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Qeynos Tier 3 guild hall at night with the centre courtyard amenity statue visible
Freeport Tier 3 guild all at night with the centre courtyard amenity statue visible


General information

Guild Halls are places where your guild members can come, hang out, chat, and do a whole lot more. They are a sort of status item. Guild halls vary in size, layout, lighting, and textures on the floors, walls, and ceilings.


There are three tiers of Guild Halls available from tier 1, a basic five room guild hall to tier 3, a castle like environment as shown in the images to the right. To see costing information, please refer to the Costing section.


Guild Halls are found in a number of locations. There is no restriction against a good-aligned guild leader buying an "evil" guild hall, or an evil-aligned buying a "good" guild hall. The guild leader should take into consideration the alignment of the majority of players before making a decision.

The following is a list of available locations.

Name or address Tier Zone in from /waypoint Description of location
Qeynos Guild Hall, Tier 1 1 North Qeynos ( 331, -20, 5 ) /waypoint 331, -20, 5 Building between the Claymore statue and the Castle steps
Qeynos Guild Hall, Tier 2 2 South Qeynos ( 483, -11, 111 ) /waypoint 483, -11, 111 Building northwest of the gate to North Qeynos
Qeynos Guild Hall, Tier 3 3 Antonica ( 441, -37, 823 ) /waypoint 441, -37, 823 Bell placed on the southwest Antonica dock
Kelethin Guild Hall 1 Greater Faydark, Kelethin ( 357, 131, 411 ) /waypoint 357, 131, 411 Acorn in the blank area on the map southeast of Silver Leaf Inn
Freeport Guild Hall, Tier 1 1 South Freeport ( -24, -7, 197 ) /waypoint -24, -7, 197 Westernmost building, all the way on the top
Freeport Large Guild Hall 2 North Freeport ( -14, -18, -261 ) /waypoint -14, -18, -261 Northwest building, close to the gate to Stonestair Byway
Freeport Guild Hall, Tier 3 3 Commonlands ( -1055, -144, -683 ) /waypoint -1055, -144, -683 Bell placed on the northeast Commonlands docks
Neriak Guild Hall 1 Neriak ( -626, 13, 272 ) /waypoint -626, 13, 272 Spinning teleporter inside the Hex Tower, south of Christanos Plaza.
Gorowyn Guild Hall 1 Gorowyn ( 2830, 122, 1236 ) /waypoint 2830, 122, 1236 All the way west in Gorowyn's housing area (take the first elevator halfway up then go south, up, and around in a counter-clockwise circle)

To get a /waypoint you can also press Alt+W and the Guild Hall should be listed under "Houses".


How To Get There

If your guild leader chooses to buy a guild hall in a different hometown you have a couple of options on how to get there, without requiring a well armed escort.

Buying the Magic Door from the City Merchant
  • From the City Merchants (for example Rabbleson in Qeynos Harbor) you can buy a Magic Door to the Guild Hall which you can place in your inn room or house. Once placed, you can right-click this door and you will be teleported to the guild hall. The cost for this item is 30g 100,000 status. (See image to the right.)
  • Find someone with an inn room and use theirs. This can be a fellow guildy, friend, or even just anyone who's set their house's public access to "Visitor". (Usually set so people can purchase items from their Market Board without incurring brokerage fees.) Enter their house, find their Magic Door to the Guild Hall and use it.
  • The last choice is to walk there by foot, and if necessary sneak through the city's sewer system if your level is too low compared to the city guards. See the above section for the guild hall locations. This is not always possible.

Once you are inside the guild hall, and if your guild has the Guild Translocation Beacon amenity, you can click it and receive the Call to Guild Hall spell.

To leave the guild hall, you can:

  • Kindly ask a wizard or druid type person for a port
  • Use any of the Guild Hall Transportation Amenities, if available
  • Use Call of Gorowyn, Haven, Kelethin, Neriak, Qeynos, Ro, or the Overlord (assuming you didn't bind in the guild hall!)
  • Clerics can cast Odyssey for you (returns you to your home town, see spell for details)
  • Run - again not always possible, but sometimes fun


When you move to a different guild hall the following happens:

  • When attempting to buy the new guild hall you will get a pop-up box where you have to confirm that you really want to move
  • The coin for the purchase will be taken from your inventory, not from the guild's escrow
  • 100% of the existing escrow is transferred to the new guild hall
  • 75% of the purchase price of the old guild hall is transferred to the new guild hall's escrow
  • All prepaid upkeep is lost
  • All house items, including amenities, are transferred via shipping crate except amenities from a larger hall that are not available in a smaller hall will be lost ((Lost, or move will not be permitted?))
  • All commodities from the Harvesting Supply Depot are retained.


Guild level Number of Amenities
30 - 34 5
35 - 39 7
40 - 44 10
45 - 49 12
50 - 54 15
55 - 59 17
60 - 61 20
62 - 63 21
64 - 65 22
66 - 67 23
68 - 69 24
70 - 71 25
72 - 73 26
74 - 75 27
76 - 77 28
78 - 79 29
80 30

Amenities are "bonus" items you can purchase for your guildhall. The number of amenities you can purchase depends on your guild's level. (As of LU52 Guild Halls don't place a restriction on the number of amenities.) Level 30 guilds start with 5 amenity slots, at levels 35, 45, and 55 you gain 2 amenity slots, and at levels 40, 50, and 60 you gain 3 amenity slots. Starting at level 62 you get 1 amenity slot every other level. A level 80 guild has 30 amenity slots. (See table to the right.)

Almost all amenities are available right away, there are a few decoration amenities which are restricted to tier 2 and tier 3 halls. It is a fairly large list, and the items are all very tempting, it is up to your guild to decide which ones you want to buy. Amenities can only be purchased by either the guild leader or a trustee. Unlike the upkeep cost for the guild hall, the purchase price for amenities can only come from the guild hall's escrow account. Amenities are refunded at half their purchased coin and status price when removed.

For a list of the amenities, see Guild Hall Amenities.

Amenities are broken into two groups, Hirelings and Objects.


Hirelings are NPC's which serve a specific purpose, such as a banker or a merchant of some sort. Hirelings can have their appearance adjusted to become any race or gender, they can be renamed, (the default is their occupation), and they can have their appearance customized.

In order to customize the appearance of a hireling, you must purchase at least one Uniform Mannequin. After the mannequin's appearance is set, you can use the Uniform drop down in the hirelings "Customize" menu.


Objects are non-NPC objects, like the mailbox, etc. All of the objects can be moved to just about any point in your guild hall, with some exceptions. Some objects have fixed positions (you have no choice in their final destination) and some objects can be resized (eg. you can make a gnome sized and an ogre sized mailbox). If you place a movable object in a spot where a fixed object will go, and purchase the fixed object, it will not be easy to get the movable object out of the way afterwards. To move it, type /house (or access the guild hall access menu), General Tab -> Collect an Item button. After finding it in the list you can either retrieve or move the item.


The cost shown in the table below reflects the weekly cost to maintain an "empty" guild hall. The initial purchase amount is taken directly from the guild leader upon sale of the property.

Tier Minimum Guild Level Maximum House Items Purchase Cost Weekly Upkeep
1 30 750 50p 50g 50,000 status
2 50 1000 250p 2p 50g 100,000 status
3 70 1500 1,000p 10p 200,000 status

For example, a level 50 guild owning a tier 1 guild hall and having one Farseas Express Mailbox and a Guildhall Translocation Beacon would cost 52g 51,250 status to maintain per week. Also note that you can not reduce your guild halls weekly coin or status payment by using coin or status reduction items; They can be placed in the guid hall but will have no effect on the weekly upkeep payment.)

Example of the the Guild's escrow

When you press the "Pay Upkeep" button the cost is taken from the guild's escrow. If there is not enough coin and status in the escrow it will attempt to take what is missing from your inventory. If you don't have enough to make up the balance you will get a message saying you can't afford to pay the upkeep.

The guild hall's escrow can be contributed to by anyone by using the deposit tab on the housing window. Depending on your access level you can get this up from outside before entering the guild hall or by clicking the door once inside. Alternately you can type /house anywhere inside the guild hall.

You can pay your upkeep for up to 12 weeks in advance.

External Links

  • Guild Hall Amenity Calculator - This site has not been modified to reflect LU52, no amenity number restriction based on guild hall tier.

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Guild Wars

Up to date as of February 01, 2010

From GuildWiki

Guild Halls are a great place to get with your guild teammates and trade and make new friends from your guild and alliance. A Guild Hall is a meeting place for a guild as well as the place for Guild versus Guild fights. Guild Halls are located on the Battle Isles. To access the Guild Hall, either travel by boat to the Battle Isles from any port, or click on the "Guild Hall" button in the Guild Panel. The Guild Leader has to buy the Guild Hall (using a Celestial Sigil). See below for details.


Guild Services

Once a Guild Hall has been obtained, any member of the guild can go to the Guild Lord and purchase any or all of the following necessities for your hall:

Service Cost
Xunlai Agent 10 Platinum
Dye Trader 50 Platinum
Crafting Material Trader 100 Platinum
Rare Material Trader 100 Platinum
Rune Trader 25 Platinum
Scroll Trader 50 Platinum
Skill Trainer 100 Platinum
Priest of Balthazar 10 Platinum
Merchant 25 Platinum
Weaponsmith 10 Platinum
Guild Emblemer 10 Platinum
Canthan Ambassador 10 Platinum
Festival Hat Keeper 10 Platinum
Total Costs 510 Platinum

Services notes

Obtaining a Guild Hall

In order to construct a hall for your guild, you first must obtain a Celestial Sigil. These can be acquired through success in the The Hall of Heroes or by purchasing one; Sigil Traders offer prices based upon supply and demand or you may find one through trade with another player. Before the hall is built, you will be asked to choose an island upon which to settle and to choose a cape; these can be changed later.

Changing your Guild Hall

You can change the guild hall later on. Just like acquiring a new guild hall, this requires one Celestial Sigil. Simply have the leader of the guild talk to the Canthan Ambassador again and pick a new location. Any NPCs that you have purchased will carry over into the new guild hall.

Note that if the leader of the guild changes the hall while people are still inside the hall, they get kicked out to wherever they entered the hall from as if they had clicked the Leave Guild Hall button.

Guild versus Guild battles

If you choose to participate in Guild versus Guild (GvG) battles, they will take place on your guild's island or the island of the opposing guild, depending on your ranking. Each Guild Island has two bases, one for the attacking guild, one for the defender. The base is where the Guild Lord is located. Killing him is the objective of a GvG battle.

Also, there is a flag stand usually near the island center. In GvG battles each guild has a flag that spawns in or near their base. Putting your guild's flag in the stand and holding it for more than 2 minutes will give your guild a 10% Morale Boost and your Guild Lord an extra 300 points of maximum health.

Depending on the Type of island there may be additional features like catapults, gate switches and more. Check the individual Guild Hall articles and the Guild versus Guild article for more details.

GvG henchmen

There are 20 henchmen available in the guild hall for use in GvG matches. Up to 4 of them can be included in the party.

Types of Guild Halls

As explained above, you can choose from one of the following islands with different themes (in parentheses) and features to build your Guild Hall.

Guild Wars Prophecies

Guild Wars Factions

Guild Wars Nightfall


  • Players may purchase any Guild Hall, even if the player does not own the campaign to which the hall's setting belongs.
  • The only place where you can fire off a Crate of Fireworks is in a Guild Hall.
Historical note: The April 05th, 2007, game update added Tolkano to Guild Halls, allowing players to name their account and trade Balthazar Faction in for Tournament Tokens.
Historical note: Before the Oct. 29th, 2009, game update, only 4 level 20 henchmen were available in the Guild Hall.


As mentioned above, the empire of Cantha grants Guilds the right to settle on one of their islands. Upon your arrival in Cantha the Canthan Ambassador explains why:

"These islands and many like them across the ocean are within the domain of the great empire of Cantha. While the northern powers fear the influence of powerful guilds, Cantha recognizes the value that many guilds bring to Tyria. If you are the leader of a reputable guild, you can petition to make your home on one of the Canthan islands."

Obtaining a Guild Hall is not an easy matter. Before you travel to Cantha to get a Guild Hall, you first have to get a Celestial Sigil. The Canthan Ambassador explains why:

"We are a very religious people, in Cantha. We do not grant territory to just anyone. Bring me a Celestial Sigil to prove that the gods favor you and your friends."

Note that if your guild opts for no capes, you will not be able to purchase a Guild Hall. The Canthan Ambassador refuses to grant a Guild Hall to anyone without a cape.

He refers to the honorable way of getting a Celestial Sigil: Win the Favor of the Gods in the Hall of Heroes and you will be given a Celestial Sigil as reward!

"It is said the Celestial Sigil is granted to those brave enough and skillful enough to hold The Hall of Heroes and earn the blessings of the Gods. To reach the Hall of Heroes, well, legends hold that you must pass through the Underworld itself. The Zaishen Guild of the Great Temple of Balthazar contend that they know of a place, Heroes' Ascent, that can be used to start such a journey."

Those who can't win the HoH can also buy a Celestial Sigil from a Sigil Trader.

"However, not everyone can capture The Hall of Heroes and for those who find themselves lacking we are happy to offer our Sigil Trading service. Simply speak to a Sigil Trader to purchase a Celestial Sigil. Price of course is based on current supply and demand."

You can find Sigil Traders in Cantha (standing right next to the Canthan Ambassador and in Heroes' Ascent). Of course you can also buy them from a fellow gamer. Be warned, Celestial Sigils are rather costly.

Once you have a Sigil, you can go to the docks of Lion's Arch, Kaineng Center, Kamadan or the Great Temple of Balthazar to meet with a Canthan Ambassador, who will take you to the Islands of Cantha. He will show you around the various types of Guild Hall islands (listed below).

Once you've chosen which island you want to settle on, give the sigil to the Canthan Ambassador and he will grant you the right to build your Guild Hall here.

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From TibiaWiki

A Guildhall is where people of the same Guild can meet to talk, hang out and have fun. The Guild Leader must purchase their Guildhall by auction at the House page. Guildhalls aren't cheap, so the Guild Leader should receive money from any guild members who will use the Guildhall.

  • Remember only premium account members can sleep in a bed.
  • An infinite amount of items can be stored in a Guildhall. If the rent is not paid at the due time, all the items will be sent to the owner's depot of that town (the guildleader).
  • Guild leaders may own a private house as well as a guildhall on the same server.

See also:
Building/All/Guildhalls - A list of Guildhalls available in Tibia.

This article uses material from the "Guildhall" article on the Tibia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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