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Gun Runners

The Gun Runners' fortress
leader(s): Gabriel
headquarters: Boneyard Fortress
Moat Guard

The Gun Runners are a "gang" operating out of a fortified factory in the north-eastern part of the Los Angeles Boneyard.

Originally, they were a normal gang, like the Skulz, Blades etc., which had come to the Boneyard from the Hub in hopes of securing their own territory in the city. Shortly after arriving, approximately thirty years before Fallout takes place, they decided to start a gunrunning business, having settled themselves in an abandoned factory with functioning manufacturing equipment which they used to assemble high-tech weapons and ammunition. Up until roughly ten years before Fallout takes place, they had been using their own supplies of scrap metal in their manufacturing process, but since running out they have had to rely on trade with Adytum to support their business. Once the Regulators began running Adytum, trade between the two groups became far less fair with respect to the Gun Runners, and they began to grow desperate in search of another location which they could use to supply themselves. However, the Deathclaws, which had taken up residence in the Boneyard, made such a difficult move impossible. This is where the Vault Dweller stepped in.

When the Vault Dweller cleaned out the warehouse of Deathclaws, the Gun Runners were free to begin a regular trading route with the other groups in the LA Boneyard. This activity was impossible before, due to the Deathclaws. Their first move was to give arms and armor to the Blades, who then went on to free Adytum of the Regulators' oppression, creating New Adytum in its place.

The factory/fortress itself is surrounded by a pool of highly toxic waste, and the only way across is a single wooden plank, connecting the two sides of the moat.

As of 2162, their leader is Gabriel, a charismatic man, equipped with a Winchester P94 and Combat Armor. His right hand man is a dwarf named Zack, who sells the weapons the Gun Runners manufacture.

The Gun Runners guarding the outside of the factory were equipped with DKS-501 sniper rifles and Combat Armor. Those inside had Metal Armor, Shotguns, Desert Eagles and an L72 BigBazooka.

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