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Series: Speculations
Author(s): Brett Hudgins
Publication information
Printed: Strange New Worlds VII
Pages: 247-270
Date: 2297-52,267

"Guardians" is a short story by Brett Hudgins which appears in Strange New Worlds VII. It continues the stories of both the Horta and the Guardian of Forever. The title refers to both.



"Guardians" is divided up into dated episodes. "The Present" is a framing story set in 52,267 A.D.. There is also a very brief section labeled "The Future."

49,970 Years Ago—2297

Chief Engineer Vanderberg gives a farewell speech to the Horta.

49,805 Years Ago—2462

A Romulan attack on the Rock of Ages (the planet the Guardian of Forever is on) is repelled.

49,803 Years Ago—2464

The Horta agree to serve as guardians to the Guardian of Forever.

49,571 Years Ago—2696

Romulans attempt to use or destroy the Guardian of Forever.

49,400 Years Ago—2867

Creation of the Temporal Integrity Commission renders the Guardian of Forever obsolete. By this time General Order 7 has been rescinded and Vulcan-Romulan Reformation has occurred.

46,960 Years Ago—5307

A Horta defects to the Crystalline Entity.

42,126 Years Ago—10,141

The Borg attempt to assimilate the Guardian of Forever.

34,665 Years Ago—17,602

Q begins to visit the Guardian of Forever.

29,405 Years Ago—22,862

Armus attempts to use the Guardian of Forever.

23,870 Years Ago—28,397

Vic Fontaine and Odo visit the Guardian of Forever.

15,565 Years Ago—36,702

The Elasians and Troyians wipe each other out.

8020 Years Ago—44,247

Humanity joins the Q Continuum.

One Year Ago—52,266

The Horta mate.

The Present

The Horta eggs hatch.

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Organization Template Organization Template
Guardians of the Universe

Official Name
Guardians of the Universe
Organization Aliases
Guardians, Maltusians, Oans


Organization Identity


Base Of Operations

Organization Leader(s)
formerly Ganthet now Scar

Current Members
Scar and many other unnamed guardians

Former Members

The Guardians evolved on the planet Maltus, and were possibly the first intelligent life forms in the Universe. At this time they were tall greyish blue humanoids with black hair. They became scientists and thinkers, experimenting on the worlds around them.

Place of Formation

Image:Quote1.png We bring a power far greater than fear, evil one. We bring the power of will. Image:Quote2.png
--Guardians of the Universe




The Guardians of the Universe evolved on the planet Maltus, and were possibly the first intelligent life forms in the Universe. At this time they were tall greyish blue humanoids with black hair. They became scientists and thinkers, experimenting on the worlds around them. One experiment led to the creation of a new species, the Psions. In a pivotal moment, billions of years ago, a Maltusian named Krona used time-bending technology to observe the beginning of the Universe. This experiment flooded the beginning of the Universe with entropy causing it "to be born old".

Feeling responsible for this, the Maltusians relocated to the planet Oa (at "the center of the Universe") and became the Guardians. Their goal was simple: combat evil and create an orderly universe. And they acted quickly on that goal. During this period they also changed to their current appearance.


  • Before life existed on Earth, they learned how to manipulate what they called "the Glow", and eventually created a Central Power Battery to store this energy. This "energy" was actually the collective willpower of the inhabitants of the universe, and the center energy field of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum. Accessing and manipulating this willpower gave the Guardians an ultimate tool to pursue their goals.[citation needed]
  • Hunting down those who preyed on the weak, they captured a fear elemental, Parallax. They imprisoned the creature in the Central Battery, hoping to lock it away forever.[citation needed]
  • Millenia ago after a protracted war they achieved an accord with the Reach, an alien race who turned out to be the source of the Blue Beetle Scarab bonded to Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes).[citation needed]
  • The magic-wielding Empire of Tears was subjugated and imprisoned on the throneworld and tombworld of Ysmault.[citation needed]
  • Trying to remove magic from the Universe, they bound as much magical energy as possible into an orb called the Starheart. This would eventually become the ring and lantern of Alan Scott.
  • On Mars, the Guardians confronted the destructive race known as "The Burning" and split the race into two new species: the Green Martians and the White Martians. The Guardians changed their reproductive behavior, and gave them an inherent fear of fire in order to stop their species from destroying much of the universe.[citation needed]
  • Robotic Manhunters were created to patrol the Universe. The Manhunters rebelled, believing they were superior to the Guardians and should be in control, and were exiled.[citation needed]
  • The mad god that was the entire Sector 3600 was defeated by the Guardians and was constrained by a matrix of their making. By showing the sector that they were its superiors, the Guardians had imprisoned it for all time.[citation needed]
  • The insect race of Tchkk-Tchkki, later known as Legion, was enclosed in an emerald forcefield around their world.[citation needed]
  • They reached an accord with the Spider Guild whereby they and their operatives would stay out of Vegan space. Due to this agreement the Omega Men have become the only peacekeepers in their sector.[citation needed]
  • After the failed experiment with the Manhunters, the Guardians invented other ways of opposing evil in the universe. The Green Glob was an intelligent teaching machine created from their emerald energy, programmed to educate mortals all over the universe and able to briefly alter reality to do so.[citation needed]
  • The Halla's, an intergalactic police corps wielding power guns channeling the emerald energy, was a short-lived successor of the Manhunters and a precursor to the successful Green Lantern Corps.[citation needed]
  • Finally, the Green Lantern Corps was established to replace the Manhunters and the Halla's. These troops were given some of the power of the Central Power Battery, accessed through a ring.[citation needed]
  • Against Apokolips, they waged a war. They tried several times to infiltrate Darkseid's home, finally deciding on a war against his rule. Their troops were brutally defeated with two-thirds dead. The attack on Apokolips ended with a truce.[citation needed]
  • The Guardians guided Kal-El (Superman) on his journey to earth.[citation needed]
  • During the Crisis on Infinite Earths the Guardians were again divided. A small group desired to take a more aggressive role in destroying evil and recruited Guy Gardner to act as their Green Lantern. The failure of the Guardians to act decisively in the Crisis led to their decision to temporarily withdraw from the universe.[citation needed]


The Manhunter rebellion led to schisms. One group (the Controllers) thought that the only way to protect the Universe was to control it. The female Oans (the Zamarons) felt no need to involve themselves in the Universe's problems. Over the years, both groups evolved to look most unlike the Guardians. Other groups have also left the Guardians; one such group settled on Earth, becoming the origin for leprechaun legends. The Manhunters became avowed enemies of the Guardians. The Apokolips campaign ended with a truce with the Guardians forced to abandon a soldier (Raker Qarrigat) to Darkseid. Fearing dissension, they ordered all records of the Campaign expunged.

Recent history

The Guardians were almost wiped out when Parallax took control of Hal Jordan, the only survivor being Ganthet. They sacrificed themselves to create one final power ring, a power ring perhaps more powerful than all others before it. Oa was itself destoyed in a battle between Parallax and Kyle Rayner, but rebuilt as the final wish of Hal Jordan's former power ring. The Guardians were restored when Kyle Rayner, as Ion, recharged the central battery. Rayner lost his power and role as Ion but this sacrifice released all the Guardian's life forces from the dormancy in his ring. The immortals first appeared as children but aged quickly and many seemed to return to the identities they had before they created Kyle Rayner's power ring. Unlike before however: the Guardians were male and female, rather than just male. While Kyle had made them children in order for them to grow up and become less cold than their predecessors, this did not work. Instead the Guardians were as cold and manipulative as they were before. Also one of them (Lianna) seemed to revert to the original Malthusian appearance in the process. With their revival they began to rebuild the Green Lantern Corps using veterans to train the new ring-bearers. Kyle Rayner's recent metamorphosis into Ion again seemed to be part of a new Guardian experiment, the evolution of the Corps. Alongside this experiment, the Guardians refortified Oa by creating a planetwide armour and defensive system to prevent successful attacks against them.

Sinestro Corps War

The Sinestro War forces them to rewrite the Book of Oa and to add ten new laws. They also expelled Ganthet and Sayd from their rank, because they have experience emotions, which they consider to be not permitted. The first law allowed the lethal force against the Sinestro Corps. During the Sinestro Corps' invasion of Earth, the Guardians decided to reassign Ion to Sodam Yat, a Daxamite who develops Superman-like abilities under Earth's yellow sun.

When the Anti-Monitor begins absorbing the positive matter of Earth, the Guardians joined the battle and unleashed their combined might on the so-called "Guardian of Fear", partly out of anger for being rendered nonfactors during the First Crisis. However, the Anti-Monitor is able hold his own against the combined group, and successfully manages to burn a female Guardian. Fortunately, Green Lanterns John Stewart and Guy Gardner come up with a plan to use Warworld and it's mobile power battery as a weapon against the Anti-Monitor, seriously weakening him. Following Supeboy-Prime's betrayal of the Anti-Monitor, the Guardians turn their attention to him, and one of the Guardians sacrifices his life to warp Prime out of the New Earth reality by acting as a human bomb. With Hal Jordan's arrest of Sinestro, the re-imprisoning of Parallax, and the supposed deaths of the Anti-Monitor, Hank Henshaw, and Superboy-Prime, the leaderless Sinestro Corps withdraws.

The rise of the Lantern Corps

Following the Sinestro Corps, the Guardians, at the lead of the increasingly militant Scarred Guardian, decided to take steps to prevent the War of Light from coming to pass. They created a new division called the Alpha Lanterns, which serves as a sort of "internal affairs" group. The selected Lanterns were subjected to invasive surgery that allows them to store Power Batteries in them and directly links them to the Book of Oa. However, it also appeared to strip the Lanterns of all emotion, a sort of Lanter-Manhunter hybrid. Also, the Alpha Lanterns have a rigid, literal following of the Book of Oa, not allowing circumstances to be included in their decisions. Additionally, the Guardians authorized the use of lethal force against all enemies Green Lantern Corps after they detected a surge of red energy of hate on the emotional spectrum.

While this occurs, the Sinestro Corps, though leaderless and fighting off a hostile takeover by Mongul II, embarked upon a campaign to terrorize the Green Lantern Corps by targeting their families. Additionally, the Zamarons, having long harnessed the violet energy of love, form their own Star Sapphire Corps to spread love throughout the Universe,. The Guardians decided to try a diplomatic mission to dissuade the Zamarons from continuing, where they discover that the Zamarons have captured multiple Sinestros and crystallized them in an effort to fill their hearts with love. The Guardians request that the Zamarons stop their experiments, but they refused. Recognizing the threat from the Sinestro Corps and the Star Sapphires, the Guardians add a third law forbidding romance or physical relationships between Green Lanterns.

Unknown to the other Guardians, however, the Scarred Guardian had been exposed to the power behind the Blackest Night while she burned at the Anti-Monitor's hand. She no longer sought to protect the Universe, but leave the Green Lantern Corps weakened when the Blackest Night occurred.

When the Guardians discovered that not only had Atrocitus harnessed the red light of rage, but Ganthet and Sayd had harnessed the blue light of hope and placed a Blue Lantern Ring on Hal Jorda, they were outraged, declaring Ganthet and Sayd's actions tantamount to treason. They then attempted to remove the ring from Jordan's hand, even resorting to using green light to try and destroy it, only to discover that it would not go so quietly. However, the Guardians soon learned that Green Lantern Stel had been attacked on the outskirts of the Vega System, and had been branded with the seal of the Orange Lantern Corps. Soon, a hologram of Larfleeze, also known as Agent Orange and the leader of the Orange Lanterns, burst from the seal and accused the Guardians of sending the Controllers to steal the orange light from him. The Guardians insisted that the Controllers had severed all ties with them billions of years ago, but Larfleeze refused to listen, declaring the treaty between himself and the Guardians null and void. Scar then blasted the hologram and proposed repealing the Vega system ban. The Guardians agreed, but some had reservations on both the plan and Scar herself.


Equipment: Central Power Battery
Transportation: Flight
Weapons: Green Lantern Power Ring


  • No special notes.


The Guardians of the Universe appear in the video game Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe to tell Green Lantern about the threat of the two merging worlds.

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Looking for Guardian, the level?

"The Guardians" is a placeholder name shown when a player's character in a Halo game dies of unknown causes. When a player dies under bizarre or unknown circumstances, the message "<player> was killed by The Guardians" is shown. The message appears in Halo PC, Halo Custom Edition, Halo 2, Halo 2 Vista, and Halo 3.



Guardian deaths are caused by the game being unable to explain the death of a player.

In Halo: Combat Evolved, every object is assigned ownership. As an example, any bullets generated as a result of a shooting player would have their ownership attributed to the player who fired them. However, in cases where a player is killed by objects that have no ownership, the resulting death will be credited to the Guardians. This theory can be easily tested by having a player fire a rocket or any other slow moving projectile at another player and exiting before the impact. Since the player has left, the rocket will no longer have a valid ownership attribute and the resulting death will be appear as a Guardian kill.

Melee deaths in Halo: Combat Evolved are subject to the same system. If two players simultaneously melee each other, one of the deaths will be attributed to the Guardians since logic in the game prevents a melee being attributed to a player who's awaiting respawn.

Kills caused by environmental objects (such as the trains in Halo 2's Terminal) and scripted environmental objects (such as the mines in Sandtrap, the cannons in Snowbound, and the towers in Sandbox) are similarly inexplicable, and are thus credited to The Guardians.

Other examples of inexplicable kills include: being crushed by falling Scorpions; solid objects such as Crates (or Traffic Cones) hitting you at a high velocity; Teleporter glitches (including teleporting outside of the map, when the resulting death doesn't count as a fall); and any other unpredictable, random, or bizarre deaths.

While the Guardians' scripted appearances can be overloaded, the Guardians themselves cannot. As an example, overloading Sandtrap will disable the mines whose kills are credited to The Guardians, but The Guardians themselves aren't disabled (inexplicable kills will still be attributed to them), as they don't really exist -- the Guardians are not players, characters, or objects. The Guardians are merely a "dummy" name -- the phrases "<Player> was killed by The Guardians" and "I have absolutely no idea why <Player> died just now" are effectively synonymous.

Scripted Appearances

It should be noted that the Guardians' scripted appearances are actually a lack of scripting: the developers of the Halo games chose not to add code explaining the deaths that could result from the appearances.

  • Terminal: the train.
  • Sandbox: the watchtowers.
  • Sandtrap: the Brute Landmines outside of the level's boundaries.
  • Snowbound: the plasma turrets at the boundaries.
  • Standoff: the gate behind one of the bases. (Approaching this gate, or touching it at high speed, can result in death) or going over the side of the cliff.
  • Narrows: standing on the ring for too long.
  • Forge: Any contact with a Kill Ball.
  • Valhalla: the giant beam that shoots out of the top of both bases (use caution when flying over the top of the base in a Banshee).


  • Falling to your death.
  • Being splattered by an object of its own accord, such as a flying fusion coil, or the occasional empty vehicle. These can happen through means of relatively rare circumstances and explosions.
    • This does not include objects that are being actively manipulated by a player in Edit Mode.
    • In Halo: Combat Evolved, there is a separate message for unmanned vehicle kills.
  • Being knocked off a ledge by an object.
  • Forge games often lead to multiple Guardian kills, due to its physics manipulating nature.
  • Being weakened by enemy forces, only to be killed by something brought about by the above.
  • Being outside of the level boundaries for a short period of time, or touching a kill barrier.
    • In some cases, touching the ground outside of a level for a total of between one and five seconds results in a death. The amount of time varies from map to map (and possibly between areas of maps), but it is cumulative -- if a total of five seconds can kill a player, then a player can also die by touching the ground outside the level for two seconds, jumping onto a vehicle, and then touching the ground for three more seconds.
  • Being killed by an AI-controlled NPC (they can be modded into maps in Halo PC).
  • When two players melee each other at the same time in Halo: Combat Evolved.


  • If one overloads a map, The Guardians' scripted appearances will stop working, allowing players to explore the boundaries of Snowbound, Sandtrap, and similar maps. However, bizarre or inexplicable kills will still be credited to The Guardians.
  • There have been many cases in both Halo 2 and Halo 3 where mysterious deaths have been credited to The Guardians. This is possibly the game's only explanation for being killed by a Ghost of Halo, as a Ghost of Halo is not an (identifiable) player.
  • A glitch in the Halo Trial causes the player to spontaneously die. When this happens, a message appears saying "You were killed by the Guardians."
  • The Art of Halo 3 revealed an enemy cut from the game, called a Guardian Sentinel, who were supposed to be enemies on a Halo 3 level that got cut, and was the inspiration behind the map Guardian.


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Three Time Lord Guardians on Iconia
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The Guardians, also known as Time Lords, or Oq'rat"jahm in their native language, are an angel-like race of beings who eventually became so attuned to temporal mechanics that they evolved into a higher plane of existence, actually becoming part of the fabric of time & space. Prior to this, they were the dominant part of a vast, peaceful extra-galactic alliance involving the almost identical Preserver race and the Dom'Kavash. Those Guardians that remained in coporial form eventually became the advanced Iconians otherwise known as Alterans or Ancients. It is implied that the Guardians were the mysterious ancient progenitors that seeded the Milky Way Galaxy and possibly others with humanoid life. (Star Trek: Unity & Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR))



Ria McCarthy apparently inhabited by an ascended Guardian
The actual appearance of The Guardians is unclear. In 2387, when first contact was made, they appeared humanoid, almost like angels; however they stated that this was not their true form. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Time's Legacy") Starfleet Captain Puto, a member of the offshoot Iconian race is generally humanoid, but with an extremely long lifespan and telepathic abilities, which suggests the Guardians may have also shared those features.


An early symbol of the Guardian Council

The history of The Guardians dates back to billions of years ago (according to the Guardian of Forever, approximately five billion years ago), possibly much earlier. The Guardians dedicated their lives to science and learned much about the nature of the universe. After the transwarp breakthrough, their civilization expanded across the galaxy, acquiring the knowledge of many civilizations. Eventually they built Guardian Timegates, portals into other points in space-time and later Guardian Timeships which could reach Warp 10 and also travel through the 5th dimension (parallel universes). Their capital planet, known today as Gateway, became the hub for galaxy-wide activity in the ancient Milky Way. Sometime after they began to explore beyond our galaxy, they disappeared. Every Guardian had ascended: evolved into a higher being, existing on a different universal plane; in essence, becoming part of the fabric of time.

See: Guardian Realm

The dissapearance of the founding race of the Infinite Oq'rat"jahm Empire left much of the galaxy in turmoil. This sudden vanishing of a prominent civilization is thought to have lead to the destabilization of the Delta Quadrant and the dissapearance of many ancient Alpha and Beta Quadrant societies unable to cope without the order brought by the Guardians.

The Guardians remained well-known throughout the early galaxy; however most of their portals and ships disappeared. The Borg discovered their advanced transwarp technology around the late 19th century, but were unable to reverse the effects of hyper-evolution and resorted to using a downgraded version of the drive, transwarp conduits.

Spacecraft and technology

Background Information

There is a lot more information about the Guardians written in the Star Trek: Pioneer series "bible" which has yet to be fully explored. The most significant of this is the Time War. The following is an extract from the writer's own notes (the information is somewhat sketchy):

Before their evolution the Guardians were considered the "masters of time". They were the only civilization in the early galaxy to posses time travel technology. However, during the expansion of their empire there suddenly emerged a species of equal power and time-travel abilities. The Guardians trespassed into this species' territory and they were quick to retaliate. This unknown species quickly destroyed all colony worlds along the border of their two people's space. The Guardians, infuriated and not realising it was their fault this had happened, sent back a single agent through time to prevent the colonies' destruction. Unfortunatly the unidentified species was as attuned to the changes in the timelines as well as the Guardians were and the alternate timeline produced affected only the "lesser species". This incursion into the past was percieved as a great threat by the aliens and so they launched an attack on the closest Guardian outposts and bombarded them with Chroniton torpedoes, both destroying the outposts and rendering time travel impossible there for at least another 3,000 years, beginning the Time War. The Guardians launched a counterstrike and purposefully caused a series of Paradoxes on the alien worlds. Both species then went to all out war across the galaxy using sophisticated temporal weaponry. An important event in the war: the Temporal Incursion of the Guardian Homeworld suddenly caused the entire history of the war to be re-written, favouring the aliens. This was however corrected and by the end of the war and the pivotal Causality Loop Attack on Kellinar Prime forced a treaty to be signed and all temporal paradoxes fixed.

Please note, this information may not be considered Pioneer "canon" as it is yet to feature in an episode.

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Guardians were the plural title for Guardian. The Guardians were two Jedi assigned to protecting the cave of the resurrection crystals. They were given immortality, and could not be killed or die. They were excellent warriors, and were able to kill very well and fast. They could be harmed in combat, but never killed. This reason alone kept Palpatine from destroying them during the Jedi Purge. The only way they could die was when the galaxy was destroyed. There were only 3 guardians to have existed:

The Old Jedi
The Young Jedi
Jacen Solo

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Raphael's Guardians and family

Japanese (kanji and furigana)


Japanese translated




Appears in (sets)
Appears in (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Duel Monsters)

A Guardian is part of a special group of monsters identified by having "Guardian" (ガーディアン) in their Japanese names. This archetype is played by Rafael in Yu-Gi-Oh! (Duel Monsters) anime.

The core Guardian Monsters were initially released in Dark Crisis and re-released in Dark Revelation Volume 1. Each monster has a corresponding Equip Spell Card, and can only be summoned if that Equip Card is already face-up on the field. The equip does not have to be equipped to their corresponding monster. The only Guardian that is an exception to this rule is Guardian Eatos, whom can be special and normal summoned without restrictions. Each Guardian monster and Equip Spell Card also has their own independent effects. Aside from these "true" Guardian monsters, there are also several other cards which simply have "Guardian" in their card name. These include cards released before and after the Guardian monsters and Dark Crisis and initially can't be used by Arsenal Summoner.

Facts about GuardiansRDF feed

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