Listen (file info)

"Gus" was the nickname of a clone trooper who served in Clone Sergeant Slick's platoon during the Clone Wars. In 22 BBY, he was dispatched with a Jedi-led contingent of the Grand Army of the Republic to liberate the planet of Christophsis from the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Gus joined his unit on reconnoitering the planet for a strategical ambush site, but the Confederacy was able to ambush the Republic forces. Gus was wounded in the droid attack, and back at the base, he was treated by a medical droid. When Clone Captain CC-7567 and Clone Commander CC-2224 interrogated the members of Slick's platoon to locate a possible Confederate spy, Gus stated his alibi without hesitation. Sergeant Slick himself was revealed to be the turncoat and was apprehended.



"I was in the infirmary. Got banged up pretty good by one of those clankers. Med droid was fixing me up. Doc's got all the records there, if you want to check."
―Gus, to Cody and Rex

The clone trooper nicknamed "Gus" was a clone of bounty hunter Jango Fett, born on the planet of Kamino to serve in the Grand Army of the Republic.[1] During the Clone Wars, he was a member of Clone Sergeant Slick's platoon.[4] In 22 BBY,[5] Gus was dispatched with a contingent of the Republic army—under the command of High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker—to liberate the planet of Christophsis from the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[3] Slick's unit reconnoitered the planet and located the North and South towers as a suitable site from which to ambush the Confederate droids. While returning to the Republic base, the platoon came across a group of B1 battle droids that were attempting to clear a major boulevard of Christophsians.[6]

Gus reports progress on setting up the cannon to Slick and Cody.

When the battle droids discovered a crippled Christophsian and discussed killing the man, the clones intervened and eliminated the droids before returning to the base.[6] Sergeant Slick's platoon was stationed in the South tower with General Kenobi and Clone Commander CC-2224, while Skywalker and Clone Captain CC-7567 were based with their troopers in the parallel North tower. The Republic troops prepared to attack the Confederate droids below, and Gus assisted several other troopers in setting up a blaster cannon before watching the droids below through a pair of electrobinoculars. The trooper noted that the droids had brought Armored Assault Tanks, but then noticed that the approaching droid column had unexpectedly split in two. Battle droids arrived in the South tower and ambushed the clones. Skywalker and his men arrived in the South tower to reinforce Kenobi's group, and the group took a turbolift to the roof of the tower. Before escaping with the Republic forces in clone pilot Hawk's LAAT/i gunship,[3] Gus stole the cranial unit of a tactical droid so that more information about the droid ambush could be gathered.[2]

After the Republic forces had returned to their base, Gus was treated in the infirmary by a medical droid, having been injured in the battle. During investigations regarding the possibility of a Confederate spy amongst their ranks, CC-2224 and CC-7567—nicknamed "Cody" and "Rex," respectively—traced an irregular wavelength in external communications to Slick's barracks. Suspecting that one of the sergeant's men was the turncoat, the two clone officers called the unit to individually interrogate them in the platoon's quarters. Gus did not hesitate with his alibi of being in the infirmary, stating that he had "nothing to hide." When fellow trooper Chopper revealed that he had lied about his whereabouts and had been breaking war protocols by stringing together battle droid fingers in a necklace, Gus commented on his deficiency. However, Slick was eventually revealed to be the spy, and escaped before severely damaging the Republic's gunships, AT-TE walkers, and weapons depot.[3] Gus spotted the turncoat sergeant running into the base's command center,[2] and Rex and Cody ordered Slick's platoon to secure the perimeter. The two clone officers later managed to apprehend the traitorous Slick.[3]

Personality and traits

Gus explains that he was in the infirmary, proving his alibi.
"I always knew there was something deficient about you."
―Gus, to Chopper

Gus did not hesitate to state his alibi, believing that he had nothing to hide. He commented on Chopper's deficiency when the trooper revealed that he had been stringing droid fingers together in a necklace, and was visibly shocked when his own sergeant, Slick, was revealed to be the Confederate spy.[3]

Behind the scenes

Gus first appeared in The Clone Wars web comic Shadowed, and went on to appear in "The Hidden Enemy," the episode of the television series' 2008-2009 first season that the comic led into. In the episode, he was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who provided the voice for all of the series' clone characters.[2]


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Notes and references

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Kirk is an Autobot from the Headmasters portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Kirk is one of the Headmaster Warriors, the group of diminutive young robots training on the planet Master to become fully-fledged Headmasters.

Cracked-out RTM dub name: Gus



Headmasters animated series

Voice actor: Kazumi Tanaka

When Scorponok’s Decepticons returned to planet Master, Kirk served as the leader of the resistance group that formed to oust them. They met with little success, until the Autobot Headmasters arrived on the planet in pursuit of the Decepticons. Chromedome arranged a meeting with Kirk to formulate a new plan, intending to corral the Decepticons amidst the cloudy peaks of a nearby mountain range. The plan was put into motion when the villains attacked a city, but backfired when the clouds did nothing but provide the Decepticons with cover, which only increased their advantage. During the firefight, Kirk’s fighter craft was shot down and Chromedome believed him dead; when the battle was concluded with a Decepticon victory, Kirk hauled himself from the wreckage of his craft. Chromedome apologised for the recklessness of his plan, but Kirk admitted that he was to blame too for willingly going along with it.

(Note: For whatever reason, Kirk’s color model is completely different from his toy, decorated with green, blue, yellow, grey and white, where the toy was grey and red.)

TV Magazine Masterforce prologue

Some time later, after the Decepticons had been forced off of Earth and a larger war began based around use of advanced technology from Planet Master, Chromedome and the other Headmasters took it upon themselves to train Kirk and the other Headmaster Warriors in the use of their powers.



Generation One

  • Kirk (Headmaster Warrior, 1987)
Available exclusively in Japan, Kirk transforms from a grey and red robot into a head, in which mode he can connect to any of the larger Headmaster toys. He goes for ludicrous sums of money on the secondary market, to say nothing of the super-rare, entirely white version of the figure which was only available in certain Japanese toy stores.

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