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Gungan Basic, also called Gunganese, was the language spoken by the Gungans of the planet Naboo. It was a language mostly derived from Naboo settlers' language, Basic, spoken in an accent. Occasionally, a word from Old Gungan would appear in dialogue, a term usually without any obvious meaning unless translated.

Humans could usually understand it and, similarly, Gungans could understand Humans speaking Basic (even in written form). Most one-syllable words pertaining to the self would contain a suffix of -sa, for example, "We-sa" and "You-sa". Many one-syllable words ending in a consonant would end with -u.


Counting in Gunganese

  • una - one
  • duey - two
  • dee - three
  • foosa - four
  • fife - five
  • seeks - six
  • sevin - seven
  • ate-a - eight
  • ninee - nine
  • tenska - ten

Common altered words

  • "Bombad" - superior, superb
  • "Dowopee" landspeeder
  • "Mesa" - I, I am, me, my
  • "Mui" - much or a lot
  • "Moole" - my or mine
  • "Yousa" - you or you are or did you...?
  • "Mula" - money or credits
  • "Yu" - Objective of you
  • "Yous" - your or plural of you
  • "Hesa/Shesa" - he/she or he is/she is or did he...?/did she...?
  • "Wesa" - we or we are or did we...?
  • "Daysa" - they or they are or did they...?
  • "Dalee" (or "Daree") - there
  • "Them-sa" -them
  • "Yesa." - yes
  • "No" or "Nosa." - no
  • "Dat" - that
  • "Disa" - this
  • "Okeeday." - okay
  • "Looky." - look
  • "Smilin." - happy
  • "Spake." - speak or say
  • "Palos." - pals or friends
  • "Hisen." - human
  • "Tello" - a story
  • "Nutsen" - crazy
  • "Longo"- long

Common phrases

Spacer speaking Gungan Basic
  • "Heyo dalee!" - Hey there!
  • "Hidoe!" - Hello!
  • "Oie boie!" - Oh boy!
  • "Oyl, moole, moole." - Oh, my, my.
  • "My no know." - I don't know.
  • "Ex squeezee me." - Excuse me.
  • "Daysa dalee"/"Dalee daysa" - They are there/There they are
  • "Mesa doen nutten!" - I'm not doing anything!
  • "What yousa spake?" - What did you say?
  • "Mesa yous humbule servant." - I am your (plural) humble servant.
  • "Mesa luv yous." - I love you.
  • "Tank yu." - Thank you.
  • "Mesa greeting. In peles mesa comen." - Greetings, I come in peace.
  • "Mesa like to visit yousa city. Can wesa goen dalee?" - I would like to visit your city. Can we go to it?
  • "Tanken yousa per da meal invitateon." - Thank you for the invitation to this meal.
  • "Oh pass pleasa da liquid." - Pass the liquid, please.
  • "Disa foosa isa berry good." - This is very good food.
  • "Fraidee frog." - Coward.

The verb to be

  • To be (Besa):
  • I am - Mesa (if followed by an adjective) or *My (if followed by another verb)
  • You are - Yousa
  • He is - Hesa
  • She is - Shesa
  • It is - Isa (pronounced "izzuh")
  • We are - Wesa
  • You (plural) are - Yousas
  • They are - Deysa

* You would use "my" if there was a verb after the "I am", such as "I am jumping" or "I am going". For "I am going", you wouldn't say "Mesa going". But you would say "My goen" because of this rule. (Also, the suffix -ing is replaced by -en. It's "goen", not "going".)

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