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A detailed image of Gunthor the Brave.

Gunthor the Brave is a level 29 barbarian in Barbarian Village. He is in the Long Hall in the northern part of the village. He is a mighty warrior and a chieftain of the barbarians. Some players consider him a minor (and if so, one of the only few F2P and also weakest) boss.


Fighting strategy

Players can either fight him with melee combat, range him, or mage him. If a player talks to Gunthor, they will be attacked.

Players fighting him with melee may want to fight Gunthor when they have a defence level of at least 20 (as he can hit often and deal 3 or 4 damage), as well as a weapon better than iron. Players who are ranging or maging him can do so safely from behind the tables or stools. He is weakened from magic and ranged.


  • Barbarian Village is an entirely multi-combat area, allowing many players to attack Gunthor. This has brought much annoyance to players who want to kill him by themselves but never get the chance since people attack him at the same time they do.
  • Players can grab free cooked meat and beer from the tables. They respawn about every minute. This may save the lives of lower levelled players.
  • Players should not be nervous about fighting Gunthor if they are low levels, however, he should still not be underestimated. If a player just brings decent food, weapons and armour, they can kill him easily, but it will take time.
  • Players with Cooking levels high enough to cook Trout, Pike, or Salmon can sometimes get these fish for free along the river near Barbarian Village. Players sometimes do power Fishing there, dropping their catches. The fish can be cooked at the perpetual fire right in the Long Hall that Gunthor the Brave inhabits.
  • If a player were to accidentally click the "Talk-to" option on him but do not want to fight him, they can just click somewhere else on the map to avoid the battle. Gunthor will only engage when the player has finished the conversation.

Other Drops

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  • Back in RuneScape Classic Gunthor the Brave was a lot bigger than normal barbarians, the size of a giant, known as Hill giant today.
  • Gunthor The Brave apeers to be wielding a silverlight sword and a leather chestplate.

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