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A guard is stationed for the protection of certain areas. Most guards are patrolling the outskirts of larger cities in case of an attack. Other guards are stationed farther from town as a lookout to provide more advance warning of an attack. Most persons of importance have personal guards that look out for their safety and honor. An interesting fact about guards is that if you engage them in conversation, and then use foul language, they will attack you.

Guard NPCs

Name Image:Trans.gif Job Buy/Sell Location
A Ghostly Guardian Image:A Ghostly Guardian.gif Guard no In the Dream Realm under the Plains of Havoc.
Alwin Image:Alwin.gif Guard no Southwestern gate of Venore, here.
Arnold Image:Arnold.gif Guard no Middle city passage of Venore, between the temple and depot, here.
Bambi Bonecrusher Image:Bambi Bonecrusher.gif Guard no Carlin, north gate on Central Street, Here.
Barbara Image:Barbara.gif Guard no Carlin Castle on Central Street, Here.
Blossom Bonecrusher Image:Blossom Bonecrusher.gif Guard no Carlin, east gate, on Theater Avenue, here.
Bruce Image:Bruce.gif Guard no Between Alchemist Quarter and Cemetery Quarter, Yalahar.
Bunny Bonecrusher Image:Bunny Bonecrusher.gif Guard no Carlin Castle on Central Street, 2nd floor above where Queen Eloise is, Here.
Busty Bonecrusher Image:Busty Bonecrusher.gif Guard no Carlin on Theater Avenue, west gate, here.
Chester Kahs Image:Chester Kahs.gif Captain of the TBI no Royal Army Headquarters of Thais on Royal Avenue between north gate and castle, on second floor, here.
Christoph Image:Christoph.gif Guard no Northwestern gate of Venore.
Clark Image:Clark.gif Guard Captain no Port Hope (here)
Dabui Image:Dabui.gif Protector no The entrance to the castle in Darashia, here.
Dallheim Image:Dallheim.gif Guard no The northern bridge out of Rookgaard's city, here.
Eirik Image:Eirik.gif Guard no Svargrond, east of tavern
Elathriel Image:Elathriel.gif Caste Leader yes Ab'Dendriel prison, 3 floors below ground.
Elf Guard Image:Elf Guard.gif Guard no Ab'Dendriel Main Entrance
Falk Image:Falk.gif Guard no Edron Castle, north gate (here)
Fenbala Image:Fenbala.gif Guard no Carlin Castle on Central Street, Here.
Fynn Image:Fynn.gif Guard, Barbarian no Svargrond, east of depot
Grof, The Guard Image:Grof, The Guard.gif Guard no North gate of Thais at the intersection of Temple Street with Mill and Royal Avenue, here.
Harkath Bloodblade Image:Harkath Bloodblade.gif Guard no Royal Army Headquarters of Thais on Royal Avenue between north gate and castle, here.
Harsky Image:Harsky.gif Guard no Rain Castle throne room in northwest Thais on Royal Avenue, here.
Jean Claude Image:Jean Claude.gif Guard no Northeast of Venore, in front of the second depot.
Kulag, The Guard Image:Kulag, The Guard.gif Guard no Western Thais gate, on Sorcerer's Avenue, here.
Morun Image:Morun.gif Protector no The entrance to the Caliph's chambers in the Darashia castle, here one floor up.
Pythius the Rotten Image:Pythius the Rotten.gif Guard no Beregar caves.
Shauna Image:Shauna.gif Guard no East Carlin, in the prison on Theater Avenue, here.
Sirik Image:Sirik.gif Guard no Svargrond, west of boat
Stutch Image:Stutch.gif Guard no Rain Castle throne room in northwest Thais on Royal Avenue, here.
Sylvester Image:Sylvester.gif Guard no Between Southwest and South gates of Venore, 3rd floor of the guard house.
Thanita Image:Thanita.gif Guard no The Tower of Whitewatch, in northern Femor Hills
Tim, The Guard Image:Tim, The Guard.gif Guard no East gate of Thais at The City Wall and Main Street, on second floor, here.
Tulf Image:Tulf.gif Guard no Guard room of Emperor Kruzak's chambers, four floors above ground.
Walter, The Guard Image:Walter, The Guard.gif Guard no South gate of Thais on Harbour Street, here.
Warbert Image:Warbert.gif Guard no Southern gate of Venore.
Zerbrus Image:Zerbrus.gif Guard no The premium bridge out of Rookgaard's city, premium side. (here)

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