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In EverQuest 2, a guild is a player-founded and player-run organization within the game. Guilds, like the people who form them, have many different modes of operation and goals. Some guilds exist purely as a social network of players who enjoy gaming together, while others work long and hard to reach end-game content and to become rich and powerful.

Guilds are given various perks by the game, depending upon their level. Some of these include discount housing and mounts for a guild's members, various prefix titles dependent upon the member's city allegiance, guild raids, the ability to purchase and display cloak heraldry.

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A portal leading to the Runecrafting Guild.

Guilds are special institutions often containing resources or stores selling armour or weapons which cannot be bought in any other store. Entry to different guilds requires either a certain amount of quest points, a certain skill level, or completion of a specific quest. Note that guilds with a skill requirement may be accessed if the skill is temporarily boosted to meet the requirement. In some cases, if a guild does not exist, players will attempt to create their own.


Free-to-play Guilds

Listed below are the guilds which may be accessed in the free-to-play version of RuneScape.

Guild Name Requirement(s) Guildmaster
Champions' Guild 33 Quest points File:Championsguildtalkytalky.png
Cooks' Guild Level 32 Cooking and Chef's hat, Cooking skillcape, or Varrock armour 3 equipped. File:Chef_head.png
Crafting Guild Level 40 Crafting, Brown apron or Crafting skillcape equipped.
Mining Guild Level 60 Mining File:Dwarf.png
Monastery (Prayer Guild) Level 31 Prayer File:Monastreytalkytalky.png
Runecrafting Guild Level 50 Runecrafting File:Rcentrance.PNG

Pay-to-play Guilds

Listed below are the guilds which can only be accessed in the members' version of RuneScape.

Guild Name Requirement(s)
Fishing Guild Level 68 Fishing
Heroes' Guild Completion of the Heroes' Quest File:Achiettes.gif‎
Legends' Guild Completion of the Legends' Quest File:Legends_Guild.png
Wizards' Guild

(Magic Guild) (Magicians' Guild)

Level 66 Magic File:Magic_Guild.gif
Ranging Guild 40 Ranged File:RangingGuild.png
Warriors' Guild Attack and Strength levels must add up to at least 130 or have an Attack or Strength level of 99. File:Warrior_Guild.gif
Servant's Guild A Construction level of at least 20 to use its features. Note that it cannot be joined, only used. File:Servants_Guild.gif

Informal Guilds

While these guilds don't necessarily exist in the sense that they are "officially" a part of the game, there are some areas and locations that tend to have a large number of players training certain skills, due to the close proximity of banks, resources, and tools necessary to train in that skill.

These activities often happen on specific "worlds" or game servers in an attempt to concentrate activity of the players, which often also brings in secondary activities such as merchanting and suppliers for these training areas.

Skill Location Primary world Notes/Description
Fletching Yanille Bank 132 Note: this is not used often anymore due to alchers moving to castle wars.
Smithing Keldagrim Blast Furnace 58 Level 60 Smithing is required to freely use the blast furnace.
Runecrafting (for those under level 50) Varrock west bank and air altar 16 Air running primarily takes place here.

Shilo Village/
Baxtorian Falls

22 Lots of fly fishing takes place here.
Thieving, Agility, Firemaking, Cooking Rogue's Den 77 Safe cracking, maze running, burning fires, cooking food.
Crafting (High Ranking Craft Level 1+, all others Level 20+) Al Kharid 81 Makes things out of Cowhide and Dragonhide.
Agility Ape Atoll Agility Course 46 Players can train Agility here to have fun and race other players, which often leads to quicker lap times.
Fishing and Cooking (free-to-play) Barbarian Village 30 Where you can get lots of free fish, cooked and raw, as well as it being the best place to train Fishing until about level 68.

Non-combat Magic (alching)

Castle Wars viewing area Any Castle Wars themed world You will often see huge crowds on the wall of Castle Wars watching the battles as they alchemise.

Note that many other unofficial player made guilds can be found by searching the official RuneScape Forums.

Non-existent Guilds

  • Agility guild (however, some people consider the Rogue's Den to be an "Agility guild")
  • Construction guild
  • Farming guild
  • Firemaking guild
  • Fletching guild(however, some people consider the bank in Yanille to be a "Fletching Guild")
  • Herblore guild (however, some people consider Catherby to be a "Herblore guild")
  • Hunter guild
  • Slayer guild (however, some people consider the Slayer Tower and ancient caverns to be a "Slayer guild")
  • Smithing guild (however, many people consider the Blast Furnace to be a "Smithing Guild")
  • Summoning guild (however, some people consider Catherby to be a "Summoning guild")
  • Thieving guild (however, some people consider the Rogue's Den to be a "Thieving guild")
  • Woodcutting guild (however, some people consider the Lumber Yard to be a "woodcutting guild")



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From TibiaWiki

Tibia is strongly based on the community and one's relations with others. Guilds strengthens one's relations with others in the world.
The guilds could be organized guilds made to bring wealth to their members (eg. Mercenarys), to help other players (eg. Alliance of Justice, Loremasters, Rising Dragons (Secura/Amera/Antica)), or just as a family or group of very good friends (eg. Castlings, Henceforth Family, Crimson Chaos).

To join a guild, first go to the guilds page and select your world. Then, scroll down to and select the world in which the invited character resides. Afterwards, find the guild and select the view button on the right and enter the guilds page; once in the guild page, select the 'Join Guild' button. As a sidenote, you must be logged into your account to join the guild.

To create a guild you need a premium account and also 4 vice-leaders with premium account too. Go to the guilds page, choose your world and scroll down to the bottom and click the Found Guild button.

Note that only one character per premium account can be a guild leader or vice-leader.
Sidenote: The guilds leader can decide to rent a guildhall. This is a great opportunity to rent a room, even if you are a free account player.

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki


A Supergroup is an organization within City of Heroes that is comprised of a group of either heroes or villains, uniting to work together to achieve various goals. A supergroup may consist of a group of people who frequently team together to play the game, or may be more loosely associated. Supergroup members will typically wish to collect prestige and salvage in order to allow the construction of a supergroup base which can provide many benefits to the supergroup members.

Those who wish to start a supergroup should contact the supergroup registrars appropriate for their characters and must be at least level 10.

When a supergroup is created, the supergroup owner picks a group name which must be unique. They can then configure a variety of supergroup settings, all of which can be changed at any time - only the supergroup name is fixed.

The other settings are:

  • Motto (displayed in the supergroup window)
  • Rank names
  • Rank permissions
  • Message of the day (displayed to all members on login)
  • Emblem
  • Colors

Supergroup members can be assigned any of the five available ranks, the names and abilities of which are customisable by the group leader, or any members whose rank has the necessary permissions granted. New members always join at the lowest rank, and different supergroups use these ranks in different ways to indicate membership roles.

To earn prestige for their supergroup, members must play in supergroup mode. Until level 25, this has no effect on earning influence/infamy or experience; after level 25, influence/infamy earned in supergroup mode progressively decreases. As a result, many supergroups request that lower-level characters remain in supergroup mode continually to earn prestige, but higher level characters are expected to use it less often, so that they can keep themselves supplied with influence/infamy as well.

Whilst in supergroup mode, the player can choose for their costume's colors to be altered to their supergroup's color scheme. The exact color alterations can be assigned on the second page of the supergroup settings screen, and allow colors for existing costume elements to be replaced by one of the two supergroup colors as chosen by the player.

At the time of writing, supergroup colors cannot be applied to wings.

Supergroups are also given a chat channel which allows all members of the supergroup who are currently online to communicate with each other, no matter what zone or mission they are in.

A supergroup may also form a coalition with one or more other supergroups, which can allow members to enter each others' bases, and to allow easier organisation of base raids or other large events. Coalition members have a coalition chat channel, which sends to all online members of all supergroups in coalition with the player's. Because each supergroup can set their coalition state separately, asymmetric relationships are possible so that a member of supergroup A might see coalition chat from a member of supergroup B but not a member of supergroup C who the member of B is having a conversation with - in this case, because supergroup C is not in coalition with supergroup A as well as B.

/supergroup message

Sent to all members of the character's supergroup.

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