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Grothmar Wardowns
Basic Info
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Charr Homelands
Longeye's Ledge, Dalada Uplands,

Sacnoth Valley, Ooze Pit


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  • Explorable Area in Eye of The North. The scenery in the Charr homelands is very reminiscent of pre-searing Ascalon.



Towns and Outposts

Explorable areas







Image:NA-icon-small.png5 Black Wolf

Image:NA-icon-small.png5 Warthog


Grothmar Wardowns


Location of the Siege Devourer
  • Vanquishers must defeat 207-244 monsters in this area.
    • Completing Against the Charr will spawn you in the central garrison, but the foes that normally spawn therein, including Chaelse Flameshielder, will be absent. This can be accomplished quickly by having a speedbooker run the quest for you, although you will only have 7 party members to vanquish with after the speedbooker leaves.
  • The Siege Devourer can be subdued and then ridden, and you can take it into either of the adjoining areas, Dalada Uplands and Sacnoth Valley. The devourer cannot be taken into the quest Against the Charr, although you will still control it after completing the quest.
  • While traveling through Grothmar Wardowns, a few dialogue boxes appear from an unknown voice. These are signs that Vael is nearby.
    A whisper on the wind: Hero...I know you...
    A rustle in the bushes: Your deeds are known to me...
    A fleeting shadow: Your own...
  • Signs of a battle between the Ebon Vanguard and the Charr can be found in western part of this area.
    • A pile of Tattered Vanguard Clothing lies by the northern bridge.
    • An Old Campfire smolders near the southwest resurrection shrine.
    • A Fallen Vanguard Soldier can be found near the southern bridge.
    • After completion of [[Against the Charr], the central garrisson will hold three Grawl Allies prisoner instead of Pyre Fierceshot.
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