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This article is about the species. You may be looking for the pirate named Glurrg.


Planet of origin


Height of average adult

Between one and two meters[2]

Skin color



Eye stalks[2]

"Bring mesa five food animals and mesa might be convincen to given yousa some worker glurrgs."
―Captain Marsune, to Boss Gallo

Glurrgs were a race of bipedal beings who were employed as workers for the Gungan civilizations of Naboo. Glurrgs were incapable of communicating in Galactic Basic Standard, though they were skilled in a variety of areas, including farming, construction, fishing, hunting, and mining ores and nova crystals for use in building and maintaining Gungan settlements. Glurrgs were also capable of harvesting carbon from trees for conversion into duraplast at a carbon processing center.

Glurrgs were a pivotal part of Gungan society and had been for at least three millennia before the Battle of Yavin, during the War of the Gungan Tribes. Glurrgs were a separate species from the Gungans who employed them. However, glurrgs were efficient laborers who compared favorably with the labor droids used by other contemporary civilizations, but they were also unable to serve as warriors or leaders. The glurrg continued to contribute valuable labor to the Gungan society up to and during the Invasion of Naboo by the Trade Federation and later on.


Biology and appearance

A Gungan Glurrg.

Glurrgs were tan-skinned bipedal creatures that were generally smaller than Gungans. Their upper pair of appendages did not end in defined limbs with individual digits, but instead resembled fins or flippers. Despite this, they could still handle machinery and farm implements without the need of fingers or opposable thumbs. Glurrgs also lacked the characteristic long ears of Gungans. They could swim, even in deep waters, but apparently not for very long, as they were only seen swimming while on fishing expeditions. Glurrgs also possessed two eyes, which protruded above their heads on stalks.[2]

It was known that there were at least two distinct Gungan races,[3] but glurrgs belonged to a different species. Also, they were non-sentient.[1] However, whether they were symbiotic or employed as slaves to the Gungans was unknown.[2]

Behavior and intelligence

A Gungan kisses a glurrg.

Glurrgs were apparently native to the planet of Naboo and were a key part of Gungan society. Their labor skills meant that they were at the foundation of many Gungan settlements, including Otoh Sancture, and these settlements were largely dependent on glurrgs to construct new buildings and harvest resources while on land. As such a basic component, large amounts of technology or resources were not required to sustain the glurrg population at a given settlement, but merely the food they consumed as sustenance and sufficient shelters to house them within.[2]

Glurrgs were versatile laborers and skilled enough to change tasks from mining ores to harvesting carbon to hunting creatures such as shaaks in short order. Glurrgs were adept in a wide range of skills, including hunting, fishing, repairing Gungan war machinery or buildings, farming, foraging for muja fruit, harvesting carbon out of trees or mineral deposits, and mining for ore and nova crystals. When hunting, unlike Gungan warriors, glurrgs used small blasters rather than booma-based or similar weaponry, though they did not use these weapons in self-defense. Glurrgs could construct any building required by the Gungans, ranging from simple farms to sizable fortresses or command centers. Despite their relatively basic role in Gungan society, glurrgs were able to use technology such as beamdrills and heavy carbon extractors, as well as learn the blueprints of increasingly more sophisticated buildings over time. As such, their efforts were invaluable to the Gungan Grand Army, particularly when constructing a new base or outpost. Without glurrgs, the Gungans were hard pressed to collect enough resources from the surrounding environment to maintain a war effort, or construct additional structures.[2]

Glurrgs did not appear to be as adept at construction underwater as they were terrestrially, with Gungans preferring to use utility trawler vehicles over glurrgs for the creation of buildings beneath the surface of Naboo's oceans. Furthermore, they were not well suited for combat; their relatively frail constitution, lack of armor and self-defense skills limited them to attacking a target with their bare fins.[2]

They made unique sounds, which could have been animal noises or some kind of language. Whatever the case, glurrgs definitely did not speak Galactic Basic Standard or the Gunganese dialect of Basic.[2]


Glurrgs were first domesticated by the Gungans over 3,000 years before the Invasion of Naboo.[1] One village that employed the glurrg as the primary source of labor was Otoh Sancture, the home city of Boss Gallo. When the village was destroyed by bursas, Gallo was left stranded in the woods, resourceless except for five nerfs that he had captured. Trading the nerfs to a local leader named Marsune in exchange for worker glurrgs, Gallo then tasked the creatures with the construction of a new outpost and the harvest of materials needed for the army which he would later use to retake Otoh Sancture. As Gallo began a campaign against his rival, Boss Rogoe, who had instigated the bursa attack, Gallo continued to employ glurrgs in his army as harvesters and laborers.[2]

Glurrgs, at Otoh Sancture.

Glurrgs continued to be a valuable source of labor for Gungan factions throughout the War of the Gungan Tribes. They were used by both Boss Gallo and Boss Rogoe during the Battle of Spearhead for constructing buildings and harvesting resources, as well as by the neutral Bongomeken Collective, which later provided seagoing bongos to Gallo. Gallo ultimately prevailed over Rogoe and the ubiquitous glurrg remained in use by Gungans even three thousand years later.[2]

By the time of the Trade Federation's invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY, glurrgs were still used for construction and collection, much as they had been at the rise of Gungan civilization. Boss Rugor Nass, the leader of the Gungans of Otoh Gunga at that time, used a group of glurrg workers in his attack on Spinnaker. In this assault, the glurrgs not only provided the resources to keep Nass's army fighting, but they also constructed a Gungan Temple on the ruins of a Neimoidian Throne after the Gungan Grand Army destroyed the Trade Federation monument.[2]

In the events leading up to the Battle of Grassy Plains, glurrgs were employed in the liberation of Harte Secur and the fambaa beasts nearby. As Boss Nass constructed a Gungan army with which to attack the town, glurrgs provided resources such as ore, carbon, food, and nova crystals for the war effort.[2]

Behind the scenes

Concept art of Gungans, which resembles the glurrg.

Gungan glurrgs have only appeared in the game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, where they fulfill the worker role for the Gungan civilization, with similar behavior as Imperial ASP-7 labor droids or Royal House of Naboo PKN-49 worker droids. Unlike the majority of these civilizations, aside from the Wookiees, Gungan glurrgs are biological in nature rather than droid-based.

Glurrgs are not stipulated in the game to be sentient or non-sentient, though the fact that their species name is de-capitalized in an in-game dialogue sequence spoken by Marsune indicates that they are possibly non-sentient. However, no official clarification of the matter was given until the release of The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia in 2008, which confirmed that they were non-sentient.

Glurrgs also resemble concept art provided for Gungans on the Databank.[4]


  • Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds (First appearance)


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