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Gubbage Cones were a race of intelligent fungi native to Pluvikerr.

Circa 59,000 BC, they were the dominant empire in the galaxy. Their empire encompassed the silicon Excalbians, the feathered people of Velopssi, androids from Exo III, the Lamp People of Badafex, Ice Warriors and Ogrons, as well as Mire Beast fighting pits. (MA: The Crystal Bucephalus)

The Master stole a Vortex Cloak from the ruins of the Gubbage Cone Throneworld on the edge of the Great Attractor. (PDA: The Quantum Archangel)

By the 23rd century, Steven Taylor's native time, the Gubbage Cones were living on the planet Mechanus, where they attacked the Doctor and his companions and the Daleks, who had just arrived in their DARDIS. They could be repelled by bright light. (DW: The Chase)

Behind the Scenes

The Gubbage Cones were not named on-screen, only in the script. Earlier reference works to Doctor Who had referred to them as "fungoids".

The comic story The World That Waits features Fungoids on Mechanus but these creatures look entirely dissimilar. This is likely attributable to John Woods not having any references to work from to draw Gubbage Cones.

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