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Groundquakes were natural phenomena on rocky planets. As their internal cores spun, they created rift zones, faults, and plates on the surface as a result of convection currents. When two plates moved past each other, a groundquake was triggered and anything caught in the shock wave would be damaged or destroyed from shaking. Scales for measuring groundquakes included standard magnitude[1] and the Imperial quake scale.[2]

Groundquakes were common to Berchest[1], Shola, Riflor, Velusia, and many other planets.

The initial shot on Despayre from the first Death Star's superlaser triggered massive groundquakes and shifted entire tectonic plates.[3]

When Bao-Dur's Mass Shadow Generator was activated once again on Malachor V it unleashed massive and devastating groundquakes that literally tore the planet apart.

In 43 ABY, groundquakes occurred on the planet Kessel.


Behind the scenes

Groundquakes are identical to earthquakes, but on other planets. The scale upon which they are measured appears to be the same also. It is possible that "earth" was replaced by "ground" to avoid any reference to the real-world Earth in Star Wars canon.

Despite this reasoning, Revenge of the Sith Incredible Cross Sections makes an erroneous reference to a "Magnitude-10 earthquake".



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