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Guns and Bullets
effects: Skill improved: Small Guns
weight: 1
value: 425
Guns and Bullets
effects: Skill improved: Small Guns
weight: 2
value: 50
base id: 0003403E

Guns and Bullets is a pre-war magazine that makes no apologies or excuses for what it really is. It presents itself as: "a magazine devoted to the practical use of firearms, and the occasional biased review."




Fallout, Fallout 2

Useful mostly for beginners in the wonderful world of small arms, Guns and Bullets improves the Small Guns skill level. However, reading alone will not make a marksman; the higher the reader's skill in Small Guns, the smaller the skill increase will be. At very high levels, the magazine will do nothing at all. Specifically, once the skill reaches 92%, the book will do nothing (this applies to all skill books in Fallout and Fallout 2). It is however possible to adjust this through the difficulty setting, or by temporarily lowering your SPECIAL attributes (and the corresponding skills) through drug use.

Guns and Bullets is rather prevalent in the wasteland, and many shops carry the magazine. Scroungers can also expect to find copies in some desks and bookcases. The average cost for a copy of Guns and Bullets to a buyer with an average Barter skill is approximately 425 caps.

Fallout 3

Reading this book improves the Small Guns skill of the player by one (or two if you have the Comprehension perk).



Closest map marker Location description
Cathedral Tower, level 3, on bookshelf
Glow Level 5, in locker
Hub Merchant: Mrs. Stapleton in Downtown
Junktown Casino, on Gizmo's bookshelf
Mariposa Military Base Stronghold, level 1, on the floor
Necropolis Hall, in desk

Fallout 2

Closest map marker Location description
Klamath In a bookcase in the building near the Grazing Grounds.
Toxic Caves Desk inside the storage bunker.
Den In a bookcase inside Lara's gang hideout.
Ghost Farm On one of the skinless Slags.
Vault City In a bookcase inside Cassidy's room in his bar.
Vault City Inside a desk next to Stark.
New Reno Shark Club 1st floor On the shelves in the room with the bald thug.
New Reno Arms On the collapsed shelves in Eldridge's quarters (you need to kill the dog to get to it).
Mercenaries' Cave In the safe.
Redding In Ascorti's office, in the casino.
Sierra Army Depot In the locker in the barracks, level one.
Navarro On the shelves in the Commander's office
Navarro In the middle locker in the Vertibird hangar
Oil Rig In the desk at the security checkpoint, Detention level
Oil Rig In the desk in the storage room, Barracks level

Fallout 3

Closest map marker Location description
Alexandria Arms On a desk on the second floor, near a terminal.
Arlington Library Top floor of the Children's Wing. To get there, you have to go through the Media Wing.
Arlington Library In the Pulowski Preservation Shelter immediately outside and to the the north.
Chryslus Building Reception Area, northern room.
Citadel In A Ring, in The Den, under one of the beds.
Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel In the Tabernacle, among the ammo boxes on the north side.
Everglow National Campground In the silver trailer that serves as the main Raider lair.
Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro In Franklin Metro Utility, downstairs in the center of the second room, in a gated off area on a desk with a shotgun, some missiles, and a Stealthboy.
Flooded Metro First big open room behind left (West) pillar with a skeleton.
Fort Bannister Bunker Area, in Locker room on Top of a Gun Cabinet)
Fort Constantine CO Quarters of Fort Constantine, on the bed.
Fort Constantine Behind a Very Hard locked door in the Bomb Storage of Fort Constantine accessed through the Launch Control Bunker.
Grayditch An abandoned home in eastern Grayditch.
Hamilton's Hideaway In the locked weapons stash. The key is obtained by completing the Caching in with Three Dog unmarked quest.
Mama Dolce's At the Loading Yard, on the floor next to a Chinese Remnant Sergeant who is stationed as a sniper on the western upper level
Mama Dolce's At the Processed Foods section, in a men's bathroom stall on the ground floor underneath a pile of burned books
Mason District South Second story of a building north of the entrance. The building overlooks a park with a bunch of mutants roaming around.
MDPL Mass Relay Station On a desk.
Museum of Technology On a desk in a hidden room in the West Wing, near the rocket display. Jump down from above to reach.
Old Olney In a post box next to the crashed Nuka-Cola truck to the east of the town.
Red Racer Factory To the east, in a Raider camp located in a dead-end alley. In front of the refrigerators.
Regulator HQ Under bed next to Sonora Cruz. Can only be reached with Lawbringer perk.
Relay Tower KX-B8-11 Southeast, in an outhouse located at the Hilltop Farm Ruins
Rockbreaker's Last Gas In the Sniper Shack to the west.
Scrapyard In John's Treasure Box, an ammo container, in the burned out bus near the red railroad car. The key can be found on a body in a random encounter, or the Hard Lock can just be picked.

Fallout Tactics

Closest map marker Location description
Preoria In desk
Mardin On ghoul corpse
Great Bend On two corpses
Coldwater For sale
Scott City In metal shelf
Special encounter: Farmer For sale

Behind the scenes

This book is a reference to the magazine "Guns and Ammo", a magazine providing articles, news, and information about "guns and bullets".

Skillbooks in the Fallout games

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