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Players will gain a small amount of experience when cleaning a herb. Players can also take grimy herbs to Zahur, the herbalist in Nardah, who can be found east of the general store. Zahur will clean grimy herbs for 200 coins per herb, however the player will receive no experience. It is rarely worthwhile to make use of this service.

Grimy herb Level Value Exp.
Grimy guam 3 659 coins update 2.5
Grimy marrentill 5 563 coins update 3.8
Grimy tarromin 11 809 coins update 5
Grimy harralander 20 1,233 coins update 6.3
Grimy ranarr 25 10,700 coins update 7.5
Grimy toadflax 30 4,632 coins update 8
Grimy spirit weed 35 3,426 coins update 7.8
Grimy irit 40 3,574 coins update 8.8
Grimy wergali 41 4,655 coins update 9.5
Grimy avantoe 48 5,425 coins update 10
Grimy kwuarm 54 6,544 coins update 11.3
Grimy snapdragon 59 19,772 coins update 11.8
Grimy cadantine 65 3,636 coins update 12.5
Grimy lantadyme 67 7,746 coins update 13.1
Grimy dwarf weed 70 8,252 coins update 13.8
Grimy torstol 74 17,500 coins update 15

Jungle Potion herbs

Some herbs can only be cleaned after a player starts the Jungle Potion quest. They are not tradeable.

Grimy/Clean Name Level required
to clean
for cleaning
File:Grimy ardrigal.png File:Clean ardrigal.png Ardrigal 3 2.5
File:Grimy rogue's purse.png File:Clean rogue's purse.png Rogue's purse 3 2.5
File:Grimy sito foil.png File:Clean sito foil.png Sito foil 3 2.5
File:Grimy snake weed.png File:clean_snake weed.png Snake weed 3 2.5
File:Grimy volencia moss.png File:Clean volencia moss.png Volencia moss 3 2.5

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