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Dr Who

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Gun can refer to at least two types of weapons utilised by a variety of species with the intent to stun, harm or kill.

  • Firearm a weapon often associated with the term 'gun' which generally fires small projectiles.
  • Hand held energy weapons are sometimes also referred to as 'guns'.
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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Guns are a recurring weapon type in the Final Fantasy series. They are ranged weapons which propel bullets toward foes. Guns are only available in some of the latest games, and are usually equipped by Gunners or Machinists.



Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII was the first game on the series to feature guns. The Gun-Arm, the weapon of Barret, and Handguns, Shotguns, and Rifles, equippable by Vincent, are the only ones available to the party. Other guns also make an appearance, like the Mako-Gun, used by Palmer, Rufus' Shotgun, and Dyne's Gun-Arm, called a Needle Gun. Soldiers from the Shinra Army also use machine guns almost identical to the one used by Laguna Loire in Final Fantasy VIII.

List of Gun-Arms:
  • Gatling Gun
  • Assault Gun
  • Cannon Ball
  • Atomic Scissors
  • Heavy Vulcan
  • Chainsaw
  • Microlaser
  • AM Cannon
  • W Machine Gun
  • Drill Arm
  • Solid Bazooka
  • Rocket Punch
  • Enemy Launcher

  • Pile Banger
  • Max Ray
  • Missing Score
List of Guns:
  • Quicksilver
  • Shotgun
  • Shotbarrel
  • Lariat
  • Windchester
  • Peacemaker
  • Buntline
  • Long Barrel R
  • Silver Rifle
  • Sniper CR
  • Supershot ST
  • Outsider
  • Death Penalty

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

In Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, there are three characters that use guns: Gun (Female), Two Guns (Male), and Shotgun (Female).

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

As Vincent Valentine is the only playable character in this game, the whole arsenal consists of long-range, customizable guns. Shalua Rui, a new character, also uses guns. Two of the Tsviets (Nero the Sable and Azul the Cerulean) use guns in combat against Vincent, while two others Tsviets (Rosso the Crimson and Weiss the Immaculate) both use swords modified with guns.

List of Guns:
  • Cerberus
  • Griffon
  • Hydra
  • Each gun can be given:
    • Short Barrel
    • Medium Barrel
    • Long Barrel
  • Blast Machine Gun
  • Bayonet Rifle
  • Death Penalty
  • Toy Gun (Can Be Upgraded to be the Ultimate Weapon)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

On one occurrence, after Zack and Cloud escaped Nibelheim, Zack used a sniper rifle.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Vincent and Barret make an appearance in the movie, along with their default weapons. Loz and Yazoo make an add to the list though, with the Velvet Nightmare.

Final Fantasy VIII

Irvine's weapon of choice is the rifle, and with it, he can use his Shot limit break. Laguna also uses a machine gun in battle.

List of Guns:

  • Valiant
  • Ulysses
  • Bismark
  • Exeter

Final Fantasy X

Many Al Bhed can be seen using Machina rifles throughout the game. Further in the storyline, some Warrior Monks also use them, along with flamethrowers. No party members equip guns, however.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Gunner Dressphere uses a hand-gun called the "Tiny-Bee" as a weapon. Another dressphere, Gun Mage uses a gun with a large open ring in place of a barrel that allows its user to learn and use the abilities of some fiends. The Alchemist dressphere also uses a burst firing rifle. Nooj, Gippal, and Baralai are also seen with the same model of handgun in some cutscenes, using them in the battles in the Den of Woe, and Gippal even draws a machina hand-cannon when engaging Vegnagun before the final battle.

Final Fantasy XI

Guns are one of the two major types of Marksman weapons (the other being Crossbows). They have a long delay but high firepower, and while several jobs can use them, they are primarily used by Rangers and Corsairs. A subtype called the "Hexagun" is used exclusively by Corsairs.

List of Guns:
  • Firefly
  • Hakenbuechse
  • Bandit's Gun
  • Tanegashima
  • Platoon Gun
  • Arquebus
  • Pirate's Gun
  • Military Gun
  • Serpentine Gun
  • Negoroshiki
  • Deluxe Carbine
  • Seadog Gun
  • Musketeer Gun
  • Matchlock Gun
  • Fourth Gun
  • Shark Gun
  • Basilisk
  • Murderer
  • Hellfire
  • Gun of Trials
  • Imperial Gun
  • Peacemaker
  • Martial Gun
  • Coffinmaker
  • Corsair's Gun
  • Relic Gun
  • Marksman Gun
  • Dynamis Gun
  • Ferdinand
  • Annihilator
  • Death Penalty
List of Hexaguns:
  • Mars's Hexagun
  • Darksteel Hexagun
  • Trump Gun
  • Hexagun
  • Silver Cassandra
  • Great Cassandra
  • Quicksilver

Final Fantasy XII

Guns can be equipped by any character who has acquired the necessary License, though Balthier joins the party with one equipped by default. They are the slowest weapons in the game, but have perfect accuracy and ignore defense, however, some enemies have a trait which will reduce the damage drastically. Also notable are the guns' names, which are also the names of various stars.

List of Guns:
  • Altair
  • Capella
  • Vega
  • Sirius
  • Betelgeuse
  • Ras Algethi
  • Aldebaran
  • Spica
  • Antares
  • Arcturus
  • Fomalhaut
  • Aldebaran Y (International Version)
List of Bullets:
  • Onion Shot
  • Silent Shot
  • Aqua Shot
  • Wyrmfire Shot
  • Mud Shot
  • Dark Shot
  • Stone Shot

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Balthier re-appears in the sequel with guns as his weapon of choice.

List of Guns:

  • Rigel
  • Arcturus
  • Regulus
  • Polaris
  • Fomalhaut

Final Fantasy XIII

Sazh Katzroy, an ally of Lightning, uses Two Pistols which can turn into an automatic rifle. Lightning herself uses a weapon capable of being used as a sword or as a gun by shifting between configurations. Her opponents and some of her allies, like Team Nora, also use guns. Like in Final Fantasy XII, the guns have star-based names.

  • Vega (Sazh's starting weapon)
  • Altair
  • Deneb
  • Canopus
  • Procyon
  • Betelgeuse
  • Spica
  • Sirius
  • Rigel
  • Polaris
  • Hyades
  • Pleiades
  • Antares
  • Fomalhaut
  • Aldebaran
  • Sadalmelik
  • Total Eclipse (Sazh's ultimate weapon)

Final Fantasy Agito XIII

While two charactes of this game use guns as their weapons of choice, one of them uses hand-guns in each hand.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

The world of this game is more modern and realistic than any before it, and it appears that guns will have a strong presence here. The soldiers seen attacking Noctis all use what look to be modern assault rifles, and one of Noctis's companions carries a shotgun.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Guns can be equipped by Chemists, Orators, Onion Knights, the special jobs Machinist and Sky Pirate, and any character that has equipped the ability "Equip Guns". Guns have the longest range of any weapon, but are unreliable when there are obstacles or drastic height changes on the field.

List of Guns:

  • Romandan Pistol
  • Mythril Gun
  • Ras Algheti
  • Stoneshooter
  • Fomalhaut (Multiplayer Mode)
  • Glacial Gun
  • Blaze Gun
  • Blaster

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Guns are exclusive to the Moogle Gunners. It is type of weapon with the longest range in the game.

List of Guns:
  • Aiot Gun
  • Silver Cannon
  • Riot Gun
  • Chaos Rifle
  • Lost Gun
  • Mythril Gun
  • Peacemaker
  • Giot Gun
  • Longbarrel
  • Outsider
  • Blindsnipe
  • Calling Gun

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Guns lost their exclusivity and now can be used by both the Moogle Fusiliers and the Agent (exclusive to Al-Cid), but a new type of weapon, the Hand Cannons, can be equipped by Moogle Flintlocks and Bangaa Cannoneers. Guns have longer range but Hand Cannons are more powerful, though Cards have the same range as guns, but with the same power as Hand Cannons.

List of Guns:
  • Goug Mk 29
  • Aiot Gun
  • Silver Cannon
  • Riot Gun
  • Chaos Rifle
  • Lost Gun
  • Giot Gun
  • Longbarrel
  • Outsider
  • Peacemaker
List of Hand-Cannons:
  • Hand Cannon
  • Omnis Cannon
  • Diklum
  • Supernal Ray
  • Ligatur
  • Brevis
  • Massive Bazooka
  • Guang Cannon
  • Dromaeo
  • Rocket Punch

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

The main protagonist of the game is depicted in a trailer using a large type of firearm against a monster in mid-air. This is so far the only weapon revealed that the protagonist uses.

Final Fantasy Unlimited

Kaze uses the Magun to call for powerful Summons using different colored substances in golden capsules known as Soil. The weapon is attached to his arm, and will only react when certain conditions are met.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Set in a post-Apocalyptic Earth of 2065, guns are the only type of weapon featured in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. The guns in the film fire energy-based projectiles and are powered by organic power cells, utilizing the energy that exists in all organic life on Earth, which is of an opposing frequency to that of the alien Phantoms. This technology also powers the devestating orbital weapon, the Zeus Cannon, as well as the force-fields that protect cities from the Phantoms.

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For the full list of weapons see Category:Weapons

The weapons from the Halo Universe, available in campaign and multiplayer gameplay, form the basis of First Person Shooter Gameplay within the Halo games.



The player is allowed to use weapons from many races, such as Humans, Covenant, and Forerunner, often turning the enemy's firepower against them.

Human weapons tend to use bullets, explosives, rail guns, and lasers. Covenant weapons are generally plasma or energy based, with the exception of Brute weapons, which use spikes or explosives. All plasma weapons use charge. All weapons run out of ammunition or charge when used extensively. Covenant weapons typically overheat if fired continuously for long periods of time, which causes your weapon to be unresponsive.

To know more about the weapons from each set of races:

UNSC Weaponry Covenant Weaponry Forerunner Weaponry
A UNSC Battle Rifle
Two Covenant Plasma Rifles
A Forerunner Sentinel Beam


An extensive array of weapons is available within the gameplay, with each weapon operating differently. This allows players to take different approaches and sometimes forces a change in tactics depending on the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon. Each player will also find a weapon to suit his or her tastes, in terms of power, speed, range, kickback and/or feedback.


Halo: Combat Evolved limited the number of weapons players could carry to two (of which only one could be used at any one time), forcing players to carefully select their preferred armament.[1]  Players fight with ranged and melee attacks, as well as a limited number of grenades. Bungie refers to the "weapons-grenades-melee" format as the "Golden Triangle of Halo",[2] which has remained fundamentally unchanged throughout the trilogy. The player character's health is measured in both hit points and a continually recharging energy shield.[3] The energy shield absorbs a significant portion of enemy fire until it becomes depleted, after which the player character will sustain damage, potentially causing death.

Halo 2 introduced new gameplay elements, chief among them the ability to hold and fire two weapons simultaneously, known as "dual wielding". The health system was altered in this game, with the player no longer having hit points as well as shields. The Assault rifle was not included in this game.[4]

Halo 3 adds to the series new weapons, and a class of items called Equipment. The Assault Rifle returns in this incarnation, albeit with a decreased magazine capacity, but with more damage with each hit.[5]

Halo 3: ODST adds stealthier weapons, namely the Silenced SMG and the Suppressed Auto Mag. Hit points returned in this game. Also, the game does not contain the Battle Rifle, equipment or dual wielding. Halo 3: ODST also marks the return of the Brute Plasma Rifle, replacing the regular version.[6].


A few weapons as displayed in-game, with icon and name. Screenshots per weapon are when normal, firing, and when in scope/zoomed view. All in Halo 2. (Click to enlarge)

The typical arrow cursor is hidden within gameplay, and replaced with a blue targeting reticule that stays locked to the center of the screen, when in first person and third person views. The reticule turns red when a shot will hit an enemy target, and green for allies.

Many weapons are scoped and have the capability to zoom 2x or 5x into any area, with some long range weapons even capable of reaching up to 10x magnification such as the Sniper Rifle. These always show the reticule and continue scoping after shots are fired.

While wielding non-scoped weapons, the player's armor has the capability to zoom, to a minimal extent. These hide the reticule when in the zoomed view, returning to the normal view after every shot, making them inefficient for sniping. However, skilled players can use this in online gameplay to keep a good eye on enemies or destinations.


The types of available weapons follow the basic standards present in real life, Assault, Battle and Sniping.

Grenades are frequently made available, primarily for anti-infantry combat. Some grenades can stick and some grenades are stronger than others.

Melee attacks are always available; if the player is able to get in range of an enemy, that can cause heavy damage. And melee attacks are very dangerous when you hit an enemy in the back, this will kill almost any enemy. Most times, a single melee attack is sufficient to completely deplete an enemy's shields. These are also used to take control of an enemy Vehicle, by Melee attacking the craft, then planting a grenade to kill its driver.

Heavy weapons, such as Turrets, are also present within Halo levels, either stationary, or mounted on Vehicles. Some turrets can be removed from their stands and used as hand held Support Weapons, but it makes the player move slower. Only when driving a vehicle, controlling a Missile pod, controlling the Flamethrower, and controlling a turret, does the game switch into third-person view. Some vehicles, such as the Ghost, Scorpion Tank, and Banshee allow the driver to directly control mounted weapons while driving the vehicle. Other multi-occupant vehicles such as the Warthog require the player to remain in the weapon seat to control fire, and driving seat to control navigation.

Explosives and large scale weapons, Missiles, Nuclear, and Halos are usually involved in the storyline of every game, though not usually playable.


A Covenant weapons cache, holding two Carbines.

Within campaign levels, the player's character (Master Chief or The Arbiter) usually begins with two weapons, and will always have access to weapons lying around, either near corpses or within weapon caches and stores.

Killed enemies or allies can be robbed of their dropped weapons as well. In Halo 2 and onwards, the player can exchange weapons with allied AI when requested, making it unnecessary to kill them only to use their weapons.

Weapons can be reloaded by collecting ammunition or swapping the player character's weapon with a loaded dropped weapon. If the player is already wielding the same weapon, they can swap if the new weapon is loaded or charged more than the wielded weapon.

Common Tips

  • Shooting a players' weapon will cause them to take damage, and even kill them. You can also stick them with a grenade on their weapon.
  • A good trick to find snipers is to watch for the Vapor Trail left behind the enemies shot.
  • A trick to kill enemy campers is to watch for their gun barrels sticking out from behind walls, barriers, etc.
  • Simply running towards your enemy and shooting at the same time is not a good tactic. Try strafing too.



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External Links

  • How to Snipe in Halo 2 is a wikiHow guide that describes strategies for sniping in Campaign and especially Multiplayer.

This article uses material from the "Weapons" article on the Halo wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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From Lostpedia

Weapons surrendered to the Others in "The Hunting Party".
The knives in Locke's suitcase.

A large number and variety of weapons have been used on the Island. This article serves as a catalog of significant weapons, types, and amounts on the Island.


Season One

An M1911 was one of the guns that was found in the Halliburton case.
A Beretta M92F like the one found in the Halliburton case.
The Sig P220 is the standard sidearm for the Swiss army.
A Walther PPK is another semi-automatic pistol from the Halliburton case.
A Glock 19 like the one found on Goldie

The Survivors

All the guns on the plane belonged to Marshal Edward Mars. By near the end of Season One, all the guns discovered by the Survivors were put in the Haliburton Case which originally belonged to Edward Mars. The key to the case was tied to a string and kept around Jack's neck.

  • SIG-Sauer P228, Edward Mars' sidearm ("Pilot, Part 2")
    • On the day of the crash Sawyer took the weapon off Edward Mars' ankle holster and later used to kill the first polar bear ("Pilot, Part 2")
    • Sawyer later used it to unsuccessfully euthanize the marshal ("Tabula Rasa")
    • Kate used it during the ambush of Ethan ("Homecoming")
    • Was later placed in the Haliburton Case with the rest of the guns ("Outlaws")
  • SIG-Sauer P226
  • Beretta M92F
  • Beretta M92F (Originally in Season One it was a Colt M1911 .45, but later replaced by a second Beretta M92F)
  • Walther PPK (commonly known as "James Bond's gun")
  • Glock 19
    • Found by Locke and Boone on the dead Nigerian drug smuggler ("Deus Ex Machina")
    • Locke gave Sayid the gun to earn his trust ("The Greater Good")
    • Was later placed in the Haliburton Case by the end of Season One
  • A flare gun was found by Sayid on the Drug Smuggler's Plane and later used by the second raft's crew used to unsuccessfully call for help ("Exodus, Part 2")

Danielle Rousseau

  • Winchester 70 .308 ("Solitary")
  • Mauser K98 rifle (missing its firing pin) ("Solitary")

The Others

Season Two

A TT-33 similar to the ones in the Armory
Bulgarian-made handgun Desmond was holding in "Live Together, Die Alone"
The Makarov PM was the USSR's standard military side-arm.

The Survivors

In Season Two the Survivors discovered and took possession of the Swan Station's Gun Vault. By the middle of the season Sawyer stole all the guns and hid them under his shelter. This only last until the end of the season where half of the guns were taken by The Others. Also note that Desmond joins the Survivors by the end of the season and whatever weapons he has belongs to the Survivors.


  • SIG-Sauer, originally belonged to Edward Mars
    • After Ana-Lucia accidentally kills Shannon, she takes a SIG off Sayid and takes him hostage ("Collision")
  • SIG-Sauer P226, originally belonged to Edward Mars
  • Beretta M92F, originally belonged to Edward Mars and is in Sawyer's possesion in the beggining of the season
    • Ana Lucia takes the gun off Sawyer when he is held captive by the Tailies ("Orientation")
    • Ana Lucia accidentally shoots and kills Shannon with it ("Abandoned")
    • After Sawyer takes possession of the guns, Charlie ends it up with. Sawyer either gave it to him for helping him in his con or Charlie took the gun himself before showing Sawyer where they are. Charlie takes it on the trek to search for Henry Gales balloon and gives it to Sayid ("The Whole Truth")
    • Sayid almost kills Ben with it until Ana Lucia takes it off him ("Dave") She later gives it to Jack
    • Jack takes it on the mission to rescue Walt. Taken off him by the Others ("Live Together, Die Alone")
  • Beretta M92F, originally belonged to Edward Mars
  • Walther PPK (commonly known as "James Bond's gun")
  • Glock 19, originally in the Drug Smuggler's Plane
  • Glock 17
  • Three Colt M1911 pistols
    • One taken by Sawyer when going after Michael and forced to surrender to the Others ("The Hunting Party")
  • Three SIG-Sauer P226's
    • Two taken by Locke when going after Michael and forced to surrender to the Others ("Orientation")
    • One taken by Michael on mission to rescue Walt and taken off him by the Others ("Live Together, Die Alone")
  • Two Tokarev TT-33 pistols, WWII-era (USSR, 1933-51)
  • One Berreta M92F
  • At least two Makarov PM pistols (USSR, 1947-49)
  • One Bulgarian-made Arsenal Makarov PM handgun carried by Desmond ("Live Together, Die Alone")


  • Four AKM assault rifles (USSR, 1947-)
    • One standard AKM (fixed stock)
    • Two AKMS variants (folding stocks)
    • At least one civilian, semi-auto only version with five-round magazine
    • Jack took one when going after Michael and was forced to surrender to the Others ("The Hunting Party")
  • A Ruger M77 bolt-action rifle used by Michael
  • At least one Dragunov sniper rifle
  • One Soviet SKS
    • Taken by Sayid on the sailboat mission ("Live Together, Die Alone")
    • One SKS rifle is visible in the armory during Season 2, but in that season's special features DVD, two of them are in the armory during Swan tour (Secrets from the Hatch)
  • A Heckler & Koch G3SG/1
  • A Remington 700 hunting rifle
  • One Mauser K98
  • A Heckler & Koch PSG1 sniper rifle, found by Sayid when he is in the armory for the first time upon learning about "the Hatch".
  • Desmond has a rifle on the sailboat ("Live Together, Die Alone")


  • A Winchester model 1912
  • A Remington model 1100 that Desmond had on the sailboat.
  • One 12-gauge pump-action shotgun
    • Used by Kate to injure Desmond in the Swan following his capture of Locke and Jack ("Orientation")
  • Note one of these shotguns was used by Radzinsky to commit suicide ("Live Together, Die Alone")
  • Note that no shot guns are seen by the end of the season

Danielle Rousseau

  • Winchester 70 .308
    • Rousseau is seen several times with this weapon
  • Handmade Crossbow
    • Uses it to shoot Ben through the shoulder ("One of Them")

The Others

The German P38 pistol was used by the soldiers of Nazi Germany.
Luger Pistol like the one Tom and Richard Alpert have carried.



  • Two M14 rifles carried by guards at The Door at the Decoy Village ("Three Minutes")

Surrendered by the Survivors

Season Three

The Survivors

Most of the guns the Survivors had in Season Two were either taken by the Others or just missing. Note that Danielle Rousseau joins the Survivors and her weapons belong to them too.


  • SIG-Sauer, originally belonged to Edward Mars
    • Sayid gives to Jin who shoots at the Others as they steal the sailboat ("The Glass Ballerina")
    • Locke is later in possession of the gun
    • At the Flame Station Locke is taken hostage by Mikhail ("Enter 77")
    • Ms. Klugh orders Mikhail to kill her with it. Locke then takes it back ("Enter 77")
    • Locke takes Ben and Alex hostage in the Barracks and later surrenders it to the Others ("The Man from Tallahassee")
  • Glock 19, originally in the Drug Smuggler's Plane
    • Sun shot Colleen on the sailboat and lost it while escaping from the Others ("The Glass Ballerina")
  • SIG-Sauer P228, originally belonging to The Others
    • Taken off Danny by Sawyer as him and Kate escape from the Others on the Hydra Island ("Not in Portland")
    • Sawyer has it for the remainder of the season even though the gun is empty
  • Beretta M92F, originally belonging to The Others
  • Multiple pistols are surrendered by The Others ("Through the Looking Glass")
    • German Luger P08, Juliet takes it off Tom ("Through the Looking Glass")
    • Beretta M92F, Sawyer takes it from a dead Ryan and shoots and kills Tom

("Through the Looking Glass")


The Others


  • Multiple Beretta M92F's carried by the Others immediately after the gas attack on the Barracks in the early 1990's ("The Man Behind the Curtain")
  • Glock 17
  • Multiple SIG's and Beretta M92F's seen throughout the season at the Hydra Station and Barracks
    • Two Beretta's used Danny and Jason as they chase Sawyer and Kate on the Hydra Island ("Not in Portland")
  • Several Walther P38/P1 pistols
    • Discovered by Jack in the Hydra Stations Gun Vault ("I Do")
  • SIG-Sauer P228
  • Unknown Pistol
    • Either a Beretta or a SIG used by Juliet to shoot Danny ("Not in Portland")
  • Beretta M92F
    • Alex gives Locke one which is taken by Ben who shoots Locke and leaves him for dead ("The Man Behind the Curtain") Ben then returns to Alex who gives it to Karl who gives it to the Survivors ("Greatest Hits")
  • Tom had a German Luger P08 which was taken off him by Juliet ("Through the Looking Glass")
  • Walther P38/P1
  • SIG-Sauer
    • Mikhail uses it to shoot Bonnie and Greta

("Through the Looking Glass")


Season Four

The Survivors

Locke's gun from the Mass Grave

At the end of Season Three multiple weapons were taken off the dead Others by the Survivors.



Kahana Crew

Omar holding an M4A1 carbine with red dot sight barrel suppressor attachments.

The Others



Season Five

The Survivors

Time Shifts

  • M1 Garand, originally belonged to the U.S. Army
    • The Survivors take it off Charles Widmore in 1954 ("The Lie")
    • Sawyer has it for most of the first half of the season and shoots an Other in 1974, later surrendered to the DHARMA Initiative ("LaFleur")
  • M1 Carbine, originally belonged to the U.S. Army
    • The Survivors take it off Eloise Hawking in 1954 ("Jughead")
    • Juliet has it for most of the first half of the season and shoots an Other in 1974, later surrendered to the DHARMA Initiative ("LaFleur")
    • The Survivors take a pistole and rifle off two dead Others in 1974, later surrendered to the DHARMA Initiative ("LaFleur")

Ajira Flight 316 Survivors

The French Science Team

The Others


  • M1 Garand, originally belonged to the U.S. Army
    • Charles Widmore uses it until the Survivors take it off him ("The Lie")
    • Charles Widmore is later seen with another rifle ("Jughead")
  • M1 Carbine, originally belonged to the U.S. Army
    • Eloise Hawking uses it until the Survivors take it off her ("Jughead")


M1 Garand

Beretta 92FS

  • Seen with the two others who attacked a DHARMA worker named Paul and his wife Amy

Walther P38

  • Richard is seen with one when he goes to get "Jug head"

Colt M1911

  • Eloise has one but surrenders it to Jack who keep's it from then on.

Early 2000's

DHARMA Initiative

  • Ruger mini 14
    • Seen many times being used by DHARMA.
  • Walther P38
    • Kate hands one to Daniel when them and Jack go to the motor pool to get guns.
  • Beretta92FS
    • Jack takes one from the gun cabinet at the motorpool but later surrenders to the others.
  • SIG-Sauer P226
    • Radzinsky is seen with one at the motorpool.
    • Kate grabs one from the gun cabinet,surrenders to others.


Main article: Knives

Other Weapons

Mikhail's Mk 2 fragmentation hand grenade. ("Through the Looking Glass")
  • A machete carried by Sawyer while hunting a boar ("Outlaws")
  • An axe, presumably on the plane for emergency purposes ("House of the Rising Sun")
  • Molotov cocktail-type weapon used to destroy the raft ("Exodus, Part 2")
  • A Mk 2 fragmentation hand grenade used by Mikhail Bakunin to blow out a porthole in The Looking Glass ("Through the Looking Glass")

Natural or constructed weapons

Ana Lucia reaching for a rock.
  • Rousseau's traps
  • Mr. Eko's stick (2x03)
  • A machete constructed by Mr. Eko out of a part of the plane (2x07)
  • Ana Lucia's boomerang-tipped stick-spear (2x07)
    • Probably made by Eko, as he gave another one to Jin (2x06)
    • These were constructed using boomerangs that washed ashore in a deleted scene (2x07)
  • Cindy's pickaxe-like weapon (2x07)
    • Also constructed using boomerangs that washed up on the shore in a deleted scene (2x07)
  • Ana Lucia's spear-like walking stick she used to kill Goodwin (2x07)
  • Locke's improvised flamethrower, constructed from a torch and hairspray, that he used to fend-off the polar bear while rescuing Eko (3x03)
  • Rocks
    • Kate threw rocks at Sawyer when he was following her. (1x12)
    • Mr. Eko and Ana Lucia both used rocks when attacked by the Others (2x07)
  • Ethan's sling, used against Jin (1x15)
  • Tom's bolas (2x11)  (2x22)
  • Nikki used a Medusa spider against Paolo in order to obtain the diamonds (3x14)



  • Lost: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD) has a bonus feature entitled "The Right To Bear Arms" whose synopsis is listed as, "Lost features a formidable array of firearms Get real life gun profiles and find out what it's like working with so much firepower."
  • The Taser's name is taken from the acronym of the Thomas A Swift Electronic Rifle. For full background, see [1].

Production notes

  • Most of the guns in the Swan station are of Eastern/Soviet bloc make

Bloopers and continuity errors

  • Due to production mistakes, the specific makes, models, and amounts of weapons featured on the show have accidentally changed multiple times. This makes full accounting of the weapons very difficult to manage.

See also

External links

  • Firearms of LOST - List of weapons and speculations with clear screencaps. (Norwegian language)
  • Music videos featuring montages of the numerous guns used on Lost
    • LOST Music Video - The Gun Show - Set to "Paper Planes" by M.I.A.
    • LOST Music Video - Guns! - Set to "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison" by My Chemical Romance

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A detailed view of a Hand cannon.

The Hand cannon is a two-handed Ranged weapon released with the Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest on 9 September 2009. It requires a Ranged level of 75, a Firemaking level of 61, and the completion of the Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest to wield. The Hand cannon and Hand cannon shot are dropped by Cannoneers. It cannot be lent.

The Hand cannon has a chance of blowing up with each use. When it explodes, the player wielding it is dealt between 1 and 16 damage. The chance of this occurring decreases as a player's Firemaking level increases; however, even at level 99, it can still explode. By using the hand cannons special attack, the risk of blowing up is even higher.

The Hand cannon is one of the deadliest ranged weapons to date. It matches the Rune crossbow's ranged bonus, but is exceeded by the Dark and fully charged Crystal bows. In addition, its ammunition, Hand cannon shot, has the highest Ranged Strength bonus of any other ammunition. The highest hit yet documented is 60. Its special attack, Aimed Shot, has increased accuracy and takes up half the special attack bar, but takes longer to fire and increases the chance of the Hand cannon blowing up. Also, if used on the rapid attack style it can be used instantly for a second attack after the Special is used. Due to the ammunition's strength and the speed of the hand cannon, it's practically the ranged equivalent to the godsword. Both weapons have the same speed, if the hand cannon is set to the "rapid" mode. The cannon is quite a bit less accurate -- this can be solved with ranged boosting armour.

Hover over image for type
A player wielding a Hand cannon.
A player wielding a Hand cannon.
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
0 0 0 0 +90
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
0 0 0 0 0 0
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
0 0 0 ?
Speed: File:speed6.gif


  • The Hand cannon (along with Dorgeshuun and Zanik's crossbows) is one of the few ranged weapons whose ammunition can be seen reloading.
  • On 12 September 2009 a bug was discovered with the Hand cannon special attack that enabled multiple users to simultaneously attack a single target in a single-combat zone, but this was fixed 13 September 2009. Millions of coins were lost during the hours this bug was at large. Now, nearly all of these bug exploiters are banned.  
  • If a player fires the Hand cannon, then quickly switches to another weapon, you will perform the reloading animation while holding the other weapon instead of the Hand cannon.
  • If a player is in a crowded area and is not moving, the cannon will be held in the right hand and a ramrod will be wielded in the left. (the ramrod is the thing seen reloading the cannon)

Hand cannon, along with the Fixed device, the Cannon from Mobilising Armies, and the crossbow, are the closest things to guns in RuneScape.

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"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid."
Han Solo, to Luke Skywalker

A blaster (also called a gun) was a ranged weapon that fired bursts of particle beam energy called blaster bolts from a replaceable power cell. The most commonly used weapon in the galaxy, blasters' intense beams consisting of compacted high-energy particles and intense light could kill or paralyze their target, depending on their setting. Blasters ranged from compact pistols, all the way up to large, heavy rifles and starship-mounted blaster cannons. Some have used blasters ever since their youth: Anakin Skywalker owned a small ion blaster in his childhood, Leia Organa was given a sporting blaster when she was just a teenager, and Mandalorian children were given blasters, along with extensive training, prior to becoming thirteen standard years old.


Technical information

The term blaster was often used interchangeably with the term laser in everyday conversation, both denoting the same type of particle beam weapon. However, strictly speaking, the laser was a much older weapon design than the blaster. And, unlike those of lasers, blasters' firing cycles had more proficient recharge rates, allowing them to be capable of attaining much higher rate of fire, though at a loss of distance and accuracy.

There is also some dispute as to what size restrictions denote a "blaster". For example, blasters are commonly thought of as handheld weapons only, but starship-mounted blaster cannons may fall in this category as well.

Laser mechanics

A common DH-17 blaster pistol used by the Rebellion.

A laser beam was a coherent shaft of light. When referring to light (or any other wave pattern for that matter), coherence refers to the pattern's "sameness" in multiple waves. In other words, each light wave emitted from the laser device had the same wavelength and amplitude as all other waves emitted from the same device, and all "crests" and "troughs" of every wave were aligned with the others.

Lasers were generated by introducing energy to a medium, the substance used to generate the beams. Tibanna gas was a frequently favored medium. When an atom of the medium was excited by energy, one or more of its electrons would "jump" to a higher energy level. When the atom stabilized (the point at which the electrons return to their original energy levels), a photon was released. A photon was a "packet" of energy that traveled in both a wave-like and a particulate manner, giving it a high energy level, as well as a high damage rating. Some types of sniper rifles fired invisible bolts of energy by using a special type of blaster gas. This weapon was very useful for acting from concealment, especially if the user were wearing a portable stealth field generator or sound dampener.

Blaster mechanics

Dual blasters on a droideka.

Blasters were a considerable improvement over the archaic laser design. Instead of a coherent beam of light and heat like a simple laser, the blaster fired a highly compressed, focused high-energy particle beam that was very deadly to most creatures. The energy that made up the blaster bolt depended on the type of blaster being used.

The less common blaster was a plasma based design, like those used by the Grand Army of the Republic. Plasma-based blasters were effective against all targets, but even more so against droids because of the nature of plasma as a superheated, ionized gas. Droids were weak against ion energy, so they were a natural choice against a droid army. This explains the use of the BlasTech DC-series in the Clone wars.

In plasma-based blasters, a high-energy gas (tibanna gas, for example, used in the BlasTech DC-series) would move from the gas chamber into another chamber where it was altered into a plasma state. It was then released from a magnetic "bottle" effect through the collimating components. This turned the mass of plasma gas and energy into a coherent energy beam as a coherent energy bolt of light and plasma. This combination of light and plasma formed the deadly bolt fired from a blaster.

The more common type was the blaster that fired a high energy particle beam that was more deadly to humanoids and other biological targets than superheated plasma (which was quite deadly anyway), but it was still effective enough against droids to put a B1 battle droid down and keep it down. Particle-beam types were also more efficient because they used less blaster gas to produce the beam than is necessary to form a plasma bolt, as plasma, as a state of matter, requires a far greater amount of energy to produce.

In particle-beam based blasters, like the E-11 used by stormtroopers, a small amount of high-energy gas moved from the heter valve to the chamber commonly called the XCiter. In the XCiter chamber, the gas was energized by the power pack, then passed into the actuating blaster module, which, when assisted by the components in the barrel, processed the now extremely high-energy gas into a compressed beam of intense energy particles, coupled with intense light, which generated the deadly high-energy particle beam fired from most blasters. In these blasters, the combination of superhot laser-light and a compressed bolt of intense energy particles formed the deadly bolt.

Han Solo's illegally modified DL-44 blaster pistol.

Most personal blasters had two kinds of ammunition: a gas cartridge and a power cell. Less powerful weapons, like the Drearian Defense Conglomerate Defender sporting blaster, relied largely on the power cell and used only a small quantity of gas, while very powerful weapons, like the illegal Tenloss DX-2 disruptor pistol, used much larger amounts of gas. Still other weapons, namely those dating from earlier times, employed a kind of removable power cell/cartridge which supplied enough energy (though at weaker levels) to make total expenditure seldom.

Blaster bolts usually dissipated in a small, but violent explosion of extreme heat and force upon contact with an unshielded surface, sometimes leaving blast points. Weapons such as Han Solo's DL-44 blaster pistol and the E-11 blaster rifle could cause incredible destruction, and had the power to blow huge chunks from stone walls and smaller holes and pockmarks out of durasteel bulkheads, as seen in Han Solo and Luke Skywalker's raid on Detention Block AA 23. An ion accelerator uses an electrical charge to stun or kill enemies.

Electronic enhancements

Many blasters had side attachments and accessories to aid in targeting, accuracy, rate of fire, and grip. Some known attachments included targeting lasers, electronic scopes, and larger power packs. Delta Squad's DC-17m interchangeable blasters had sniper and anti-armor attachments for adaptability in unpredictable situations. Boba Fett's EE-3 carbine rifle had a small scope which could interface with Fett's helmet for increased accuracy. Jango Fett's two WESTAR-34 blaster pistols had dallorian alloy plating, which kept the weapon from overheating.

History and usage

"So uncivilized."
Obi-Wan Kenobi, after killing General Grievous with the latter's own weapon.
Earliest known type of blaster.

The oldest known type of blaster was used by an ancient droid of an unknown model employed by the Rakatan Infinite Empire. This weapon was considered to be extremely up-to-date compared to the blasters of the year 3,956 BBY. Besides that, the oldest and most venerable example of blaster technology was the triple blaster, which dated back to the Galactic Republic. It worked by using three separate blasters connected to the same targeting system, often coordinated in sets of two or four and fired simultaneously at a target. By the rise of the Empire, triple blasters had become exceedingly rare. Prior to the innovation of the triple blaster, beam tubes were used. They consisted of backpacks with a hose coming out of the side that connected to a focusing tube. All of the equipment that created the blaster beam was contained in the backpack and was fired out of the hose. These lost popularity quickly once triple blasters were invented.

Triple blaster technology began to wane as what was traditionally thought of as "the blaster" was created, as it was a self-contained unit that could produce bolts by itself with no additional equipment.

An updated version of blaster technology was the autoblaster. Designed for the B-wing starfighter, it had an even higher rate of fire than other blasters but was not available to other models until after the Battle of Endor.

The most common personal weapon in the galaxy by the rise of the Empire, blasters were often used not only by military personnel, but by civilians as protection. They were more commonly seen in the Outer Rim worlds, though small, concealable Hold-out blasters were frequently used by social elite, such as Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian. Many establishments, such as the Cantina in Mos Eisley had restrictions against use of blasters, though these were often overlooked if the conflict remained small.

The most common manufacturer of blasters during the Galactic Civil War was BlasTech, which had contracts with both the Imperial Military and the Alliance to Restore the Republic. It also manufactured the Protector civilian fighter-grade blaster line.

Blaster variants

A blaster c. 3,656 BBY.


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A battle rifle

The gun was the standard weapon of the Sith SpecOps throughout their entire history.

Unlike most weapons of the time of its introduction, the gun fired projectiles instead of the standard blaster bolt. This made them harder to deflect with sheilding and, in the case of a Jedi, harder to sense and deflect with their lightsaber. The guns projectiles so fine and strong that they were also unaffected by energy sheilds and would pass straight through them and the armor behind.

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