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Guard-Off in Final Fantasy V.

Guard Off, also known as Def-Less, is a Blue Magic spell.




Final Fantasy V

Guard Off (called Off Guard in some translations) is a Blue Magic spell that lowers enemies' Defense.

Final Fantasy IX

Lvl 3 Def-Less affects those whose level is a multiple of 3. It can be learned by Quina Quen by eating a Carve Spider, Lamia, Lizard Man, Sand Scorpion, Ochu, or Grand Dragon. It costs 12 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Guard-Off lowers Defense and Magic Resistance of a unit for the duration of a battle.

LV 3 Def-Less similarly affects all units whose level is a multiple of 3.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Called Expose Weakness (possibly to bring it in line with the similar Final Fantasy XII Technick, Expose), it reduces a unit's Defense and Magick Resistance.


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