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The Guardians of Armadyl are an organization loyal to Armadyl and based in the Temple of Ikov. They are involved with the Temple of Ikov and While Guthix Sleeps quests. Idria refers to herself as "a leader of sorts" of the Guardians.




Temple of Ikov

The Guardians of Armadyl are looking after the Staff of Armadyl, but Lucien wants it. He asks the player to retrieve it for him. Players can either go along with Lucien's plan and kill all of the Guardians in the room and take the Staff of Armadyl, or they can side with the Guardians and agree to kill Lucien.

Players can also talk to or kill a Guardian to obtain an Armadyl pendant if they lose theirs.

Between Temple of Ikov and While Guthix Sleeps

If you've completed the Temple of Ikov quest and prevented Lucien from getting the Staff of Armadyl, a Guardian will hand you an Armadyl communiqué. It is from Idria and warns you that the staff is now threatened by Movario, a treasure hunter Lucien has recruited.

While Guthix Sleeps

The Guardians of Armadyl side with the player against Lucien. Idria goes to the White Knights' Castle in Falador to help organize the plot against the power-hungry Mahjarrat.



  • The symbol in the Guardians of Armadyl's platebody used to be the symbol of Saradomin, not of Armadyl. This might have just been a mistake by Jagex, or this could simply imply that Armadyl and Saradomin are allies in the god realm, which is unlike the relationships of the other gods (such as the clear hatred, and even fear, between Zaros and Zamorak). This mistake was fixed on June 22 2009. The Guardians of Armadyl's platebody now has a symbol of Armadyl.

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