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Guardians of the Breath
Organizational information
Affiliated organizations/governments

Kashi Mer Dynasty


The Force

Historical information
Planet of founding


Date of collapse(s)

c.25,000 BBY

Other information

Pre-Republic era

The Guardians of the Breath were the ancient Kashi mystics who were able to control the Force. However, as the Kashi believed it was blasphemy to keep records and journals of these skills in written form, they were instead kept in oral traditions: in the "Breath."

While many tens of thousands of Kashi sought to join the order each year, only a handful were selected for training. Increasing levels of ability and training granted the Guardians higher and higher "Levels of Attainment". Offworlders who petitioned for membership almost always were imprisoned for life in the dark prisons of the Kashi Mer Dynasty.

The Guardians specialized in uses of the Force that promoted the growth of crops and healing. They also used the "Breath" to grant them precognitive visions.

From time to time the Guardians exiled members of their order from Kashi. Some of these Guardians fell to the Dark Side. Xendor, the first Dark Jedi may have been among these, one of the survivors of the supernova which wiped out the Kashi Mer culture and the Guardians c.25,000 BBY.

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