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The Gullwings is a neutral Sphere Hunting group that Yuna, Rikku and Paine belong to in Final Fantasy X-2.
As implied by the term "Sphere Hunter," their main purpose is to hunt and obtain Spheres in order to assist in the uncovering of Spira's history, however the group ends up providing a variety of additional services throughout the game, mostly because of Yuna's innate compulsion to help people in need and inability to say "No."
The group is capable of traveling the entirety of Spira by use of their own personal Airship, the Celsius.



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The Gullwings were originally an 'all-Al Bhed' group founded by Rikku, Brother, and his old friend Buddy, however they were shortly joined by Shinra, Paine, and then Yuna.
In order to recover the Celsius when forming the organization, Brother and Buddy traveled to Spira's cold northern regions. At first their attempt to find an airship appeared to have failed. However, suddenly spoting a single gull in the sky, they, on a whim, decided to follow it. The gull managed to lead them to the airship, and so, based on this event, the group was named the Gullwings, after the bird. Two years had passed since Yuna defeated Sin. Back on Besaid Island, her quiet life was shattered when she was contacted by Rikku, who had a gift from Kimahri - a sphere he found, which showed a man who bears a striking likeness to Tidus.

Final Fantasy X-2

Yuna joins the Gullwings in order to find out more about the Sphere and wether or not it meant that Tidus was still alive. However, Yuna's Garment Grid is taken from her by a group called the LeBlanc Syndicate. Using her Garment Grid, the leader, LeBlanc, pretended to be Yuna and used her fame to gain money. Rikku and Paine enter the concert held by the fake Yuna in hopes to get Yuna's grid back. Yuna is left in Luca wearing the Mascot dressphere, where she pretends to not be "Lady Yuna". After getting her grid back, the group begins the search for Spheres.

The trio heads to Kilika Island, where they obtain a sphere. The sphere details events which the Gullwings wish they hadn't seen. However, they see 'him' in the sphere, who talks about a songstress called Lenne. Lenne resembles Yuna very much but has long hair and two earings that rest on her shoulders . The group decides to either give the sphere to the Youth League or New Yevon. Yuna, Rikku and Paine, together with Leblanc, Logos, and Ormi enter Bevelle, and manage to get down through where the old Fayth used to be, into an underground section where the sphere was found. The group must fight Baralai, the leader of the new group New Yevon, however they defeat him and enter the Vegnagun chamber, only to find Vegnagun gone and a twisted, Dark Aeon version of Bahamut in its place.
The group travels and visits Besaid Temple to rid the Dark Aeon Valefor, Kilika to beat Dark Aeon Ifrit and Djose Temple, where they defeat Dark Aeon Ixion. When they enter the chamber of the Fayth, Ixion explodes, knocking Yuna into the Farplane, where she sees 'him', however instead of Tidus the man turned out to be a look-a-like named Shuyin, an angry Unsent bent on revenge for his love's, Lenne's, death. However Yuna was able to see the real Tidus when she became trapped and heard his whistle. Upon seeing him, she tried to catch up to him, resulting in her finding herself back in Spira.

The Gullwings in recreation

In an effort to quell the rising tension in Spira Yuna starts a concert on the Thunder Plains, where she wears the Songstress dressphere. As part of the concert, Shinra creates a sphere-screen so that people can better see. However, the songstress dressphere has an effect on the screen, and people end up seeing images of Lenne and Shuyin in front of Vegnagun just before their deaths.
After the concert the group travels into the depths of the Farplane, where they encounter Vegnagun. They defeat it, only for them to be attacked by Shuyin. They trick him into thinking that Yuna was Lenne, however the trick fails. They defeat him, and Lenne leaves Yuna dressphere, encouraging Shuyin to return to the Farplane with her. He complies and the two are peacefully reunited forever.

While then leaving the Farplane, Yuna is met by the Fayth of Bahamut. He asks Yuna if she wanted another moment with "him" (Tidus), to which Yuna agrees and the Fayth find Tidus' pyreflies and restore him to life. Surfacing in Besaid, Tidus and Yuna reunite in each other's arms and Yuna begins retelling her story.

Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission

Three months after the events of Final Fantasy X-2, the now seperated members of the Gullwings had gone their own ways; with Yuna living with Tidus, Rikku working mission after mission and Paine wandering Spira by herself. However, each received a letter that called them back together to explore the Yadonoki Tower as a group. As the trio explore the ruins they converse with each other over what they'd been doing since they had seperated and why they hadn't stayed in contact. The conversations escalates as Rikku expresses her jealousy towards Yuna; who had reached her goal in life and had settled down. The angry bickering between the pair caused Paine to raise her voice against them. Eventually Paine revealed that the sender of the letters was herself; citing that it was her wish to not lose the friendship that they once shared three months previously, having learned from both her previous friendship with Nooj, Gippal and Baralai and from her own lonely travels. The trio eventually traveled to the top of the tower, where they found a broken machina and not much else, however due to their conversations they realise that the machina was a bit like their group; broken, seperated. As they vowed to be more than just strangers who had met by chance, becoming friends once again, the machina began to work, and their adventures continued...


Yuna: a former High Summoner, joined the Gullwings after seeing a sphere, found by Kimahri, containing images of a man, greatly resembling Tidus, confined in the cell of a prison. Yuna hoped that by joining the Gullwings, she would be able to find more spheres like the one she had seen in order to find hints about the whereabouts of Tidus, should he still be alive. She has become more open and direct since Final Fantasy X, but is still teased by the other Gullwing members due to her being somewhat of a pushover (she never says "no" to anyone). Her new and more revealing attire was a gift from her cousin, Rikku.

Rikku: the cousin of Yuna and co-founder of the Gullwings, along with Brother and Buddy. She has overcome her fear of lightning by camping in the Thunder Plains for a week during the two-year gap between Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, or at least that's what she told Yuna. She still has a tendency for causing accidents, though.

Paine: the X-Factor of the group, as none of the other members really know anything about her. The same goes for the player, as she was not a part of Final Fantasy X like all the other members were. She says her primary reason for joining the Gullwings was be able to ride on the Celsius. During the course of the game, parts of her dark past are slowly revealed.

Brother: the brother of Rikku, cousin of Yuna and co-founder of the Gullwings. Despite being directly related to Yuna, he quite obviously has a crush for her, though she has yet to notice it. He even started learning the Spiran language because of his love for Yuna. He is the self-proclaimed leader of the Gullwings, yet he is quite incompetent and often leaves the decision making to Buddy, his second in command, or to Yuna. During the two-year gap, he had a falling out with Cid. Brother names the Gullwing's airship the Celsius in direct contrast to Cid's airship, the Fahrenheit.

Buddy: is the co-founder of the Gullwings and the second-in-command. However, it might be more correct to call him the shadow leader, as it is in fact him that supplies the Gullwings with important information, as well as doing all the actual work, such as piloting the airship, analyzing Sphere Wave data and making many of the decisions that Brother should have taken. However, Buddy seems quite content with his current position and doesn't seem to mind Brother taking much of the glory, as they are old friends.

Shinra: an intelligent, young Al Bhed kid that provides the Gullwings with valuable information and technology. In particular, he designed the Garment Grid, CommSpheres, and provides the Gullwings with data decoded from acquired spheres. However, he doesn't know everything, and often retorts with "I'm just a kid" when he cannot answer a particular problem.

Barkeep: a Hypello who runs the bar onboard the Celsius. He was picked up by Brother for unknown reasons, and was allowed to stay on board if he worked. No-one knows Barkeep's name, so he is simply referred to as Barkeep. To Brother's great dismay, Barkeep eventually finds a girlfriend. Barkeep is one half of a glitch the player can exploit in order to get infinite money. However, this is not possible until O'aka XXIII comes aboard the ship in Chapter 2, as he is the second half needed for this trick.

Biggs and Wedge: they only appear to be part of the Gullwings through blitzball.


Main article: Blitzball

Due to their babysitting Wakka and Lulu's baby; Vidina, the Besaid Aurochs allow the Gullwings to take their place in the tournament.
Blitzball is available to play in Luca during Chapter 5 of the game. Elect to play the game as soon as you land, or drop in at the booth at Luca Stadium Entrance any time you feel like a blitzball match. The original team consists of Yuna, Rikku, Paine, Shinra, Brother, Buddy, Biggs and Wedge – however, new players can be signed on and rotated with the current ones.

Musical Themes

As the protagonists of the game the game's soundtrack possesses numerous songs named after or devoted towards the Gullwing group:

Non-Final Fantasy Appearance

Kingdom Hearts II

The Gullwings in Kingdom Hearts II

For more information, see Kingdom Hearts Wiki:Gullwings

Yuna, Rikku, and Paine make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts II in the form of a trio of pixies. Calling themselves "treasure fanatics", the three Gullwings were mercenaries spying on Leon for Maleficent, though after being left behind by Maleficent and some trickery from Donald involving promised treasure, they join with Leon and help defend Radiant Garden against the army of Heartless.

Later the Gullwings discover Donald's lie but feel sympathetic to Sora's cause. Instead of taking his items they give him the Keychain "Gullwing".

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special

The Gullwings in Itadaki Street

The Gullwings (Yuna, Paine, Rikku) are all playable characters in this special edition of the Monopoly-like video game available only in Japan.



  • Each of the three girls have a unique coin illustration etched in their likeness in the Sphere Break coin game.
  • The term "Friendly Neighbourhood Gullwings", which the group uses to refer to themselves when contributing to community service, derives from a phrase affiliated with the western comicbook hero Spiderman, or more accurately; the "Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman", who is popular in Japan.
  • While the name originally refered to the Sphere Hunting group in its entirety in Final Fantasy X-2, the term "Gullwings" has become affiliated with, and refers to, the three-way combination of Paine, Yuna and Rikku in other media.
  • The Three-way combination of the Gullwing girls is refered to as "YuRiPa" (Yuna, Rikku, Paine) in the game and also acts as the girls' before-mission cheer.

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