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Final Fantasy

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Father Grissom
"Of course you must. …But be wary, your foe is strong."
—Jan Rosencrantz
"God is stronger."
—Father Grissom
"The Dark is stronger, you mean."
—Jan Rosencrantz

Father Grissom (グリッソム, Gurissomu) is a key commander of the Order of the Crimson Blades under Romeo Guildenstern in Vagrant Story. He is a warrior-cleric, and despises the Müllenkamp cult. His brother, Father Duane is also a member of the Crimson Blades that goes off to Leá Monde.


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Grissom's brother is killed very early in the game, fueling a desire for revenge in his heart. He leads two soldiers, Faendos and Lamkin, after Duane's killer, the Riskbreaker Ashley Riot. During the pursuit they wind up at the entrance to the Snowfly Forest, where Ashley has run off into. At the entrance is Jan Rosencrantz, a tricky man whom Grissom is not fond of. Though Rosencrantz promises Grissom that he would not survive the trip into the Forest, Grissom ignores him and goes for revenge.

Early on, he loses both of his companions in a quake, but presses onward to run into the Müllenkamp leader, Sydney Losstarot. Determined to kill his enemy, Grissom attempts to use Dark powers to summon a monster. Sydney warns the Crimson Blade that he would not survive the summon, but is ignored. Grissom seems to fail, much to Sydney's amusement. Ashley then appears to confront Sydney, who is gleefully making fun of his foe's folly. Then Grissom regains consciousness and succeeds in summoning a monster. Both Sydney and Ashley, though enemies, join forces to defeat Grissom and his creature. Afterwards, Grissom dies.

Grissom's "incomplete death"

But, thanks to his use of the Dark, Grissom returns to life as an undead monster in front of his allies, Lady Neesa and Sir Tieger. He struggles with controlling his zombie body, and begins to hear voices from the walls of Leá Monde. They tell him that his friends are plotting to kill him, and convince him to attack them. Grissom, now completely crazed, charges at Neesa and Tieger. In the end, Tieger holds Grissom back while Neesa escapes. Leá Monde collapses around Grissom and Tieger, making a tomb for them both.


Main article: Grissom (Boss)

Father Grissom is a boss in the Snowfly Forest. He fights with a summoned Dark Crusader.


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Rebellion era

"Gamorrean, I saw you save my daughter. I see nobility in your eyes."
Lorn Kabul

Grissom was a Gamorrean with a strong sense of honor and a noble character. The right side of his face was scarred. Grissom, who was taller than the average Gamorrean and had an unusually athletic build, was a fear-imposing sight, but was noted as being caring and noble.

He understood Jawaese, which he presumably learned while serving as one of Jabba's palace guards.


Grissom had seen most of his Gamorrean friends slaughtered in battle. He had cradled his dying wife and daughter, who had fallen victim to a fatal and unnamed disease. Having lost his family, Grissom pursued a mercenary career and was employed by Jabba Desilijic Tiure, but when Jabba was killed during Luke Skywalker's rescue of Han Solo, Grissom once more found himself all alone. Once more, his life seemed purposeless. For some time, he traveled the galaxy taking whatever job he could get, and eventually ended up a pitfighter on the planet Otunia.

One evening in the local cantina, a Gran, who was harassing a young Human female called Arista Kabul, caused Grissom to spill his drink. When the Gran subsequently provoked Grissom, Grissom's frustrations boiled over. Grissom knocked out the Gran, starting a bar fight. Grissom was arrested by and forced into working at Arista's influential father's quarry.

A week after that incident, Arista's uncle Seth Kabul who had made an alliance with the Galactic Empire, assassinated Arista's father planting a very powerful explosive device in the quarry, set to explode during Arista's father's inspection round. Grissom survived the explosion and saved Arista's life. Her father, mortally injured, asks Grissom to protect Arista and help her get off planet. Cradling an unconscious Arista in his arms, Grissom's recalled how helpless he felt when his daughter died in his arms years back.

Assisted by a Jawa called Tek, Grissom and Arista eventually manage to sabotage Seth's operation and got off the planet. In the unlikely trio, Grissom's life once more gained a purpose, and Grissom himself gained two invaluable friends.



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