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Production information

M808B Main Battle Tank variant


Main Battle Tank

Technical specifications

120mm High-Velocity Guns (2) , M247T MMG Coax


Human-Covenant War


UNSC Marine Corps


The Grizzly is a UNSC heavy armored tank.



The Grizzly is an upgrade to the M808B 'Scorpion' Main Battle Tank. It is outfitted with twin cannons, a heavy machine gun, and fires canister rounds as its secondary ability. It appears in Halo Wars, is available after completely upgrading the Scorpion, and usable only by the UNSC. It is obtainable only with Sergeant John Forge as the UNSC player's hero unit.[1] Once it has been researched, it can be purchased at the Vehicle Depot.

In Combat

The Grizzly is an extremely capable unit, suitable for defeating large amounts of enemy armor and infantry. Since it possesses a secondary canister shell attack, it can decimate infantry squads with ease due to its large area damage. The armor plating has also been improved, able to survive multiple shots from the Hunter's Assault Cannon, and can survive a sustained hit from the Scarab's main gun twice as long compared to the Scorpion. The co-axial machine gun has a faster firing rate and inflicts more damage per hit than the Scorpion's, at the cost of taking a little longer to reload. Its main disadvantages are its turret's slow turning rate and the cost it requires to be researched. It is also a bit ineffective against airborne units.

  • Resources: 1800 (For upgrade from scorpion) 500 (for individual unit).
  • Minimum Tech Level: 4 (for upgrade from Scorpion) 2 (for individual unit once researched).
  • Population Count: 3


The concept art of the Grizzly.
  • Originally, the Grizzly was supposed to be equipped with a flamethrower, but with the recent release of the game this has been proven to be removed from the final game, but the canister shell ability seems to be flame based as opposed to shrapnel based.
  • Serina refers to the Grizzly as Forge's "pet project". Forge remarked that he personally supervised the upgrading of the Scorpion to the Grizzly units; even stating that he made his "Own special upgrades..."
  • The Grizzly is noticeably similar in appearance to the Mammoth Tanks of the Command & Conquer franchise. Both the Grizzly and the Mammoth rest on four independently-suspended tracks, possess dual cannons, and are the heaviest armor available to their respective factions.
  • Grizzly is also the name of an Allied tank in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.
  • If you look closely at the back, you will see a hidden fifth tread under the turret. This is likely intended to support the extra back end weight of the modified dual-mounted turrets.


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