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Guado Guardian
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Guado Guardian is an enemy in Final Fantasy X. There are four types. Guado Guardians can be fought in the Macalania Temple, and two are fought with Seymour in the boss battle in the same place. Two are later fought alongside the Wendigo at Macalania Lake. The fourth time the Guado Guardians can be fought is in Home where they are stronger than all previous encounters.

Seymour Strategy

Main article: Seymour (Final Fantasy X)#Strategy

The Guards and will first cast protect on themselves while Seymour, shell. The guards will cover Seymour and heal when losing damage; which can be prevented by stealing from them. Kimahri's Stone Breath will defeat them both.

Wendigo Strategy

Main article: Wendigo (Final Fantasy X)#Strategy

The Guado Guardians will heal the Wendigo; stealing from them will prevent them from doing so. On death, the Guardians will cast Shell and Protect on the Wendigo; to prevent this Kimahri can use Stone Breath to defeat them both.

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