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Unggoy Rebellion

39th Age of Conflict


23rd Age of Doubt


Balaho, all throughout the Covenant Empire


The Unggoy were eventually forced back into the Covenant


The Unggoy Race

The Covenant Hegemony


Unggoy Insurgent

Unknown Arbiter


The Unggoy Race

The Covenant Military


Unknown number of Unggoy, most likely heavy

Unknown number of other Covenant, an Arbiter


The Unggoy Rebellion, also known as the Grunt Rebellion, is an event in the history of the empire of the Covenant. It was started by the Infusion Incident when the growing Unggoy population put pressure on the Kig-Yar population with whom they shared their habitats. Apparently, the overwhelming Unggoy population forced many of the Kig-Yar to relocate, killing many of their eggs and forcing the Kig-Yar birth rate to decline.

In an effort to exact revenge, some of the Kig-Yar poisoned the Unggoy infusion resources, recreational narcotics used in the Unggoy's portable methane supplies. This made the contaminated males sterile, escalating conflict between the two species. After the San 'Shyuum failed to respond to it, due to High Council rejection to the Minister of Fortitude's request to have further investigation done, it escalated into a short but aggressive conflict, forcing the High Council to create an Arbiter. The conflict ended when the Unggoy homeworld Balaho was almost glassed by orbital bombardment by a Covenant Fleet. This war showed that, when motivated, the Unggoy were excellent fighters. Following their warrior tradition, the Sangheili that had defeated the uprising forgave the surviving Unggoy fighters, trained and armed them with better equipment, and integrated them into formerly Sangheili-only units. The war however, kept the Unggoy to a lowly position in the Covenant.[1]


Military Forces


  • Commander: Unggoy Insurgent Leader.
  • Unknown amount of Grunts, but presumably in the hundreds of thousands.


  • Commander: Presumably an Arbiter.
  • Covenant Fleet: Significant numbers of vessels and Covenant Armies.


This event began the 39th Age of Conflict, and after the Grunts were forced back into the Covenant, ushered in the 23rd Age of Doubt.

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