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The Gunner is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. It is similar to the recurring Ranger class. It has abilities such as Trigger Happy, which works similar to the Hunter's X-Fight ability. The number of shots is directly related to how many times the player can press the trigger button (R1) in the allotted time. The Gunner dons a half skirt on the hip and high boots. In Yuna's case, the top features the insignia of the Zanarkand Abes, which was the team that both Tidus and Jecht played for.

"You can't run or hide, so why bother?"
"Now this is my kind of weapon! Who wants some?"
"You're no challenge, just target practice."


Acquiring Gunner

The Gunner dressphere is Yuna's default dress.




NB! Abilities written in bold/italic are passive abilities. All other abilities are active.

Name Description AP to learn MP to cast Required
Attack Attack one target. N/A N/A Filler for IE
Trigger Happy Inflicts multiple hits of physical damage by rapidly pressing R1 for duration of 1.8 seconds on target (Added to "Attack" menu). 0 0 Filler for IE
Potshot Inflicts physical damage to target. 20 8 Filler for IE
Cheap Shot Inflicts physical damage to target, ignoring Defense. 30 8 Potshot
Enchanted Ammo Inflicts non-elemental magic damage to target. 30 8 Filler for IE
Target MP Inflicts physical damage to target's MP. 30 8 Enchanted Ammo
Quarter Pounder Inflicts physical damage to reduce current HP of target by 25%. 40 8 Target MP
On The Level Inflicts special type damage, based on user's current LV X 16. 40 12 Target MP
Burst Shot Inflicts physical damage with a guaranteed critical hit to target. 60 12 Filler for IE
Tableturner Inflicts physical damage based on target's Defense; higher DEF = more damage. 60 8 Potshot
Scattershot Inflicts physical damage to target party. 80 8 Filler for IE
Scatterburst Inflicts physical damage with a guaranteed critical hits to target party. 120 36 Scattershot
Darkproof User is immune to Darkness effect. 30 0 Filler for IE
Sleepproof User is immune to Sleep effect. 30 0 Darkproof
Trigger Happy Lv 2 Extends allotted time to 2.2 seconds. 80 0 Filler for IE
Trigger Happy Lv 3 Extends allotted time to 2.6 seconds. 150 0 Trigger Happy Lv 2


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